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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hades, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. Hades Lord of the Dead

    The new forums have some neat stats, but right now we are in bad shape. Our male to female raitio is 24:1.
  2. KromiX Guest

    Well I for one know Chupin is excited about that statistic.
  3. bora Guest

    personally, I blame the cov chapter
  4. Sithral Member

    We've had 1 lotd core female the entire time I've been here. And she's gone now . . .
  5. Scarab The Mechanic

    WoW chapter's up to 4~5 young ladies now, right? They need to sign on and join the sausage party. ;D

    Oh! Sweet... there's a time online stat, go me for trolling at work :D
  6. Morals Lord

    lets not bring up her and her dick sucking asshat of a man.
  7. eh, I sign on... just not talkative. ><
    yeah, there are 5 of us. phoebree, chandar, kristana, kakisti (sp?), me... i think i missed someone else
  8. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    Where all the Bad Girls at? I mean come on now, City of VILLAINS.... how much more enticing can it get?
  9. Crispie Member

    You know its bad when you feel the need to be around females virtually.
  10. I blame Scarab. :eek:

    and Valus.

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