GW2 EVENT: Jumping Puzzle Race! Sunday 2/17

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    Event: Jumping Puzzle Race!

    WHEN: Sunday, February 17 at 9:00 PM EST (6:00 PM PST).

    WHERE: Griffonrook Run

    The plan is to have a guild event race in Griffonrook Run's jumping puzzle with small prizes in the end. I want to challenge people's wits and tenacity with this. :p This is also good practice for the upcoming server event Evoex posted up a few days ago.

    I want participants to gather up at the starting point by 8:45 PM EST. If you can't find your way, let me know beforehand and I'll guide you.

    • Objective: Reach the end of the puzzle - with the bomb. Ranks will be determined at the moment you plant the bomb on the chest. Gotta make that run! I will be standing near the chest to monitor people's progress. :D
    • In this puzzle, weapon skills aren't available due to the bomb but you retain your utility skills. As such, Swiftness usage is permitted, plus there are some Swiftness items you can pick up to help speed your run.
    • You may NOT use the following (for fairness between classes): Portals, Stealth, teleportation, Invulnerability and 25% passive speed buff with Signets.


    1. If you lose the bomb, falling to your death allows you to restart immediately without breaking your armor. You can also unequip your armor beforehand to save repair costs.
    2. Equip a trait that reduces falling damage.
    3. Bring utility skills or traits provide Swiftness, Control, Block, or distracting Minions/Illusions.
    4. Disabling "Melee Attack Assist" in the General Options will enable you to run through foes.
    5. Griffon eggs are scattered throughout the area that will provide benefits. Blue eggs will grant swiftness. Red eggs will completely restore health.
    6. It is possible to get the jumping puzzle achievement without carrying the bomb to the end and opening the final chest. Get to the chest and you'll obtain the achievement. Do this if the event ends and you haven't completed the puzzle yet - it's a fairly easy run without the bomb.
    7. The chest is currently bugged so players may receive an empty chest. If this happens, log out and log back in, and you should be able to loot the chest.

    I'll be counting on our folks' integrity to respect the event rules and I don't think that's going to be a problem in LotD. I'm not about to monitor everybody. This is an event for fun! :)


    Disclaimer: Dye prizes must not exceed 1 gold in worth (i.e. no Abyss/Black/White/Celestial/Midnight Ice or Fire requests, please).

    1st place: 1 gold + 10 Globs of Ectoplasm + 10 of any T6 fine crafting material + your pick of 30 Orichalcum Ore/45 Hardened Leather Section/30 Gossamer Scrap + 1 Dye of your choice
    2nd place: 1 gold + Superior Runes of Mercy x6 + 1 Superior Sigil of Water + 1 Dye of your choice
    3rd place: 2g + 30 of any Powerful Potion of "insert creature type here" Slaying + 1 Dye of your choice
    4th place: 2g + 1 Dye of your choice
    5-9th places: 1g

    Good luck to all participants!

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  2. o_O. Thanks Obi!
  3. The winners are:

    • 1st place: Abgnar (super fast clear!)
    • 2nd place: Aeryn (TheExplodingJerk)
    • 3rd place: Andalamar
    • 4th place: Erza
    • 5th place: Thorrnn
    • 6th place: Starrr (poured sweat & blood into this!)
    Thank you very much to those who participated and aren't on this list - that was a very fun event. :D There were at least 6-7 other people who participated but didn't make it to the top with the bomb; they completed it without it and got their achievement!
  4. Evoex Maple Syrup & Dudes


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