Global Warming - More bad news

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hades, Dec 7, 2006.

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  1. I'm not dismissing it at all. Somehow this went from global warming to bible bashing(sounds like you got a few issues with the bible there det). My assertion that it's just a theory is that everyone is preaching global warming like it's fact and IS going to happen, when in reality there is no substatial proof to prove it. It's all based on theories. Same with evolution. There was a bill out in some state this year about requiring schools to teach creationism as well as evolution and let the kids decide. That's the way it ought to be. Not shoving down everyone's throat like either way is fact. I belive that we were created by God yes, and I believe in microevolution, but there's no way you're telling me that I came from a fucking monkey. And yes Detritus, I did do some work at a food kitchen over thanksgiving, thank you very much. I also donate 10% of my paycheck to different charities. Just because you ran into some crazy gay-hating christians doesn't mean all of us who belive in God are out to block gays in every path.
  2. Jin Member

    I don't understand the aversion to the concept that we are primates, and evolved from monkeys. Sounds like a bad case of anthropocentrism (Human exceptionalism) to me.
  3. Hades Lord of the Dead

    OMG quit fucking crying you bitches. Flame on about chupin soup, but leave the bible beating shit off the thread.
  4. Palebrew Inactive Elder

    I have believed we are a science project for the longest time, that scares me that we had the same thought.....
  5. Verm Lord

    I say Pole shift ! Wooooooooo! As for religion / philosophy - Celestine Prophecies
  6. How come nothing is evolving now? Surely we would have seen various evolutions of different species by now? We are different from animals. I don't see dogs driving cars, inventing combustion engines. How come humans seem to be the only species with intelligent thought?
  7. Mephiston Guest

    Humans are the only species left of our little hominid family tree, but not the only intelligent one. Neanderthal's were quite capable in their own right. We just outperformed them in competition for resources and natural selection took its course.
    There also weren't horses large enough to be used for war until about 700 BC. Domesticated dogs go back further, and they're still selectively bred for certain traits. Theres been all manner of studies involving moths and fruitflies and shit as far as natural selection goes.

    Bananas also 'evolved' themselves into a corner. They no longer produce seeds. Plants are reproduced these days by growing a new plant from a part of another. It sucks too, cuz they're really good for you.
  8. Sithral Member

    Who says nothing is evolving?
  9. Likort Destroyer of Forum Trolls

    Maeglin I'm still waiting for you to tell us these studies about weather a 100000 years ago can't be true just because earth only exists for like a few thousand years.
  10. A new strain of Aids will evolve tomorrow.. air born! :p
  11. Jin Member

    The other original human species were exterminated, as they and the Cro Magnon shared the same niche.

    And what do you mean nothing is evolving? Changes are gradual, so in organisms with large generation cycles, you wouldn't see anything huge. But take Staphylococcus aureus as an example. 60 years ago they were all resistant to penicillin. By 1960, over 60% of them were found to be penicillin resistant. A few years ago, they found a vancomycin (drug of last resort) resistant strain of S. aureus.

    These bacterria have resistance to one of the most powerful antibiotics we have. With a generation cycle of 1 hour, its easy to see how evolution works. Its happening in animals too, but don't expect to see a drastic change to happen in just your lifetime. Remember evolution takes place over generations.
  12. Well that's onme theory, yes. I personally don't belive the earth is over 10000 or so years old. But then again I have no proof of this. Same thing goes for people believing the earth is millions of years old, there is no substantial proof.

    *edit* I was a dumbass and hit modify instead of quote...
  13. Once again, you preach it like it's fact and basing those theories on ages old incomplete skeletons. I'm not trying to convince you that my way is right and yours is wrong. I'm just mainly trying to say, think for yourself.

    And meph, the changes you are talking about with horses and dogs, that's microevolution, which is something that has been proven.
  14. Mephiston Guest

    We've used mitochondrial DNA to trace all humans back to a single common ancestor(NOT HUMAN) who is about 200,000 years old.

    And microevolution still is evolution. The large scale stuff takes place over a much longer timeframe.
  15. Chupin Guest

    Micro-Evolutionary evidence doesn't support Macro-evolutionary theory.

    The jump from, one day a giraffe was born with a longer neck so he had access to more leaves, which ment more food, which ment more babies with long necks, which eventually ment short-neck giraffe's become extinct, to a single cell microbe floating around 10000000 feet under the ocean turning into a sexy Chupin who has the ability to be sexy is HUGE. So huge, infact, that is fails the logic test about 1000 times through the journey.

    What do you mean not human? Of course the 200,000 chick was human. 200,000 years has changed the human species through various MICRO-evolution, but I've yet to see any concrete evidence that would substantiate a claim that a single cell organism could in any amount of time, turn into a billion-celled, complex organism like humans, through nothing other than pure random mutation.

    A + (skipover B) != C
  16. Mephiston Guest

    hominids are not human. Humans are hominids.
  17. Chupin Guest

    Mitochondrial Eve wasn't a hominid, well she was just like Humans are, but she was not an ape like you are insinuating.
  18. true story, shes chupin's mother, and she ain't no ape.
  19. Kenai Lord

    I have verified Chupin's mom is a little hairy, but she is definitely no ape
  20. Sithral Member

    You don't believe in carbon dating or optically stimulated luminescence or accelerator mass spectrometry?
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