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  1. Hades Lord of the Dead

    We're Green on the Pie Chart!

    In WwW our server, so far, floats between Tier 1 and Tier 2 matchups. In plain engrish, our competitive range is between the #2 and #4 rank for North America, and the servers are scored on a server (not guild) ranking method.



    Editorial On Asset Point Ranking Systems

    Capturing assets should certainly be used towards earning points in an open world or RVR ranking system. But there should also be a certain amount of points set aside for being out there killing players, and protecting strategic resources on the map (i.e. protecting Dolyak supply routes).

    At least to me it would make PVP more strategical because it would assign point scores to all major aspects of the GW WwW end game. Sieges battles are fun, but it is good to mix it up with other ways to earn points. Splitting up the point generation also ensures that "Night Capping" is minimalized, and people can get back in the fight with a little head bashing in PVP.

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  2. Radburn Lord

    I'd also like to see some tweaks that promote small scale PvP on the maps. I'm hoping we see some changes that will encourage people to break off from the zergs.
  3. Ice New Member

    Ranking of North American

    2143.02 Henge of Denravi
    2047.43 Stormbluff Isle
    2044.01 Jade Quarry
    1987.6 Eredon Terrace
    1778.2 Isle of Janthir
    1736.46 Crystal Desert
    1727.17 Dragonbrand
    1693.44 Blackgate
    1598.21 Fort Aspenwood
    1595.57 Sea of Sorrows
    1570.33 Tarnished Coast

    We are in a very good position. With the results of this week we will be in the #2 or #3 position

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