Heroes of the Storm

Discussion in 'MOBA Discussions' started by zilch, Jun 18, 2014.

  1. zilch Member

    Anyone in the alpha and been playing?
  2. Mange Lord

    Invite pls, I'd give it a try
  3. Rudy New Member

    Ehhh it's ok. You share exp with your team and there are no items. They removed the aspect of a single person getting fed and steamrolling.
  4. zilch Member

    I've been playing its fun you can still carry a team it just eliminates one guy crushing your team which is kind of nice. The shared xp is really nice I wish more mobas did it. The only problem is some of the game modes are absolutely awful and sole champs are just way too powerful. But it's still alpha.
  5. Likort Destroyer of Forum Trolls

    looks like the casualized clones are trying to win on who removes more features from original dota
  6. Del Inactive Chapter Member

    Imagine a moba with any and all micro and macro management removed. Congratulations, you've imagined heroes of the storm.

    Basically most elements that would allow you to distinguish a good player from a bad don't really exist in the game.
  7. Dogmatic Banned

    Blizz is doing that for WoD xpac on WoW too. When releasing deets for the first time on WoD, Blizz stated to the effect of(and some may be verbatim, ESPECIALLY the part about little kids): "We wish for PvP to be simple enough for an elementary schooler to be able to hop in and be useful".

    Removing the skill factor from a game has been Blizz's calling card for some years now.
  8. Lake Warlord

    exactly what I heard. Its just a super casual MOBA that has no hope of a competitive scene
  9. Soth Administrator

    It's blizzard so it will be popular. I've never gotten into the MOBA scene because you pretty much need to complete a 10 year doctorate course to learn all the stupid itemization and other stuff. I could never be bothered to even attempt the huge learning curve for that shit. I might give this a try.
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  10. Ichimaru Lord

    The Chess vs Checkers analogy that you once gave me regarding Hex vs Hearthstone is exactly what I would use to describe this game vs other mobas. It is definitely a simplified version of what a lot of the more of mainstream mobas are, but having said that, its still fun and its easy to just pick up and play. If you were looking to get into the moba genre this is a very good place to start. The tutorial isn't too long, and it walks you through most of the basics. Options for advancement are almost identical to whats currently in Hearthstone (you either spend $$, or you grind out daily quests (or level up) for gold which is used to purchase more characters).

    I'll agree with some of the guys above in saying that its probably not going to have much of a future in the super competitive scene, but I do actually like some of what they've done. I expected the removal of items to be a negative thing at first, but it ended up not bothering me as much as I thought. It does remove an element of game play, but the lack of wards (little sticks you drop to provide map vision) just raises the value of other map objectives that can be captured to provide similar benefits (also adds value to champs like Zagara that bring map vision).

    Perhaps the thing I like the most about this game is that for all of the various maps they have, the camera angle never favors one of the teams over the other like it does in LoL. Is that a minor thing? Yeah. Can you get around it by just playing with your camera unlocked? Yeah. Should you be forced to do it that way? No. In a truly "competitive" environment both teams start on equal footing, one doesn't have an advantage over the other. Blizzard got this aspect of things correct when many others don't.

    My biggest complaint with HOTS at the moment is that it doesn't allow you to change (or even view) the hot keys. Keys for things like skill usage are obvious from the UI in game, but other stuff like pinging you just have to feel your way through until you find the buttons that do what your looking for. They also need to give some indication of what map/game mode you are playing before they make you choose your champion, but again I expect that's just part of alpha and will change.
  11. Likort Destroyer of Forum Trolls

    Others might argue that learning the mechanics of a game that just lasts a few months is a waste of time. Learning the mechanics of a game that already lasts more than 10 years (*cough* DotA, and I guess Eve Online counts too although it's not my cup of tea) might be a more beneficial choice in the long term, the same way learning to play an instrument is.
    But in the end of the day it's at least a moba, so if it can be your gateway drug, take two of these and call me in the morning.
  12. Lake Warlord

    Play Strife.. I will teach you the ways.
  13. Del Inactive Chapter Member

    I honestly think strife might be a worse game. If your going invest yourself in something competitively it should be something that's going to last. Lol, dota2 and heroes all have major support and I can see people still playing them years later. I don't really see the same thing with a game developed by s2 considering their history.
  14. Lake Warlord

    HotS will never be a long lasting competitive game. TBH, HotS game play really doesnt offer a competitive scene period
  15. zilch Member

    Farming minions isn't what makes competitive play to be honest, it's big plays and teamwork. Heroes of the Storm will have a competitive scene strictly because it's a blizzard game and will have a TON of people playing it.
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  16. Lake Warlord

    I guess, except farming minions is a big part of players skill caps. I don't doubt there will be some sort of competitive scene but I don't think unless Blizzard throws tons of money toward tournaments will there be a huge rush of pro players going to play this game.
  17. Del Inactive Chapter Member

    Farming is easily replaced with another mechanic. Besides Heroes really isn't that game. You can't solo carry a game, so it's not about getting one or more people to godlike status through pveing. Heroes is about fighting over objectives, from pretty much beginning to end. There isn't as much room to display individual skill, and progress is linked to your team (so no one falls behind and becomes a liability. There is no "feeding" in the traditional sense). Strife and Dawngate prides it's self on being "different", but honestly after playing it for awhile, It's a whole like the other games, except with shitty progression tied to crafting items and leveling pets.

    Heroes is actually different enough to separate itself from the rest, and they're not afraid of taking risks. Will pro players from lol and dota 2 flock to Heroes? I doubt it, especially if their making money with those games. However heroes will create it's own "pro" players.

    Now will it be as competitive in comparison to league and dota? Hell no. Unless Blizzard wants to throw serious cash in to that aspect.
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  18. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    I did not enjoy my testing of Heroes

    Have played Sotis, Dota 2, HoN, LoL, Dawngate, Strife and enjoyed all of them.
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  19. Akkuma Member

    Blizzard could literally make Monkey poo flinging dodging arena and instantly have themselves a ton of followers who turn it into a competitive game despite the fact Hello Kitty World might have more skill involved.
  20. Stoli New Member

    I'm playing it and liking it....but I'm very not into Mobas in general and haven't played many others (only Smite)

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