Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by toffee, Jul 1, 2006.

  1. koto Lord

    No i mean when we lost in PKS, i think we have lost 3 PKS in our history, i think they were semi-finals and finals also but not entirely sure.
  2. koto Lord

    Well done France. It should be a good match italy v france.

    It should not of been a penalty. It was pretty funny to see ricardo come up for the corner then win a corner.
  3. Drastius Guest

    Once again, i'll predict a French victory for the final and i'll go with Zidane having a hand in one of the goals.
  4. toffee New Member

    The penalty was deserved. If you look at the replay the defender did trip Henry who would otherwise have been alone in front of the goal.
  5. koto Lord

    Come on he was bringing his leg round to get up, it should not of been a penalty at that stage of the competition. I think the referees need to take that stuff into consideration, if it is not a obvious foul in the box it should just be a Goal kick.
  6. Sithral Member

    Henry proves his worth for Fifa's #1 flopper award. This guy just loves being a bitch.

    France played below average - they are lucky they got that call. Henry was non existent, Zidane looked below average, and even my favorite on their team, Ribery, didn't do much either.
  7. koto Lord

    Thiery does not perform with france aswell as he does with Arsenal.

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