Holy Shit, you fking guys are still here!!! :)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by FSBulldog2, Nov 23, 2015.

  1. FSBulldog2 Inactive Chapter Member

    I warms my shriveled black heart to think after all these years you guys are still kicking ass and taking names. So 'hey' to all of you who may remember FSBulldog, its great you guys are propping up the gaming community with your vigilance. Anyway...good times, makes me want to play again now that the kids are grown. Maybe next year, doesn't look like anything too exciting going on atm. Need to get ready anyway if I want to run with LotD, you know the drill, build a new gaming beast, quit your job, get divorced, adopt a couple monkeys to farm resources for me...jk, jk...I don't need a new computer.

    Site looks great, rock on.
  2. Cedwyn Banned

    Who is your favourite band?
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  3. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    Well, you know how things go... start gaming, get divorced, game more. Welcome back when you get back.
  4. You mean do you like Kiss ?
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  5. Cedwyn Banned

    I wanted to give this guy a chance before I made him hate me.
  6. Btw I think I remember Bulldog from Age of Conan, hope all is well man.
  7. Leshil Warlord

    Cedwyn <=Culture Club
  8. Cedwyn Banned

    Leshil + Calebreth = Yaoi dream!
  9. endersadvocate Inactive Chapter Member

    Cedwyn <= The Weather Girls
  10. Pookee Lord

    You fuckers are worse than me at derailing a thread. Damn, Ced, give the guy a chance to talk with some old friends that might still be alive/on a pacemaker before you start harassing him.
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  11. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Bulldog, do you need your account renamed? (I'm guessing the 2 is because you had to re-register?)
  12. FSBulldog2 Inactive Chapter Member

    That would be great Hades, thanks. I didn't mean to start a thread as much as just saying hello.

    Then I click on the link...

    The CU link on the homepage, then read the forums on it here, then found the private warhammer servers, that was two weeks ago. Now I'm locked in this daily video saga of Mark Jacobs and some gnome named Ben on a sofa with a palm tree.

    So ya I'll probably want to play again after I figure out how to chain several 4gb video cards to a hamster wheel. It's certainly worth the $275 just to see if he can actually do what he says he can do. 50 lotds stomping out a 350 toon zerg, Hades screaming on ts, "this is where we fight! this is where they die!" ... priceless.

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