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  1. Divest New Member

    I am Divest.

    I was hoping to join ya'll for some action once Crowfall gets released. My apologies if there's a better location for this kind of post; I found this website a little tricky to navigate and the Crowfall sub-forum didn't have any information about new members.

    Anyways, I'm just here to introduce myself and see where I needed to put in the appropriate paperwork in order to officially join/apply to the guild. While I understand that the launch of the game I intend to play is over a year away, I'd like to see if there's anything I can do to help prepare for the official launch.

    Thanks for reading this far.

    Take care,

  2. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    Hey Divest!

    Here is the forum that most of these posts should go to:

    We are going to be in the game during Alpha phases, do you have a tier you are in already?
  3. Glyph Forum Failure

    Hey there Divest, your amoung us that have found LotD from the Crowfall forums. I found them at the beginning of the kickstarter. Head to the forum page Valor linked, that's where we all talk about the new updates announced. As well, where there is speculation galore! Since a lot of use cant stop thinking about it.
    Even better is the twitch podcast by Valor, Lakez and Draegan.

    I hope that linked properly on this touchscreen thing!!
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