Heroes of the Storm

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    The biggest current flaw right now is the Match Making, currently there is no ranked and only one PvP queue called Versus. Sometimes you'll end up solo facing a premade or vice versa.

    That being said they did announce ranked 5's ect at BlizzCon, most likely will see ranked sometime in Jan when it goes to closed beta.

    There is a community site called Hotslogs players use currently for leaderboards and mmr, here is my profile page for example https://www.hotslogs.com/Player/Profile?PlayerID=160675 its neat but some claim inaccurate but atm its all we got.
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    WallyJones#1568 I played with a few of you guys in Dawngate and some League before, my name is Brian.

    Anywhoo I've been following Heroes since it was called Blizzard DOTA and been in the "tech alpha" for a while, if you got any questions or need help hit me up. Below are a ton of info and community run sites dedicated towards heroes.

    Some people call it hots but Blizzard prefers we call it "Heroes" and also instead of MOBA they call it a "Team Brawler"






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    you WallyJones on reddit?
  7. Iceembaby Member

    Wally_Jones on reddit and twitch, why did we cross paths?

    @Wally_the_Jones on twitter.

    I went by different nicks before like Iceembaby and Briefs in DG, Strife, LoL, Smite, ect.
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  8. Philoctetes Crowfall Leadership

    Finally got in and am liking the first few games I've played.
  9. Lake Warlord

    If anyone still needs in HotS send me your battle.net email first last name
  10. Akkuma Member

    HotS is giving out invites now to those in alpha already?
  11. Lake Warlord

    No, they are going into closed Beta in Jan. Some people still have not gotten into the alpha yet.
  12. I got access into the game I would like to try it out some time
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  14. Akkuma Member

    Unfortunately, I still have not gotten into beta to give this a try.
  15. Palinore New Member

    I play random matches throughout the day on my off days. If anyone else wants to play sometime let me know, I'm down!
  16. Gwhorg Destiny 2

    I have 4 beta keys now, if anyone needs one shoot me a message. I would love a world of warships key if anyone has an extra!
  17. Iseng Warlord

    Same I have keys if anyone would like them. Pretty fun game.
  18. Gwhorg Destiny 2

    I will say it is not nearly as toxic as league is, at least not yet.
  19. Flo Inactive Chapter Member


    Uber noob, just finished the tutorial lol. I'll practice some more tonight and maybe one of you more experienced folks can help me not suck some day. I always liked the concept of MOBA's, but never could get into DOTA/LOL. This game seems to have the Blizzard charm, and I'm quite enjoying it so far!
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    Gonna have a look with Thor Baha Jackalope, but we'll mostly be playing on the EU Server

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