Game suggestions for someone who has never played a computer game before

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cedwyn, May 11, 2016.

  1. Cedwyn Banned

    A friend/co-worker who retired (65+) was given an Alienware laptop after complaining about his Dell laptop which had numerous issues Dell couldn't fix.

    The guy uses it to play Solitaire and run some CAD software... so I told him I'd get some games for him to play.

    What do you guys think are good games (new or old) that would be good for someone who has never played a PC game besides what comes with windows?

    He has some grandkids, so I was going to start him off with minecraft, then he could play it with his grandkids. But I'd like to introduce him to some more actiony or strategy/puzzle games like diablo, simcity/cities, tetris/similar, some simulation or turn-based game like civ, maybe a racing game.

    Ie. Imagine you are friends with someone like @Hades, who is really old but wants to fit in with all the hip kids (ie. @Valus) in town, so he buys a gaming laptop and installs minecraft, but then @Evoex comes and griefs his dirt house. @Hades gets really mad and says he needs a movie montage to make him a gaming pro and get revenge on Evoex. What games does @Hades play in the montage?
  2. Illuminath Destiny 2

    The world of X series from wargaming are pretty fun, i personally played World of tanks and tons of older folks, military and not played that game
  3. Glisseal Lord

    Us old people like world of it's free! Or get the tank version
  4. Ren Elder

  5. Soulshox Lord

    Grim Fandango, Monkey island series, Telltale games like walking dead, wolf among us etc. The Sims!
  6. Fohmyn New Member

    My first thought is non-competetive and non-twitch games. Don't want to make the old guy feel bad by getting his ass kicked by 12 year olds who have been gaming for years and yell about banging his wife.

    Puzzle games, adventure games, strategy games, and simulators should be accessible to an older guy. First ones that come to mind are Portal (1 and 2 are both good), Walking Dead, Dishonored, Skyrim, Civilization V, any of the Total War games depending on what time period he is interested in.
  7. Some tower defense games.
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  8. Monument Valley is a good MC Esher like puzzle illusion game.
  9. Glisseal Lord

    He is 65! And probably on a set income! Free to play people! Free to play!
  10. $25 for drinks at the bar for a few hours, or $25 for hundreds of hours of entertainment? :D

    Also, Candy Crush
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  11. Cedwyn Banned

    Or $25 for 3 minutes at the Stripclub
  12. Lastwish Destiny 2

    I know your asking for f2p games but i find a lot of gaming noobs (in my experience) really like GTA or GTA-like series (Just Cause, Far Cry, Saints Row).

    Graphics may/may not be a big thing to draw a noob into the game. No story line or quest you need to follow until you get the hang of things.

    My thoughts are nice old grandpa can let go in these games, go on a killing spree, destroy the world, die, respawn, die, steal fast cars, crash fast cars, die, fight cops, etc.

    I also know Origin offers free games on rotation. (currently MoH pacific assualt)
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  13. Illuminath Destiny 2

    the world of tanks, warships and such are all free to play and pretty fun games but if he plans to play with grandkids, probably minecraft/starbound/terraria though you have to purchase them are pretty fun to play with fam and friends, theres also fun building games with adventure/defense like portal knights and fortnite ( though in beta or w.e, we can get you keys easily )

    Path of exile is a free to play alternative to diablo, and leans more towards d2 than d3 ~ though i would suggest to have him maybe review all the tittles given here and have him choose/read up on them and decide
  14. Cedwyn Banned

    Thanks all, great suggestions.

    I mentioned a few to him. Apparently he has 6 grandkids and they all play minecraft and he hates it. LOL

    I think I'll try out diablo, gta, civ, portal, talltale (or older sam'n'max style games) and see if anything is cheap on steam during the summer.
  15. Bushido Inactive Chapter Member

    Myst is a good one on gog.
  16. Cedwyn Banned

    oh yea, he'll probably like that

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