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Top 3 Games For Elder Consideration

  1. Warhammer Online

  2. Fury

  3. GW/GW2

  4. Age of Conan

  5. 18 More Months in WoW

  6. Stargate Worlds

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  7. Tabula Rasa

  8. Chronicles of Spellborn

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  9. Mystery Game by Bioware

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  10. Lord of the Rings

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  1. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Ok with PotBS going down into the gaming scrap heap, Warhammer being pushed out to Q1-08 (at least), Fury coming out in late 07 or early 08, and the other offerings I want to see where the membership interest is at this point.

    Voting up a particular game doesn't mean we're going to try to establish a chapter for it, but it does provide info for the LotD Elders to use in decision making and prioritization.

    You can change your vote too.
  2. Likort Destroyer of Forum Trolls

    Mystery Game by Bioware = Fallout Online?
  3. Harbard Guest

    Oh, sweet Jesus. That would be amazing.
  4. Joe Hostile Inactive Elder

    GW/GW2, Age of Conan, & Fury for me for sure! I would recommend adding Darkfall to the list, as well.

    I am absolutely in love with Guild Wars and I haven't found a game yet that can even come close to comparing to it. There engine is phenomenal and it is the best game on the market as far as balanced competitive PvP is concerned. I am highly anticipating GW2 and will continue to support this game until the end.

    Age of Conan will be a game that has the depth that I have been looking for and I'm very excited to test out their Real Combat System. I also love the fact that it is a game targeted for adults only with full gore, nudity, etc.

    Fury is great fun, but it may end up being my side game when I just want to jump in and kill some shit. I don't like how shitty it runs and how absolutely HORRIBLE the graphics are on my computer. It is hard for me to go upgrade my computer when a game out there like GW runs just fine with amazing graphics. So far, I have only been happy with Bloodbath and think Vortex is just silly. I can't wait to try out Fortress and some more Elimination matches though. The PvP mechanics itself is lacking a bit for me also. I don't quite like the buff buff buff yourself then mash mash mash buttons. I do like the fact that it is 100% PvP with item and gold looting. Therefore, I will absolutely support it.

    So there are my votes for what they are worth. I really hope an Elder will become interested in AoC. ;)
  5. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    AoC just sounds amazing if they implement PvP servers.

    GW/GW2. They were the best PvP wise for instance based events in GW so I give them hope in GW2 to improve.

    Warhammer. Just the RvR alone is tempting enough for me.

    Fury, I just dont know right now.
  6. ClevelandRyan New Member

    AoC , we been over this, no comments needed.

    18 more months in WoW. I think that chapter is doing great. Although I'm not part of it, its something I love reading about and so on. Therefore, I'd love to see Lotd have a showing there.

    GW/GW2 I originally joined in GW, and hope to return to GW2 due to all the good times I had in GW. Looking forward to it. (GW Beta was still by far the best , even better then GW after release :p)
  7. Hades Lord of the Dead

    The rumors are that its a D&D Forgotten Realms MMO, or that its Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic as an MMO setting.
  8. Hades Lord of the Dead

    If we can't find a sponsoring Elder for AoC, I may authorize some sort of Semi-Official presence there if we have a solid junior leadership core. It depends on how many people we have, WHO we have for leaders, and what I can convince elders to support. Personally I want to go to Warhammer, and play Fury at retail. In the meantime I'm game for GW1, and eventually GW2.
  9. Detritus Lord

    WHO is in the #1 position, and it being one of the few games on the list that no one has actually played... Things do not bode well for our heroes.

    Let's add Puzzle Pirates to the list and see what happens then!
  10. Josue New Member

    Just not many good MMOs out at the moment, drat it all.
  11. Phate Guest

    Loved KOTOR, but wasn't it supposed to be a trilogy? I'd assume they'd finish the 3rd off like the first two.
  12. Valentari Guest

    Looks like WHO is dominating the Poll...I'm not entirely suprised.
  13. Joe Hostile Inactive Elder

    Yea it seems the WoW fans are going to WHO and the GW fans are going to AoC or Fury. As it should be..
  14. Valentari Guest

    I'm interested in WHO more because of DAoC than I am because of WoW, to be honest
  15. willoc Guest

  16. I think those rumours are bunk. Bioware have divorced themselves from Atari, and it's Atari who hold the D&D FR and KotOR licences. Hence why Obsidian picked up NWN2 and KotOR 2 - Bioware are focussed solidly on own IP (Jade Empire, Mass Effect, Dragon Age) and licences they pick up themselves.
  17. Vusak Guest

    im getting sucked into the vortex of pvp-gamer soul that is "hoping for anet to come up with the goods" for GW2. the single thing that has got my attention is the granting of temporary UAX + maxLevel for PvE characters who enter a PvP instance - that basically equals no grind at all for me.

    although there is a possibility that its just UAS, and equipment runes still require unlocking, not sure - which would be a major downer.

    fury is borderline for me at the moment, i need to see how they flesh the game out over the beta before i can call it as a yes or no for me. i see potential, but as is the case with many games i also see a bit of contradiction between marketing and designing... time will tell.

    im not a pay-2-play'r so AoC is out for me and besides; bioware are teh win and get my vote coz they made baldurs gate which was a damn good game experience.
  18. Hades Lord of the Dead

    You are probably right, but those are the only rumors going around I've heard. In the end all we can do is wait and see:>
  19. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Oh yeah, you can change your votes.
  20. Joe Hostile Inactive Elder

    OK due to the poll, I have throughly researched WHO and watched many many videos of the gameplay. I honestly don't see where the hype is coming from. All I saw was a cartoonish world of point and click. I just don't get why so many players are into these kind of games. I never got into WoW and WHO looks very damn similar. Whatever floats your boat though. I'll see the rest of you in a real man's game: AGE OF CONAN!!! Conan himself said it best, "COME, DIE LIKE MEN!"

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