Heroes of the Storm- Fun & Growing

Discussion in 'MOBA Discussions' started by Valor, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    I'm going to be picking this game back up in greater eagerness and I want to invite everyone to come game with us. We'll put together a weekly schedule and start inviting some PUGS to come fill out teams. This is not an intention to build a comp team or even a chapter, though that will undoubtedly happen at some point(it ALWAYS does... who knows why). This is just getting enough people online to have fun playing this game and getting better at it.

    That being said, not everyone is going to get to play on the same team all the time and thus why we'll be inviting pugs to join our adventures so that we can grow how many people are logging in throughout the week.


    If you are interested in joining in the foray, drop your name here.
    If you are willing to be on the lookout for decent folks to invite to our little party, make that note.

    1 Rule for this:

    If you are left off of a team for either being late to formation or because the majority of the team already is intending to work together, you can't get butthurt about it. We want this to be fun for everyone and if one person is terribad, that makes it unenjoyable for the others if they're forced to include that person every night. I've been on that end of the stick before and it sucks, but it also motivated me to practice hard enough to be a worthwhile add.

    If you can't keep your chin up, then maybe this just won't be the right group for you.


    Get a few teams running where we can actually start putting people with similar skill levels together and always have folks around to game with. It's super casual and won't be an official chapter unless it reaches a point with adequate leadership, membership, and goals.
  2. Zaltex Lord

    HotS, eh? I have around 2k games under my belt. I know the maps, I know the heroes, I know the comps. I know what works, and I know what doesn't. The hardest part is finding good teammates.

    I'll give it a run. Depending on times I should be in.

    Zaltex#1828 is my b.net tag
  3. Iseng Warlord

    Pussy, I'll carry your ass :p
  4. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    Oh god Iseng is playing? worst player I've ever seen.
  5. Lake Warlord

    I had a beer and thought you said @Isy
  6. Valor Buffalo Rancher

  7. Isy Lord

    Count me in. Isy#1160

    I've actually already been playing this game, though lightly, for the past couple of weeks.

    Not a pro by any means but I'll always be better than @Lake, at any game...for ever.
  8. Lake Warlord

    @Isy throw on your helmet before speaking. I think bumping your head too much causes more brain dmg.

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  9. Isy Lord

    Lol have you been googling "How to become a forum warrior"??

    You're gettin there bud ;)
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  10. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    um, @Iseng your buddy Anub'arak got changed up quite a bit...
  11. Zaltex Lord

    He wasn't changed much other than being given the spell armor. He is still great CC and one of the best sustained tanks out there. His cocoon isnt' bad but against skilled players they just chop it down or it gets hit in aoe cross fire.
  12. Ren Elder

    I'm a new player - listened to Valor (oh boy) and downloaded during the weekend. Currently playing quick matches (unlocked Muradin and Valla) and completing daily and weekly quests as able. Thinking of Lucio as next purchase.
  13. tehtankcat Member

    yall still playing? Ive been playing heroes since alpha. add me on blizzard if you want tehTankCat#1468 im also on overwatch too
  14. Iseng Warlord

    A few of us still get together and play when we have free time.

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