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  1. This game is very easy to pick up and just play. With this latest patch (Preseason) and entering Season 3, even the more experienced players will have to relearn parts of the game. They have changed the way the game is played. This would be a great time to hop in and learn with us.

    Use this link to signup for an account and download the game.

    Expectations @ different levels:

    1.) New players: Make sure you run the tutorial before you come join us to play. The tutorial will explain the major things you will need to know to properly play the game. After that, a few games vs AI will help get you situated with your characters and combat. Hop in TS and see what we have going on. A lot of us have low level accounts we can play to come team with you.

    2.) Under lvl 30 players: You need to get to 30 to play with the big boys. A lot of the level 30 players do not like to play with lower level guys because it lowers the quality of game due to the match making system. Do not spend any of your IP till you hit 20 so that you can buy tier 3 runes, you will need about 20,000 IP at level 20 to buy enough runes for Mid, Top, AD, Jungle, & Support.

    3.) LvL 30 players: Keep playing and practice your abilities, Last hitting, Builds, Team Comps, Ect. Get into TS and get into games with us. The more people we have online, the more teams we can run and games we can play per night.
  2. Ichron New Member

    I wouldn't necessarily say save all your IP for 20. I'd say play with champs during their free weeks to find one you can settle on to main with on the way to 30. Dominating with one and getting more wins than losses gets you more IP, as well as gets you to 30 faster.

    I mained Shaco and Akali to 30. I still play Akali a lot even now. Find one you think you like their abilities, and learn them inside and out. Some champs you may hate to begin with, but once you get the hang of them, you'll do well.

    I'd personally avoid flavor of the month champs or new champs because those are more prone to get rebalanced (i.e. nerfed). Find one that's steady, has been, and isn't likely to get changed. Then you can start to get basic universal rune setups for your ADC, jungle, AP, etc. After that you can start to make specific ones for specific champs. You'll see I have a very specific and possibly peculiar looking setup for Akali for first rune and mastery pages. You don't want to do things like that until you know exactly what you're doing because you could end up wasting IP on runes thinking you'll like a setup, but in the end not.

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