How would you save the economy?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pwning, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Pwning Lord

    Here is a list of things I think would help our economy in the U.S.

    Legalize Marijuana
    Legalize Gambling
    Legalize Prostitution

    Reasons why:
    All 3 would create new jobs and with new jobs come new consumers
    All 3 would create massive revenue once taxed appropriately like anything else we consume
    All 3 would increase happiness
    All 3 would allow police to do real work
    All 3 would reduce costs to the judicial system and correctional system
  2. Xenogrant[Combine] Active Member

    but drugs are a gateway to a life of vice and homosexuality. Legalizing drugs would legalize gay marriage
  3. Furyos Warlord

    1) stop wasting taxpayer dollars arresting, prosecuting, and incarcerating people for victim-less crimes and lesser offenses

    Between 1980 and 1990, for example, Michigan's prison population more than doubled from 15,000 to 34,000, while the state's population increased less than 1%. The prison population rose another 40% to 47,700 by 2000.

    The result: massive increases in the state's prison population that have exacted enormous costs with little, if any, impact on crime rates. Spending nearly $2 billion a year, Corrections now devours 25% of the state's general fund and employs one in three state civil service workers. Michigan is one of only four states that spend more on prisons than higher education."

    2) Spend American tax dollars on American products whenever possible.

    More of this: "WASHINGTON, D.C. — If American flags are bought with U.S. tax dollars, they should be made entirely in America, the U.S. Senate said with a unanimous vote Wednesday evening."

    3) Spend fewer tax dollars outside of America, either cut taxes for poor and middle class people (give them a dollar they go out and spend it, creating demand) or invest in domestic public works programs (i.e. infrastructure development, public buildings and grounds, and public/private partnerships.

    "The most recent major report on these costs come from Brown University in the form of the Costs of War project, which said the total for wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan is at least $3.2-4 trillion<sup id="cite_ref-0" class="reference"></sup>.<sup id="cite_ref-1" class="reference"></sup>


    "... in a March 16, 2003 Meet the Press interview of Vice President Dick Cheney, held less than a week before the Iraq War began, host Tim Russert reported that "every analysis said this war itself would cost about $80 billion, recovery of Baghdad, perhaps of Iraq, about $10 billion per year. We should expect as American citizens that this would cost at least $100 billion for a two-year involvement."<sup id="cite_ref-mtp_2-0" class="reference"></sup>
  4. Tabaal Lord

    Cut state budgets, and raise taxes.

    Btw furyos - 3) - if you cut tax and give a man 1 dollar - he will on avg. spend 0,8 dollar, and save up 0,2 (not the correct figures, but in that vicinity).

    If he spends 0,8 dollars - yes, he will create demand, but the people he pays will do the same, meaning that the 1 dollar that was cut in taxes returns as way way way way way less than 1 dollar in the budget.

    The problem in the US isnt as much a lack of growth, as it is overspending.
  5. Salohcin Member

    Why are you not a politician? The ones in gov. wanting to protect the rich & corporations from fair taxes need to go. A flat tax would be nice, it would make way less work for the IRS, plus it would save $$ by not needing all those tax forms to be printed & people would not have to sort/read through them, so we wouldn't have to spend $$ to pay the workers to put the forms through the system.
  6. Cedwyn Banned

    I was watching a neat series called Lockup on msnbc. They said something really interesting...

    The cost of raising a youth from childbirth to 18 years old is something like 120k over the 18 years. The cost of supporting someone who goes to jail when they are 13 until they are 18 is over 200k (meals, guards, etc.). If these funds were put to educating and keeping these youth off the streets and away from gangs, you'd not only lower the crime rate but you'd be saving a lot of tax payer money in the process.

    Another interesting fact they said is that the average inmate costs tens of thousands per year to keep in prison (again food, security, etc.). A lot of this money could be saved if put into criminal prevention via education and keeping people from becoming criminals.

    The problem with a capitalist economy (imo) is that everyone is focused on themselves - it is this individualist nature that both creates and destroys the economy. On one side you have jobs being created because people want to succeed and expand, and on the other side you have jobs being cut/lost/reduced because people want to make money.

    Socialism has some great ways to improve the overall quality of life, and instead of focusing on the individual, you are focusing on the whole of the neighborhood/region/country. As you improve the quality of life, you improve the quality of the economy through a variety of jobs that are not designed to make someone large amounts of cash but to provide the most benefit to the community. Quality of Life >>> Revenue Earned.
  7. Furyos Warlord

    Unfortunately your math is made up and the argument - even if the data were true - your argument is only a red herring that you've attached another nonsense argument later (see below)

    As far as your 80% made-up statistic, the % of extra money that a person will spend is inversely related to their income. If you have a bum without a dollar $5 he'll go spend it in an hour. When you hand a multimillionaire another $10,000 it often goes directly into their bank. This has been proven over an over again, and is the reason why trickle-down-economics has failed in practice for the previous 30 years. Cutting taxes for the poor drives demand. Nobody hires more staff unless there are lines outside the door to buy their shit.

    The amazing part with this is that you are exactly wrong and shows you have a complete lack of understanding of basic economic principles. Demand drives an economy. The strength of the economy is measured by the Money Supply * Velocity of Transactions. This measure also happens to be the major source of state sales tax revenue. When states get more sales taxes, they spend less time sucking the teat of the federal government.

    Corporations made RECORD profits last year - the most in the history of the world - nearly $2 Trillion dollars. They KEEP the money because the profits are being taxed at a nearly zero effective rate because it's better to build a strong balance sheet than invest in their own businesses and hire some new personnel. If you increase taxes on the business they have a choice --- invest in capital and increase O&M to reduce taxes and drive growth, or pay the government taxes on these profits.

    And by the way, I am not a politician because while I know all this shit, I'm an ass-hole (see above).
  8. Cedwyn Banned

    What he is saying is he likes to be fucked rather that doing the fucking. If anything politicians are just front figures while the real 'politics' are done behind close doors. It happens in Canada too, sadly.
  9. Furyos Warlord

    No, I'm a business-man. I spend my fair share of time on top.
  10. MarleyTheMoose Radiohead Superfan

    IBM said they made record profits to everyone outside of IBM.

    Guess what their employees heard?
    "Sorry, we aren't doing that well. We can only give you this for a raise and we can't hire new employees to help out with all of the work you guys need to get done but can't due to lack of people."
  11. Gaunsaku Chill Dude

    I'd take a two birds, one stone approach.

    Fix the mother fucking copyright/patent/trademark system.... like, really fix it instead of the no-teeth measure that was recently passed by Congress. Relax restrictions, take into account technological advances, stop fucking extended copyright periods, stop bowing down to private corporations, etc. Wikileaks and general news has shown the incredible amount of influence organizations like the MPAA and RIAA have had and the extreme popularity of sueing over copyright to the point where people are now claiming copyright on fucking conversations they have over the phone.

    Imagine the hundreds of billions that could be freed up. Not only that, but you will have larger companies able to hire more and invest more in research AND spur on competition because things like software patents get nixed (over simplification, but I'm short on time). Imagine is iD soft had a patent on FPS. We'd be fucked from a gaming perspective today. You already have organizations sending out false and incorrect takedown notices for stupid shit, dead people being sued, and innocent individuals raided because of a stupid IP address and no real police work all in the name of copyright/patent/etc.

    Fixing the system for real would save billions (with a b), increase competition, create the opportunity for more jobs- or at least more people to start up companies to compete- and lower the general cost of living. This affects not only technology but drugs and more.

    Downsides - Huge companies that rely on patents/copyrights/etc would probably lose a lot of money and, likely, fire a lot of people. But sometimes you need to break some eggs to progress.

    Aside from that, pull back on the war spending. I'm all for protecting America and America's interests, but you need a good foundation (ie, domestic stability) before you put yourself out there.
  12. Anwedie Lord

    First we need to get rid of the lawyers, then we can put more people to death. Crimes proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that involve rape, aggrevated assaults or murder should just be automatic deaths. People say that executions cost a lot of money and that's bullshit. It's the appeals and haggling and housing and feeding and guarding criminals that costs money. 30-06 rounds are $0.50 a piece atm. Sure innocent may die, innocents die everyday why should it be any least we'd be saving a lot of money.

    I went to the doctor recently because mine died 5 years ago and I needed a new one so someone had my file on hand. She made me get an EKG, xrays, blood work, etc.. before I would even be taken as a patient. There is so much defensive medicine practiced that it's a total waste. If you go to the doctor for a cough, you WILL be given some type of prescription even if you have stage 4 lung cancer. It's a waste of money.

    Welfare should exist for 1 year, people do fall on hard times, however after a year you have 3 choices: get a job, join the military or die. I see the same fucking parasites in the town I drive through everyday to work and all I can think of is if I speed up could I hit them all without having to backup and drive forward again. They ought to start cauterizing some of these people's uteri so they stop breeding, I can feel the IQ of the populace decreasing as I type.

    The best way to save the economy would be for the government to release a resistant small pox plague to kill off half of the people in the US and/or world. That'd both decrease the unemployed, welfare and senior citizen rosters(cutting social security expenses in the future) but also would open up a lot of jobs. However I doubt we'll see that one.
  13. Del Inactive Chapter Member

    I think tabaal was a financial adviser at a bank or some shit :O
  14. Del Inactive Chapter Member

    You guys should just bring back slavery. "Don't have a job? well here you go." Street garbage picker-upper or some shit, or mandatory military service.
  15. Sauer Inactive Chapter Member

    Marxism doesn't generate the highest quality of life. What you are advocating has been tired in many places. North Korea, Cuba, The USSR. Why didn't it work? The simple answer is that it can't due to the corrupt nature man. There is no Utopia.

    Individuals making self centered choices generate the highest quality of life. Does is create a perfect society? No. That is not possible. Does it create the best possible society? Yes.

    A current day example of the two competing philosophies would be the workers paradise of North Korea versus South Korea. If forced to choose between the countries, where would you want to live?

    "Life is pain, anyone who says different is selling something" The Man in Black.
  16. Sauer Inactive Chapter Member

    How would I save the economy?

    Take the boot of government off the throat American business.

    Every federal regulation must be approved by congress and re-approved every 3 years. Throw out a vast majorty of old federal regulation.

    Slash the corporate tax rate to 15%. Remove every single business tax loophole.

    Eliminate the capital gains tax

    Cut individual tax rates in half. End all personal tax deductions. The average Joe would be able to file his tax return on the back of post card.

    Repeal Obamacare

    End most of the war on drugs.

    Eliminate and/or consolidate the Department of Education, Energy, Housing and Urban development, and Agriculture.

    Repeal the 17th amendment to the US constitution

    Add a balanced budget amendment. With a 17% GDP cap on federal spending

    Give State legislators a veto over every single piece of federal legislation and regulation.

    Break up the Federal Reserve. Easy to say, scary to implement.

    Break up the current Judicial Oligarchy. Ive read several different ideas on the subject, none of which I like. What like even less is the amount of power wielded by 5 unelected jackstains on the Supreme Court.
  17. Solus Lord

    I would talk about it on internet gaming forums.
  18. Don't worry guys! The aliens are going to come in 2012 and wipe us all out so that we may restart the human population! :) I just hope they start with wherever Gaun lives.
  19. Sauer Inactive Chapter Member

    If this thread gets big enough we will all be billionaires?
  20. Palebrew Inactive Elder

    I would love to see a set % tax and paid by corporations per employee, no more deductions no more filing as individuals. More like 5% off the top of all wages and then figure out what corporations pay.

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