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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Leshil, Nov 20, 2016.

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    I meant GPU stupid phone.
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    @Leshil I think you'll be fine if you have a 980. Sure 980 TI helps but 980 is still a beast of a card even with the 1080 being a tad faster.

    With a reso of 3440 x 1440 , in most games I believe you won't even be able to set the settings to max but high should be fine. Since you have G-Sync framerates won't matter as much since it'll visibly fix some of the flaws of traditional refresh rates.

    However with that kind of aspect ratio (21:9) it can cause borders at the edges of the screen or stretched images in some games. Especially in the MMO scene since multiscreen and higher then 1080 reso is rare to see. Honestly I see more of these ultrawide monitors as a productivity thing , used for people who don't want the clunk of multiple monitors but want the size. But these are my opinion and I feel people can say it won't work and it may still work because everyone has a different setup with different software with different usage scenario.

    But from my personal experience from having an reso of 5760 x 1080 with 2x 770's SLI'd , it's beautiful IF and only IF the game or w/e ur using it for supports and optimizes it. Otherwise , crappy UI coding and horrible reso translations(Stretching) make games somewhat unplayable at that resolution with my primary choice of games being MMO's. Even with 3rd party fixes and du dads you can find online on 21:9 master race forums >.>.


    Forgot to mention SLI goes wonky if the drivers don't really support the game (especially MMOs) and forcing settings to force SLI rendering isn't always the best (inconsistent , good at one moment and shit during another).

    Drivers can crash and cards sometimes don't like working well with one another but it ultimately usually comes down to SLI support. Most games don't like to utilize multiple GPU's.

    Im looking at this through my personal experiences, from the korean MMO's i've played and the games i've beta'd all over, I have yet to see a game that fully utilizes hardware and pushes the boundaries. Simple optimizations such as proper UI's and multithreading support to support more than 2 FKING cores.

    @Soth I don't have cray cray stuff ;- ;. IT'S CALLED ENTHUSIASTS GRADE COMPONENTS, OKAY?
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    60hz in 2016. meheheheh
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    At above 1080p? 4k goes to 60 and that is hard to hit with current GPUs. Not to mention the screen prices are a reasonable refresh rate and chroma.
    Pro-gaming res is still 1080 so I pretty much stick with 3 of those. Especially after diving into 4k, regretting it, and going back.
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    Prob wanna go with as fat a card as possible for driving at 144hz. Struggle is real.
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