Heroes of the Storm

Discussion in 'MOBA Discussions' started by zilch, Jun 18, 2014.

  1. Gwhorg Destiny 2

    Yell if you have the questions.
  2. Del Inactive Chapter Member

    I've got an account on eu, might hit you up
  3. Lake Warlord

    Anyone still playing this and looking for an HL partner? Solo Q is as close to cancer as you can get. Parish and I currently play together but I'm sure we are always looking for more to duo with when each other are not around.
  4. I know @Akkuma was talking about playing Hots all the time, get with him.
  5. Gwhorg Destiny 2

    Yeah I play the crap out of it still. PM me the times you are around most often I am down to rock some kids.
  6. Lake Warlord

    Add me Bustershot#1465
  7. Del Inactive Chapter Member

    I managed to get to r14 solo fairly easy on a relatively unused account a few months ago (before the scaling changes) just from playing op characters like leoric, johanna, janna and uther. How was the game changed, cause I was planning on getting to r1 back then but got hella bored.
  8. Lake Warlord

    I'm not sure what changes were made from then and now but with Li Ming coming out it adds another person on the same level as KT. The talk of them finally working on the grandmaster tier seems like the carrot on the stick for people. I dunno I'm enjoying it thus far with the new heroes and the constant updates.
  9. Gwhorg Destiny 2

    After watching some Li Ming on the PRT its pretty clear that its going to be OP in the hands of a good player and an easier kill than Murky in the hands of a bad player. We shall see when it goes live if they end up changing anything.
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  10. Soulshox Lord

    Cannot wait for the wizard. She so aggressive and is exactly how play.
    Mostly play Kael, sylvanus, artanis and zeratul
  11. Ticonz Destiny 2

    I just want to say Greymane is SO GOOD.
  12. Lake Warlord

    Greymane actually is finding himself into comps now.

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