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    throwing down possible comps to try out for fun and competitive... break up the mundane counter pick min maxing meh. tried to include a few additional choices if possible for bans or other champions people may prefer over another.

    Hide N Seek - all stealth comp to make backdoor ganks and roaming difficult to do. can swap jungle and top but ideally these picks are best. 5 teleports for the win.

    Talon/Zed top
    Kha'zix/Shaco/Rengar/Eve jungle
    Akali/Leblanc/Kassadin middle
    Twitch adc
    Teemo support

    Dead or Alive - lots of potential to counter attack from the graveyard, Zyra can use ward on death, drop ward allow team to teleport into bush to gank, death timer quints, teleport and revive for non stop death! :)

    Yorick top
    Zilean jungle
    Karthus middle
    Kog'Maw adc
    Zyra support

    Stun For All - lots of hard cc to demoralize opposing teams in every skirmish and mostly aoe.

    Jax top
    Amumu jungle
    Annie/Anivia/Syndra/Veigar/Kennen middle
    Vayne adc
    Leona/Taric support

    Fears Behind Your Ears - can annoy opponents later in game due to chain combo ganking :)

    Nocturne top
    Hecarim jungle
    Fiddlesticks middle
    Shaco adc
    Volibear support

    Can You Handle The Heights? - synergy for the almighty Yasuo and bypass opponents with tenacity or cc removal. mostly interested on pop ups on lower cooldowns to maximize timing and frequency. and as an alternative you could slot Yasuo jungle because everyone has a pop up happening so he can gank quite well in conjunction of your setup, throwing off opponent team for lanes.

    Jarvan IV/Aatrox/Xin Zhao top
    Yasuo jungle
    Vel'Koz middle
    Tristana/Corki adc
    Cho'Gath/Nami/Janna/Blitzcrank support

    Infinites - high potential characters that can break past end game barriers.

    Nasus top
    Sion jungle
    Veigar middle
    Vayne/Tristana adc
    Thresh support

    Global Destruction - there is no escape from death anywhere... lead on target or clump of champions with Gangplanks aoe slow, then Ziggs follows then Karthus/Ez/Draven/Nami/Lux all follow up to finish kills. clairvoyance spell does help for finishing/tracking. use wards frequently.

    Gangplank top
    Karthus jungle
    Ziggs middle
    Ezreal/Draven adc
    Nami/Lux support

    You Mad Bro? - taunts r us to keep opponent locked for ults/skill shots and annoyance

    Shen top
    Rammus jungle
    Vel'koz middle
    Corki/Twitch/Lucian/Miss Fortune adc
    Galio support

    All Mid - long range ultimates, decimate the end game middle laning phase.

    Lux top
    Ezreal jungle
    Xerath middle
    Draven adc
    Nami support

    True Damage - resists are annoying, so make them pay for buying defense instead of offense. build health? fine then, the Botrk just got some love per attack swing. :)

    Darius top
    Olaf jungle
    Vel'Koz middle
    Corki/Vayne adc
    Cho'Gath support

    Sir Press Alot - every ultimate you secure a kill with hard cc

    Scarner top
    Warwick jungle
    Malhazar middle
    Urgot adc
    Nunu/Taric support

    Poised Twin Fangs - abuse synergy with Cassiopeia and poison to abuse her potential. i would recommend using people with magic resist reduction for the best results even if the try to stack resists.

    Singed top
    Amumu/Fiddlesticks jungle
    Cassiopeia middle
    Kayle/Kog'maw adc
    Teemo support

    So You Think You Can HP? - create an annoyingly tough wall of health that translates into offense and defense.

    Vladimir top
    Dr.Mundo jungle
    Vi middle
    Sivir adc
    Volibear support

    Attack Damage - build synergy with maxing AD items and using group attack speed ability to max out dps. 22% from Jarvan, 40% from Warwick, 60% from Nidalee single target, 40% from Ezreal, 45% from Nunu. a total of a possible max 207% attack speed increase or 147% groupwide, focus Nidalee's buff on carry ideally.

    Jarvan IV top
    Warwick jungle
    Nidalee middle
    Ezreal adc
    Nunu support

    Anti AP - create a Galio comp that builds magic resist and deals magic damage to counter traditional builds. everyone can teamup to boost Galio's magic resist then unleash his abilities.

    Mordekaiser top
    Orianna jungle
    Galio middle
    Sona adc
    Braum support

    Pub Stomp - since most normal games tend to use the same ad stacked champions, why not have a composition that counters it heavily. boost Rammus with stacking armor to attack damage conversion.

    Taric top
    Rammus jungle
    Mordekaiser/Braum middle
    Orianna adc
    Soraka support

    Visionary - reduce opponents in game vision to add another level of misdirection to normal play, make them question all advances they do, can be walking into a deathtrap or have a huge gank incoming. i feel Darius would suit the top best he can power up lethal kills and continue the havok once started.

    Darius top
    Nocturne jungle
    Quinn middle
    Graves adc
    Teemo support

    Snowball - champions i have seen with lots of talent able to just take over the game single handedly, but if everyone does it, they will forfeit. so many can fit into this.

    Rengar/Tryndamere/Yasuo top
    Kha'zix/Master Yi/Nasus jungle
    Akali/Katarina/Fizz middle
    Draven/Vayne adc
    Zyra/Lulu support

    Rebirth - great for diving ganks during the game and sustained lane pressure... funny lots of Z's and A's in the group.

    Zac top
    Aatrox jungle
    Anivia middle
    Sivir adc
    Zilean support

    Shift - hybrid group, shift to different modes for more utility.

    Jayce top
    Elise jungle
    Gnar middle
    Quinn adc
    Nidalee support

    Get Over Here! - queue the mortal kombat soundtrack... pull target in, or hook onto a target. adc/support hang back in team fights, the other 3 control the front line. hilarious combos can ensue. can also do triple bottom pull with Nautilus/Thesh/Blitzcrank for serious agony.

    Darius top
    Amumu/Diana jungle/middle replace
    Nautilus middle/bottom triple
    Thresh adc
    Blitzcrank support

    Need 4 Speed - abuse speed and skillshot what? everyone wear boots of swiftness to reduce speed reduction as well, never get caught by the police. get 2 captain aura on boots to stack that aura as well.

    Jayce top
    Hecarim jungle
    Galio middle
    Sivir/Sona adc
    Zilean/Karma/Janna/Orianna support

    X-Zone - featuring lots of defensive zoning power, start with Veigar's event horizon, then Trundle's pillar of ice in the middle of it, then drop Viktor's gravity field. there is no escape. a great time for Nunu/Fiddle to jump in and ultimate on all of that as well.

    Veigar top
    Trundle jungle
    Viktor top
    Miss Fortune adc
    Nunu/Fiddlesticks support

    Gankz-r-us - using some globals ultimates together to have great field ganking/swarming power.

    Pantheon top
    Nocturne jungle
    Twisted Fate middle
    Ashe adc
    Shen support

    Shields United - stack shields, max out ap builds for a hilarious defensive phalanx.

    Lulu top
    Karma/Janna jungle
    Thresh middle
    Lux adc
    Morgana support

    Liandra's Dominance - utilize classes with dots and building liandra's for massive damage over time, eating through high hp targets with ease. use an abyssal sceptre to reduce magic resist and have mpen runes and possibly build mpen items as well.

    Brand top
    Swain jungle
    Malhazar middle
    Cassiopeia adc
    Singed support

    On-Hit - take some of the best on hit champions and assemble a deadly poke crew. get Hydra on Fiora/Warwick/Zed for good ultimate aoe damage. Teemo/Twitch/Kayle with Runaan.

    Fiora top
    Warwick jungle
    Zed/Kayle middle
    Twitch adc
    Teemo/Cho'Gath support

    Female Trigger - everyone has an ability that applys a mark and when hit it detonates bonus damage, a bomb like setup.

    Akali top
    Shyvana jungle
    Lux middle
    Katarina adc
    Leona support

    Rylai's Reprieve - using people that get a major benefit from this item and makes their abilities able to almost perma slow opponents.

    Jax top
    Amumu jungle
    Cho'gath middle
    Fiddlesticks/Kog'Maw adc
    Soraka support

    Bath Splash - utilize champions that have a built in aoe damage mechanic and work from there.

    Malphite top
    Nocturne jungle
    Diana middle
    Twitch adc
    Volibear support

    Ninjas of Mobility - exploit and abuse the power from boots of mobility, use champions that can use an ability that can get you out of damage for 5 seconds and escape unscathed. Threshs lantern can also grab you very far away in time. probably throw Captain aura boots on Akali/Thresh

    Talon top
    Shaco jungle
    Akali middle
    Ezreal adc
    Thresh support

    Circles - wierd and unusual... anyone that can drop a trap or ability that lines up a circle. *devious smile* typically characters that have the lowest cooldowns qualify.

    Pantheon/Aatrox/Nasus top
    Nidalee/Trundle/Fiddlesticks/Amumu jungle
    Xerath/Fizz/Karthus/Gragas/Cassiopeia/Swain/Xerath/Ziggs middle
    Caitlin/Varus/Graves/Miss Fortune/Twitch adc
    Cho'Gath/Galio/Orianna/Janna/Nami/Nunu/Leona/Maokai support

    Escape Artists - utilize sick jukes and tricks to keep opponent off and pull off impossible plays. Akali and Lee Sin can jump long distances if opponent gets range from ability. LeBlanc and Kassadin can jump around and be very hard to kill. Thresh can speed around with boots of mobility and drop lantern for retreats or backdooring opposition ADC.

    Akali top
    Lee Sin jungle
    LeBlanc/Kassadin middle
    Lucian adc
    Thresh support

    Yordle Mania - get Cho'Gath the biggest you can get him, so people target him most of the time with abilities protecting your little ones. go full tank and hp to protect your team. Lulu is small and a good support to make him bigger. build aura items on Lulu

    Cho'Gath top
    Amumu jungle
    Karthus middle
    Tristana adc
    Lulu support

    Cooldown abuse - a comp that abuses quick cooldowns to charge up your abilities faster passively. get Maokai tanky and with Eve/Karthus spamming Q. Kass and Mao can charge up their abilities faster to trigger them giving a higher tank/dps potential. i would build Maokai with lots of Warmogs to get max hp.

    Maokai top
    Eve jungle
    Kassadin middle
    Kog'Maw adc
    Karthus support

    Second Wind - a healing centric comp. utilize and specialize in healing and champions with existing abilities that get the most out of receiving heals. build Spirit Visage to maximize synergy and multipliers. Trundle/Olaf/Vladimir all pickup the Spirit Visage item and Second Wind talent. Sona can adc and splash constant heals with Soraka late game.

    Increases all self-healing effects by 10% while below 25% health.
    This includes health regen, life steal, spell vamp and your own healing abilities.

    Trundle's Frozen Remain
    Active: Trundle coats a target 1000-radius area with ice for 8 seconds, gaining increased movement speed, attack speed, and healing and regeneration from all sources while he is on it. Healing and Regeneration Increase: 8 / 11 / 14 / 17 / 20%

    Vladimir's Tide of Blood
    Each cast of Tides of Blood gives him an [​IMG] Empowered stack that lasts 10 seconds and stacks up to 4 times. Each Empowered stack increases Vladimir's healing and regeneration by a percentage, and also increases both the base damage and cost of his next Tides of Blood by 25% per stack. Healing and Regeneration increase per stack: 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8%

    Olaf's Vicious Strikes
    Active: For 6 seconds, Olaf gains bonus lifesteal and bonus attack speed. During this time, Olaf also gains 1% enhanced healing from all sources for every 2.5% of his missing health.

    Soraka's Salvation
    Soraka's health and mana restoring abilities are 1% more powerful for every 2% of the target's missing health or mana.

    Olaf - top
    Trundle - jungle
    Vladimir - middle
    Sona - apc
    Soraka - support
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    ok here are a few proven pro methods...

    Slam Dunk - everyone can jump into Jarvan IV's ultimate and charge in together kill and cleanup on resets. for roaming i would get ancient coin built on Jarvan, Captain Aura on boots for Jax/Jarvan, Furor on Darius/Trist/Kha'zix, Trinity Forces are good as well for in combat speed boosting and bursting slam dunks

    Darius top
    Kha'Zix jungle
    Jax middle
    Tristana adc
    Jarvan IV support

    Medic Force - major heals to spam together through abilities and items, max CDR as well. build Taric hp/tanky

    Taric top
    Nidalee jungle
    Soraka middle
    Sona apc
    Janna support
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    Defensive Trap - utilize and specialize in damage over time and dropping various traps to force them to take damage to advance in lane. max cdr on teemo/shaco/nidalee to maximize traps, Shaco can be offensive going ahead stealthed to drop boxes to make them walk into other hazardous traps, Liandra's on Zyra/Teemo/Nidalee to amplify damage

    everyone takes ap per level runes and ap masteries, stack with baron, 5 dragon % buff to scale and max damage

    Teemo top
    Shaco jungle
    Heimerdinger middle
    Nidalee apc
    Zyra support

    Teemo - Noxious Trap - 230 range / 125 mana / recharge 27 / 450 dmg (+50% AP) / 50% slow

    Shaco - Jack in the Box - 425 range / 70 mana / 16 cooldown / 95 dmg (+20% AP) / 1.5 second fear

    Heimerdinger - H-28G Evolution Turret - 450 range / 20 mana / recharge 20 / 34 on-hit dmg (+15% AP) / 130 laser dmg (+55%) / max 3 turrets

    Nidalee - Bushwack - 900 range / 60 mana / 9 cooldown / 100 dmg (+18% (+2% per 100 AP) of target's current health)

    Zyra - Rampant Growth - 850 range / 11.7 recharge
    Zyra - Deadly Bloom - 800 range / 5 cooldown / 210 dmg (+65% AP) (Thorn Splitter pet) 23 dmg (+6.5/Zyra's level) (+20% AP) 750 range
    Zyra - Grasping Roots - 1100 range / 90 mana /12 cooldown / 200 dmg (+50% AP) (Vine Lasher pet) 23 dmg (+6.5/Zyra's level) (+20% AP) 400 range

    group fights down the middle... Zyra can initiate and Nidalee can harass with spears, Heimer can push waves with turrets, Shaco/Teemo/Nidalee can setup traps

    Heimer is the main muscle of the group, Zyra can see engages, Nida and Shaco can cleanup, Teemo is just defensive, if the opponent team doesn't wish to push, you can hold mid with 3 or 4 people and split push forcing them to act

    good mana regen and heals from Nidalee to give constant lane pressure, with teleports you can tower break down the middle to win


    Teemo - Morellonomicon/Liandry's Torment/Rabadon's Deathcap/Void Staff/Zhonya's Hourglass/Athene's Unholy Grail
    1010 AP from everything multiplied plus 40% cdr, 41% mpen, +15 mpen

    Shaco - Rabadon's Deathcap/Void Staff/Zhonya's Hourglass/Athene's Unholy Grail/Stalker's Blade - Magus/Sorcerer's Shoes with captain aura
    936 AP with everything, 40% cdr, 41% mpen, +15 mpen, +10% movement aura

    Heimerdinger - Rabadon's Deathcap/Athene's Unholy Grail/Zhonya's Hourglass/Void Staff/Abysssal Scepter/Ionian Boots of Lucidity with alacrity
    921 AP with everything, 40% cdr, 41% mpen

    Nidalee - Rabadon's Deathcap/Liandry's Torment/Void Staff/Morellonomicon/Athene's Unholy Grail/Sorcerer's Shoes with captain aura
    833 AP with everything, 40% cdr, 41% mpen, +15 mpen, +10% movement aura

    Zyra - Rabadon's Deathcap/Liandry's Torment/Void Staff/Athene's Unholy Grail/Rylai's Crystal Scepter/Sorcerer's Shoes with alacrity
    862 AP with everything, 35% cdr, 41% mpen, +15 mpen

    lots of magic pen from items even if the team builds resists, and abyssal scepter works for the entire team and only need 1 person to use it. everyone that needs to max cdr has, Zyra only has 35% but with blue buff it can be maxed out

    a full page of ap per level runes is 85 AP, or 62 AP if you use your Quint slots for something else. it gives you flexibility either way.

    masteries give +16 AP at level 18, +6 AP at level 1, 5% ability power, 6% magic pen, 5% cdr, 5% movement speed, mana/health regen if you choose to do so.

    6% ap/ad bonus from dragon, 12% at 5th dragon, 40 ap from baron and scales, 40 ap from consumable, 5% movement from dragon, 10% at 5th dragon.
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