How to join the alpha for star citizen

Discussion in 'Star Citizen' started by Soth, Jun 29, 2013.


Did you pledge for the alpha?

  1. Yes I will be in alpha and beta

  2. No I did not

  1. Soth Administrator

    If you wanna join me in the star citizen alpha and beta, you'll need to pledge to the game.

    Minimum price to get into alpha and beta is $40. It comes with the full game once it releases as well, and can be bought here:

    I personally went for the $80 pack. To make coordinating our alpha and beta efforts easier, please vote in this poll.
  2. Viphre Lord

    Yea I'm getting mine this week, probably getting the $80 one as well
  3. Ren Elder

    You should add an option about having interest but not yet committing.

    Edit: Scratch that, I went ahead and bought the $40 pack. It looks like it is basically a pre-order since it includes the game download.
  4. Dogmatic Banned

    Yeah, add an option saying
    "This game has given me a boner but my wallet is currently makin me wait"

    That's what I'd choose
  5. Leshil Warlord

    On another note, it's great news that you can still get wood.
  6. Dogmatic Banned

    Yeah, I'm still young so it's working as intended.
  7. Ren Elder

    The wiki indicates the expected release cost is $60.

    That means the $40 Mercenary level pledge gets not only Alpha and Beta access, but a deep discount on the actual game.
  8. Leshil Warlord

    Right now I'm focused on the interim game of NW, but when LotD decides to throw its weight into the coming games, I'll have to see what the RcoD has in mind for official chapters, so I will sit on the fence for now.
  9. Ren Elder

  10. Chaotix Warlord

    Got the $40 package see you all in alpha and beta!
  11. Ren Elder

    Sweet! And I changed by desktop background to SC concept art- now it's getting serious...
  12. Maec Lord

    Long time no see guys. Haven't been gaming much the past couple years, but this looks promising. All I've been playing is World of Tanks but thats getting stale after 10k battles and having all the T10's I wanted. So I picked up the $65 Digital Bounty Hunter package. So I have Alpha access as well.

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