Heroes of the Storm

Discussion in 'MOBA Discussions' started by zilch, Jun 18, 2014.

  1. Iceembaby Member

    Its a good game its just not a MOBA.

    Aside from the top down view and the overall goal of destroying the base nothing else in it resembles a MOBA. You dont really even lane after like lvl3. Smite is more of a traditional MOBA than Heroes is.

    You have to view Heroes as a different game, forget LoL, Dota and everything else. Its extremely fun when you stop focusing on what you did in LoL/Dota/Strife/Smite

    1. No items, no last hitting, no gold, no shop.

    2. Team levels together, wins together, dies together. Its more team oriented than any other MOBA. Individually outscaling enemies and getting 6 slotted items is not a thing here, you'll never get "fed" the tradeoff however is the enemy will also never get "fed". It really comes down to team work and communication and knowing what the map objective is.

    3. Maps change and rotate no one map is the same and there is no traditional "dota" map every map has differs in size and shape along with objectives.

    4. You pick your character before you queue. You'll always be able to play whatever Hero you want (as long as you're not playing draft)

    5. Team levels and the way XP works allows for interesting Hero design such as Murky and Abathur. These Heroes would be utterly useless in a traditional MOBA where power AKA XP is gained individually along with items/gold. It allows these Heroes to have blatant weaknesses that would utterly hinder them in other games so they can have unique strengths such as Abathur's global presence and Murky's kamakaze nature.
  2. Iceembaby Member

    Hots has really been taking off, BlizzCon had a tourney showmatch with orgs like EG, Liquid, FNC and C9. The rosters included former comp LoL and Starcraft players and community held tournies every week some with prizes like ingame currency or amazon gift cards.
  3. Philoctetes Crowfall Leadership

    Anyone have invites for this?
  4. Iceembaby Member

    I'm in the "tech alpha" but they just flag your battlenet account, no keys.

    Goes into closed beta Jan 13th I believe.
  5. Iceembaby Member

  6. Philoctetes Crowfall Leadership

    That sucks. Kinda bored with Dota 2 now.
  7. Isy Lord

    Anyone have a key for this, I'll test it out.
  8. perilX Administrator

    Motherfucker can you read?
  9. Isy Lord

    Fuck you, I didn't read that far into the thread.
  10. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    I have an account.
  11. Isy Lord

    Lemme Barrowwwww
  12. Jbigg Jay Biguos

    No. Down Isy.
  13. Lake Warlord

    Im giving HotS a chance when I get invited
  14. Evoex Maple Syrup & Dudes

    I got into tech alpha as well, zero interest in trying it out. Last i checked my battle net account was compromised, i can see about getting it back if someone wants to take it over.
  15. Iceembaby Member

    This game has more comp potential than people realize because its basically Team Fighting over objectives for 10-20 minutes and requires a ton of teamwork since the map objectives vary heavily.

    However with that being said games can go 30+ its just way more rare than LoL or DOTA.

  16. Iceembaby Member

  17. Lake Warlord

    Once I'm able to dabble in this game Im going to look into getting groups of players together in it!
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  18. Mange Lord

    I'll be around for that and see how I like it, outside of SMITE the only classic moba capable of keeping my attention right now is DOTA.
  19. Zaltex Lord

    I've played HotS a few times. With a decent group that game could be pretty fun. I have access so just add me to b.net if you want to play Zaltex#1828.
  20. Isy Lord

    I'll be playing this game come open beta or whenever I get an invite.

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