Guild Law, Chain of Command, Policy, & Hall of Shame

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  1. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Hall of Shame

    We don't put everyone we boot in here, just those who deserve special recognition for being a knucklehead.

    LotD Bylaws 2014

    The highlights.

    1. Member Promotions
    Sets up a mechanism for chapter members to petition to become Lords, and for Lords to become Warlords, and for Warlords to become Guild Elders.

    In a day or so we'll be putting up the forums for that so people can apply. We wanted to put this in so that members have a path of advancement within the guild, and the best can eventually become guild elders.

    2. Policy Incorporation

    There are new policies on activity, inactivity, dual guilding, and ROI. Please take the time to know and understand them. Failure to understand them and being booted is a likely option for people who don't follow guild rules.

    3. Applying to LotD Chapters

    If your guild rank is below Elder, you will apply for any new LotD chapter to wish to game with. Core LotD members will be automatically accepted. Chapter level members will be evaluated based on current or previous performance within their chapter or chapters, and may be denied.
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    Re: Guild Law, Policy, & Hall of Shame

    Pointing this out again so people understand the difference between chapter and core LotD member.

  3. Hades Lord of the Dead

    LotD Chain of Command

    Guild Wide:

    Guild Master (GM):

    Assistant Guild Master (AGM):

    The Ruling Council of the Lords of the Dead (RCoD) :
    Elders - Ren, Sanjo, Soth, Thorizdin, Valor, Valus, Xenon
    Warlords - Evoex, Furyos, Guilford, Iseng, Lake, Leshil, Piikaa

    Chaotix (Warlord), GC (Elder), Jeer (Elder), Niir (Elder), Palebrew (Elder), Scarab (Elder), Serenity (Elder), Welly (Elder), Enya (Elder), Obitrice(Warlord), Perseus(Warlord)

    Acting voting Elders can petition the GM/AGM to reverse decisions, initiate disciplinary actions against any member, function as general senior officers to maintain guild order, and can sponsor chapters. They can provide advice and guidance on issues, and that guidance or advice should be followed unless overruled by the AGM/GM.

    Warlords function a general senior officers who can provide direction and advice, request disciplinary action, and their guidance should be followed unless overruled by Elders, AGM, or GM of LotD.

    Chapter Leadership

    Chapter Leader/Sponsor
    This person will be an Elder or Warlord level person. They are to be listened to in all things related to the chapter, and can only be overruled or replaced by the LotD AGM/GM.

    Chapter Officers
    Include positions such as chapter agm, personnel, pvp officer, etc. These are appointed by the chapter leader, and serve at his or her discretion.

    LotD Elders
    LotD GM, AGM, Elders, and Warlords playing within a chapter are to function as general officers who help maintain discipline, quality, and order when needed. They are not to pull rank in day to day operations, and should only do so in dire situations that need immediate involvement. Any other issue related to chapter leadership or management should be taken up with the chapter leader on the LotD Leader or LotD Elder forums.

    Chapter Participants

    See LotD Lord, LotD Chapter Member, LotD Provisional information on the LotD Bylaws web page.
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    Applying to Multiple Chapters + Return On Investment (ROI)

    Applying and Playing Multiple Chapters:

    This is disallowed unless:

    You can devote a minimum of 15 hours weekly to each effort.

    You must commit 90 days (preferably 120) to each official game effort you sign up to play.

    Return On Investment

    It takes time and effort to level your sorry asses, and we make our recruitment and class balance strategies around solid players we expect to have. When people leave prior to the 90-120 day mark, it undermines the guild from a manpower and class balance perspective.

    If you leave any chapter you sign up for in less than 90 days, your name will be added to an ROI watch list. If you then leave a second official game as a bad ROI, you will be denied the opportunity to continue to game with LotD.

    This applies to the following guild ranks:

    Chapter Member
    Provisional (any chapter)
  5. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Today a Bylaws amendment has passed to enact a mandatory age limit across all LotD chapters. The rules are as follows:

  6. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Updated to link the 2014 Bylaws & Hall of Shame links.
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