How would you save the economy?

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  1. Pwning Lord

    Have you read the health plan yet? I think its over 5000 pages and most people who voted for it never read it and they think its great too, I wonder what might be in there, for all we know they passed a law allowing the federal government to take your first born after 2012 or some shit, nobody knows, nobody really cared, they just wanted the American people to know they did something, positive or negative it doesn't matter they did something get it?
  2. Waratah Member

    Most employees do just enough to get by.
    Trying to motivate a work force with threats of unemployment isnt going to change that.
    What if their motivation was a slice of a bigger pie rather then a bigger slice of said pie or indeed no pie at all. Might work.

    Please try again

    They have a democratic workplace in North Korea? I guess you learn something new everyday

    You need to have a nice calming cup of camomile tea and try reading what I write without the Fox goggles.

    You might find that not all the things you think are socialism are actually socialism.

    Nowhere have I said that I despise the system. I just said it was broken and saying its broken doesn't make me a socialist

    By the way
    calling me a socialist in the manner you are qualifies as name calling

    A gun is a piece of property. Is is violating your property rights to tell you you cant shoot babies?
    Government dicks with your rights and property all the time. I don't see the problem.

    Again not all the things you have been told are socialism are actually socialism.
  3. Sauer Inactive Chapter Member

    It seems we have a failure to communicate. Lets go to Wikipedia again.

    A business (also known as enterprise or firm) is an organization engaged in the trade of goods, services, or both to consumers.<sup id="cite_ref-0" class="reference">[1]</sup> Businesses are predominant in capitalist economies, where most of them are privately owned and administered to earn profit to increase the wealth of their owners.

    What are these things you speak of?

    Saying that the system is broken doesn't make you a socialist/marxist. What you propose makes you a socialist, more accurately a Marxist. You might not like the word, but its what you are preaching.

    If you aren't a socialist/marxist what you are? A transvestite can call its self a woman, but if it has a cock its a man.

    Logic, how does it work?

    By shooting the baby, I would violate its liberty. The answer is no.

    What you want to do has no legal basis in the traditional common law which both of our countries legal systems are based on(assuming you are Australian). It is anarchy.
  4. thorizdin Administrator

    Not gonna respond anymore, since the thread has gone past the point of useful conversation. A couple of points to consider:

    1) American made drugs in Canada (and the entire rest of the world) cost less than they do in the US and that has nothing to do with price controls (there aren't any at the import level).

    2) I still haven't seen any credible alternative to requiring everyone to have health insurance other than the less palatable alternatives of a single payer (everyone on government run insurance) or a single care provider (government hires doctors & runs hospitals). Our current system is broken and anyone who can't see that is willfully blind and if mal practice costs were zero the system would still be broken and headed to bankruptcy. (Social Security is a big challenge, but is less broken than Medicare/Medicaid is.)

    3) The US spends more on healthcare than any other nation but our results (life expectancy, infant mortality, low weight births, and patient care survey data) show that we're much worse than countries that spend less and we are the only indusitilized nation that ties insurance to employment has a completely voluntary system.
  5. Waratah Member

    And yet not everyone with a cock is a transvestite. How does that work?
    That cant be right

    I support the establishment of a Marxist State about as much as you would support a Plutocracy...... i hope...

    Any one for Raubwirtschaft?
    Wouldn't that be nice?
  6. Sauer Inactive Chapter Member

    I could further deconstruct your plan but there is no point to it. You want to transfer ownership of private citizens assets to another group of citizens and pretend its legitimate.

    If you don't support the establishment of a Marxist state, reevaluate your plan. Read up on Marx. Read up on the promises made to the people during the Revolution in Cuba and Czechoslovakia.

    I don't buy into the lie that there could be utopia if only *insert random Marxist class warfare tripe*. There has been an unequal distribution of wealth in every society. Its the nature of man.
  7. Waratah Member

    I have to agree with you here.

    It’s obviously a topic you are passionate about and I can respect that.

    Especially as it seems to be someone else plan your deconstructing.

    My guess is that it’s an argument you have had long and often with someone and are so over the subject that once you thought you understood my position you stopped processing my text.

    Case in point.
    Pure hurf durf

    Ill cut you a deal

    Ill read history textbooks if you start reading posts.
  8. thorizdin Administrator

  9. Furyos Warlord

    I am an economist and I make a living working in finance. I still think my three ideas are the best so far:

    1) stop wasting taxpayer dollars arresting, prosecuting, and incarcerating people for victim-less crimes and lesser offenses

    2) Spend American tax dollars on American products whenever possible.

    3) Spend fewer tax dollars on shit outside of America, use this money to either cut taxes for poor and middle class people (give them a dollar they go out and spend it, creating demand) or invest in domestic public works programs (i.e. infrastructure development, public buildings and grounds, and public/private partnerships.
  10. Furyos Warlord

    Public goods and "the commons" as they are called are a poor choice for capitalist allocation. The free market works well for some things, not so well for others.

    Basic health care should be a right in the USA just like it is in other countries. Free access to limited preventive care DOES reduce the price of health insurance for everyone.

    Public goods fail when people leading the public institutions no longer are bound to the people they serve. In the USA, our leadership (at many levels) is now bound to the interests of their donors - which has led us to a fascist state.
  11. Waratah Member

    I have come to understand that ideas that take more than one sentence to layout are trouble and in many cases should be made illegal.

    See I like this.
    Simple and sustainable.

    Successive governments down my way have been pushing this since I can remember and it has worked well for Arts and design.
    Since almost anything that isnt Beef, Dairy, wool, Lamb or landscape scenery is imported to my country it can only take us so far.
    I might have wanted to buy a locally made car but my wife has informed me that she draws the line at driving a car made of Beef.

    I will never understand women.

    I Imagen it will prove much more palatable in a place as diverse as the US.
  12. Pwning Lord

    What does FAIR mean to you? Fair to me means equal or same.

    What is a FAIR SHARE between these two people? Man A earns $50,000 a year, Man B earns $2 million a year. So should they each pay the same(fair) share or should one of them pay 10 times the money of the other one? I think they should both pay the same percentage even though Man B will be paying 40 times as much as Man A, some people will find that to be fair.
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