I need some advice (Buying a new Gaming laptop)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PaleOne, Nov 30, 2015.

  1. PaleOne Crowfall Leadership

    I am thinking

    6 gen I7
    Nvidia 9600GTX
    128 ssd + 1TB hd
    16GB ram

    I dont need a giant screen or anything as when I game I ususally plug in to a 27 inch monitor and my logitech 6 15 and razer naga

    So I was considering a 15 inch, some thing lightr and easier to toss in a backpack

    I was looking at ASUS ROG series but they dont have this model available yet.

    Any ideas? I want to spend under $1500

    Before you say build a desktop, I want a laptop so i can take it with me on my yacht :)
  2. Lake Warlord

    get one of those mini desktops and just connect it to your tv
  3. dainjre Member

    I actually just bought one of these...
    Still waiting on it in the mail, but the customer service has been spectacular and they don't make it till you order it. Also rated very high. I'm updating from a RoG so depending on when I get it I can tell you how much I like it. I decided to get the EON15X. My RoG is a 17, and I'm not sad about losing the size. I got pretty much everything in mine though. Cost a bit. I'm happy with what I got for the price, but like I said, still waiting on the rig.
  4. PaleOne Crowfall Leadership

    Seems a little pricey, You could get an Alienware or rogue for less with the same components. Why did you choose Origin?
  5. dainjre Member

    I didn't want a dell, I wanted something that would last. I did a bunch of research, checked consumer reports and CNET for reviews. Origin was rated very highly so I decided to give it a shot, so far I'm happy with my purchase and I haven't even got it yet. Its nice having my own personal customer service person I can email at any time and get a timely reply from. He even asked if I wanted him to send me pictures of them building my rig to me while they made it. I'm definitely impressed by what they've done so far to accommodate me.
  6. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Those specs sound alright to me.
  7. dainjre Member

    I should probably also mention that like a large portion of adult gamers, I do IT for a living. The county I work for has a contract through dell for computers, laptops, and servers so I've seen a lot go wrong with them and I've had to deal with their customer service a fair amount. Besides just plain not having the parts I need sometimes, they've also sent me the wrong parts pretty often. Its definitely not something I want to deal with in my personal life.
  8. Soth Administrator

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  9. PaleOne Crowfall Leadership

    Ordered an ASUS Rog

    Case 1 x ASUS ROG GL552VW-DH71, 15.6" IPS FHD, Anti-Glare 1920x1080
    Processor 1 x Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ Mobile Processor (4x 2.6GHz/6MB L3 Cache) [GL552]
    Memory 1 x 16GB [8GB x 2] 2133MHz DDR4 SO-DIMM Laptop Memory [GL552]
    Video Card 1 x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M - 2GB [GL552]
    M.2 SATA SSD Drive 1 x 256GB M.2 SSD - Single Drive
    Primary Hard Drive 1 x 1 TB 7200rpm Super Slim Laptop Hard Drive [GL552]
    Optical Drive 1 x 8x Dual Format DVD±R/±RW + 16x CD-R/RW Combo Drive [GL551JW]
    Media Card Reader / Writer 1 x Built-in 3-in-1 Media Card Reader/Writer [ASUS ROG]
    Sound Card 1 x HD Audio with ASUS SonicMaster
    Network Card 1 x Built-in 10/100/1000 Mbps LAN [Laptop]
    Internal Wireless Network Adapter 1 x 802.11 ac Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 4.0 Combo [ASUS]
    Operating System 1 x Windows 10 Home (Pre-installed) - 64-bit
    USB Ports 1 x Built-in 4x USB 3.0 Ports
    Webcam 1 x Built-in HD Digital Web Video Camera [ASUS]
    Warranty 1 x Standard Warranty Service - ASUS Standard One(1) Year Warranty w/ Accidental Damage Protection

    Only $1199
  10. Dozel Member

    that is better than my desktop... fml :)
  11. Gnarkiller Member

    I've stopped using gaming laptops for mmos. The cpus are always too weak for them, i7's included. Seems to run everything else fine. Also, you just spent all that money and only got a 2 gb gpu. Going forward that's going to hurt your performance big time. 2gb gpus are pretty much done.
  12. Evoex Maple Syrup & Dudes

    ASUS makes solid gaming notebooks.

    Typically the bottleneck is the GPU, you won't be blowing through new titles with Ultra graphics. Rest should be fine!
  13. Dozel Member

    thats alright.... i don't want to bring my desktop computer over to a lan party to play a mmo, i play mmo's at home and connect with people online, doesn't serve much benefit to do it for those types of games. but if i am doing FPS or MOBA games, sure a lan party is perfect and i would probably prefer a laptop to bring on over to spent time with friends on those types of games better suited for that imo.
  14. PaleOne Crowfall Leadership

    I need power plus mobility so I can travel and still stay connected to my friends here :)

    Besides nothing makes you feel better sitting in your yacht pwning noobs...
  15. Piikaa Warlord

    Or sitting on the porch of your ranch, watching the deer and pwning n00bs...
  16. PaleOne Crowfall Leadership

    I cancelled the order today. I buy power are a bunch of idiots.

    They said I wouldn't receive the LapTop till Xmas....
  17. DarkGod Lord

    Pale, if you have a yacht you totally need to do a LotD yacht party. :)
  18. PaleOne Crowfall Leadership

    lol-- I would do that-- Set up a rl meeting in Daytona Beach :)
  19. Dozel Member

    i will bring the maple syrup
  20. PaleOne Crowfall Leadership

    I went to Best buy and walked out with

    ASUS Republic of Gaming
    I-7 6700HQ
    32 ram
    Nvidia 965gtx
    1tb hd
    And I bought a 480 SSD we will install in it
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