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  1. toffee New Member

  2. KromiX Guest

    FUCK THAT :(
  3. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    honestly didnt see that one coming
  4. koto Lord

    Man i did, Brazil have not been playing good from the start. I am also glad that we will have another World Cup winner. At the end of the day its fucking Brazils fault first of all they should not of brang the old bitch ronaldo, definetly shouldnt have played him every match, they should also have brought on robinho at half time.

    I am glad France are through and hope they beat portugal which i think they will. My team italy are also through to the semi-finals hopefully we can have a france v italy final so we can do better then when we last encountered you in a Euro cup final and lost from a goal by trezeguet 1 minute from the end of the second half.
  5. Sithral Member

    Brazil has been shit this whole tourney; they were dominated the entire game and only showed some life in the last few minutes. I would have started Adriano and either Robinho or Fred. Ronaldo should have been a closing sub.

    No team has really shined except maybe Germany through the entire tourney.

    Germany should take care of Italy - they have been a bit of a disappointment so far. France is the favorite vs. Portugal but who knows - C. Ronaldo might go nuts.

    My guess is France vs. Germany for the final, 2-1 France if they can keep playing like they did today.
  6. Mike Guest

    man i hate France, go Portugal
  7. Drastius Guest

    Zidane is on fire, still the best in the world imo. I think portugal is in trouble.
  8. koto Lord

    In a friendly before the World Cup Italy played Germany 4-1 italy. They had their full team and everything, i am glad we have germany in the semi rather then argentina.
  9. Sithral Member

    Past results in a friendly mean jack shit.
  10. Blame Canada...
  11. Quinna Lord

    Brazil had been dissapointing the whole tournement. France to have been ordinary, specially in the group stage. Italy can go fuck it self for beating Australia with a 96th minute fairy man dive which resulted in a penalty, Portugal have been good so to Germany, Portugal vs Germany final would be a fitting final.

    On a side note, as much as i like the world cup, soccer will always be the number 3rd, 4th or 5th sport in any decent country becuase grown men, elite athletes taking dives, acting, appearing to have been shot and falling over for nothing, being taken from the field on a stretcher just to return with no problem at all 1 minute later shouldn't be tolerated.
    I know where i come from staging or acting for a free kick, pulling out of a contest and failing to show courage and determination results in you having your name very rightly so smeared as a soft cock heartless coward who deserves none and gets no respect on and off the field.

    Just my 2 cents :)
  12. Sithral Member

    You just summed up the NBA.
  13. Quinna Lord

    Oh that sucks. That sport had the world in it's hand in the mid 90's.
    Maybe that's why we don't hear anything about the NBA down here no more.
  14. Chupin Guest

    The NBA isn't even close to the bullshit that Soccer players pull. You get the usual acting to entice a foul, but the NBA lacks the rolling around on the ground holding their arm/ribs/legs like the incredible hulk just snapped their bones in half. Most of the time an NBA player will flop and then get back up and play, not roll around like a big douchebag for 30 seconds.
  15. Sithral Member

    It's still gayer than you.
  16. Borric Der Kriegsminister

    If it's France vs. Germany in the final (which it probably will be), I would like to preemptively congratulate Germany on a Wold Cup win. They are defending their home turf, and besides, they're German... the French will at least have the decency to take the field before surrendering...

    Deutschland über alles! ;)
  17. toffee New Member

    They really deserved that victory, they played beautifully. I was hoping for a France vs Italy final. =)
  18. Sithral Member

    Italy played really well. Germany couldn't get their passing game going.

    It's too bad they conceded the late goal - I was looking forward to seeing Lehman in another PKS.
  19. koto Lord

    WOOOOOOTTTT!!!!!!!! It was great, both teams played well it was really a semi-final not nearly as boring as england-portugal (Quarter final).

    I would want Portugal in the final, France are right now a superior team to portugal, if we get France i would like Gattuso to break Trezeguets legs, remember when he knocked us out!!!!!!!!!

    I am so glad it did not go to PKS italy do not have a good record for it, however we did not have 1# Goalie Buffon so i dunno.

    Anyway we won 2-0, a well deserved win in the 1st half of extra time we hit the post (gilardino) and the cross-bar (Zambrotta?, not sure was jumping).

    Every 12 years italy has won something this is the 12th year 82 we won the WC 94 we won the Euro now its 2006 could it be?? i hope so................
  20. Sithral Member

    Buffon was playing.

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