Heartfelt Gratitude for the LotD family

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    A Decade Later:
    For better or worse, most of you know me as we've gamed together starting in City of Villains/Heros, GW1, Fury, AoC, WHO, DFO, GW2, TESO, AA and countless FPS and MOBA titles. I recognized recently that I had actually joined LotD in December of 2006 while serving in the USMC and living out in North Carolina. Back then I was young and married to a future ex-wife while absolutely miserable. I look back and recognize that I was using gaming to deal with depression and it wasn't until after my divorce in 2009 that I was able to finally enjoy gaming in a healthy manner.

    For anyone who'd like to know what brought me to LotD and why the fuck I ever considered hanging around this place for a decade, keep reading. If not, just share whatever gif's you'd like.

    Finding LotD:
    I began graphical MMO gaming in GW1 actually where I met @Breed probably during one of the number of little guilds I started or helped start during that game. He suggested we go look at City of Villains and after a few weeks we decided to try to join one of the pre-eminent "SG's". Coincidentally enough, we almost joined Freaks of Legend instead of LotD, but LotD's long list of success is what tipped the scales and we both applied and joined.

    It took a few months of leveling and practice but I eventually joined the A-team who participated in competitive tournaments where I was one of the key offensive CC roles. We ended the game effectively ranked #2 in the game, though if the dev's had a suitable test server or even a competitive server, we'd have beaten the Freaks in the final bout with our usually unbeatable team comp.

    You can see our squad on the cover of Beckett with me on the sign near the top.

    At that time, I could be pretty obnoxious and I stumbled across this video to shine some light on that....

    Making LotD My Home:
    After hanging around the guild through CoX and GW1, I was gearing up for a deployment in 2007 when I chose to apply for Lord, which turned into the first application still saved here. Talk about a trip down memory lane: http://www.lotd.org/threads/approved-petition-for-lordship.11491/

    The structure of our chapters and the quality of our members was and remains one of the most comforting elements of my membership here. I know I'm surrounded by like-minded and hard working people who all love to game to the fullest. These first few games allowed me to make friends with people I still love hanging around with.

    Off the top of my head:
    @The-Immortal (Also, send him some money: http://www.lotd.org/threads/please-help-lotd-member-in-prison.43128/#post-327244 )

    And of course @ElTopo!

    Not all of them are still around much anymore, but they were the guys who I'd log in and harvest tears with early on.

    The Rest is History:
    Over the years LotD and gaming remains a passion and one of my primary means of dealing with stress. I want to see this community grow and thrive and because of this I had pushed hard to join the leadership ranks. I've made countless more friends since those first few years and am blessed to even have one who attended my wedding in 2015. (Looking at you @Jeer you lazy piece of shit!)

    I've been lucky to meet many of you in Texas and am still hopeful to meet even more in the coming year or two. I really view this community as more than just a group of people playing games, but as close friends whom I've shared real pain and happiness with. We have a lot on our plate for 2017, and I look forward to contributing to continuing the legacy of LotD and growing this family.

    Into the Sunset:
    Here are some photos I found from years past... enjoy!










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    The traditional gift for 10 year anniversary is Tin. And one of the best things can come in a tin can... Beer!

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    BTW, Fuck you guys.....just because
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    Sarge is denied all alcohol because the last time he imbibed he ran around the guild hall nude going "I'm a chick I'm a chick I'm a chick!"
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  13. So are you really tall or is LotD full of short people.

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