GW is changing for the better .. (I think)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Delta, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. Detritus Lord

    Holy shit! They did it! You can buy the Night Fall: PVP Edition right from the GW Store instantly for $40 right now!

    $40 and you're unlocked with all the skills and have access to all PVP content!
  2. Laaritan New Member

  3. koto Lord

    Looking for a GW account, anyone got one available that i may use?
  4. Fugitive Guest

    I can attest the PvP editions are awesome. You get 4 weapon setups, instant creation of all PvP equipment, and you can save tons of templates of ANY SETUP YOU WANT (primary/secondary proffesions.)

    Amazing how good a game can be when the devs actually give a shit about PvP.
  5. Hades Lord of the Dead

    What about item unlocks?
  6. could of sworn i unlocked a item last night.. but idk maybe im going crazy?
  7. KallDrexx New Member

    You still have to unlock items via faction (which wasn't really upped as much as it should).
  8. Detritus Lord

    I disagree, they upped faction 2x.... So just screwing around in RA for 30 mins this morning while I had some coffee netted me 2k faction! GvG or any other method would make it even faster.

    Besides you don't need every item unlock to start playing competitively. Gaile's right about this... when you GvG you have people who specialize. So at most you'll need to have item unlocks for 2 professions, and even then you don't need EVERYTHING. I defy you to show me a good GvG build that would require unlocking Sup Smite, for instance.
  9. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Yeah item unlocks have never been a huge factor so long as you had the right skills and some basic gear.
  10. Nihilaa Guest

    And you can get faction by just beating up the zaishen anyways.
  11. KallDrexx New Member

    Max of 1k per day (unless they changed it)
  12. Cryo Guest

    It's changed.
  13. Bose Member

    Yeah I bought the first 2 pvp editions and everythings unlocked except for runes and some item updrades, which are really easy to unlock based on what you wanna play and a bit of RA to gain quick faction.

    I don't know how armor and stuff used to work, but you can choose from a few different cosmetic setups. And you just switch insignias to decide what kind of purpose you want the armor to serve. And you can do this at any time in-between a match.
  14. thorizdin Administrator

    Yep, they basically fixed all of the disadvantages for PvP only characters and created a fast avenue for people who only want to PvP. PvP characters can now carry multiple sets of armor and 4 sets of weapons. A character can also be changed at any time to a different secondary. They implemented a templating system that allows for builds to be saved and loaded on demand. All in all this is a huge step forward for Guild Wars PvP.
  15. Laaritan New Member

    so i would have to buy all pvp expansion things?
  16. No, currently i have the PvE version of regular GW, and the PvP version of Factions.. i unlocked maybe 50 or so skills in the regular edition in about a week so.. it isn't that hard. And when i get the $40 im going to be buying the third PvP edition.
  17. It's around 2500 faction per 24 hours is what i've come to see.
  18. Delta Guest

    2k max a day now. (pretty damn good, you can get 3-4 elites a week just off of killing zaishen)
  19. Laaritan New Member

    but i would need all 3 pvp expansions to have access to all the classes? I dont have any GW games
  20. Cryo Guest

    I say to take it slow, and try out the PvP edition of Prophecies to make sure that it's a game that you'll enjoy. But yes, if you want all the classes, you'll have to pick up Factions and Nightfall.

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