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  1. Ren Elder

    For those of you who have found your way here and are interested in joining LotD in Crowfall, we are not yet recruiting for our roster. We have an established process to evaluate and build a Chapter for a new game which goes something like this:
    • We need to better understand the game play, and although the big picture is partially visible through the FAQs and info dumps, there is much to understand and that will only happen with hands-on game play. As the city building and siege systems are historically the last elements tested in a game like this, this may very well be quite a ways out.
    • Once we fully understand the game, we will determine how we will measure our success and establish goals regarding the best way to achieve that success. (Will we be caravan raiders? Or build massive cities in hotly contested areas?) As we build an officer corp to lead this effort, we will also establish a target member size for our roster.
    • Then official recruitment will start, and the process will include completion of a brief application form here on the forums.
    If you do have Crowfall early Alpha/Beta access, please do say hi in-game and see what is going on - we may very well need larger groups of testers to help ACE evaluate elements of the game. And as there will be no NDA for testing, we will have the unusual ability to make ongoing announcements on these forums regarding our activities in Alpha / Beta and how to group up and check us out. So stay tuned!

    In the meantime feel free to participate in our community. Beyond the forums and ever popular shoutbox, we do have other Chapters running. Hop into one of those games and get to know our awesome playerbase.
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  2. qberto Crowfall Leadership

    Please join the Crowfall Chapter user group to gain access to our chapter forums.
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  3. Mythx New Member

    Hello LotD,
    - I`ve gold access in Crowfall early alpha, but I`m waiting on new ports from ACE however since I can`t load the game world at the moment due to my ISP.

    Brief about me: I`m an old school PvPèr since the old UO days in 97 and Shadowbane in 2003 on the EU server Damnation, and I`m mostly focused to improve my skills in Crowfall PvP - while the game and powers develops like stealth and new classes like the assassin, cleric, & frostweaver. I`m already training assassin skills. `grin`even though the class is not released yet, but I enjoy stealth classes in PvP.
    - I also really enjoy PvP centric games so I`ve played league of legends since season 2 or something, but mostly for fun. I also enjoy fps kind of games like Battle Royale Player Unknown`s Battlegrounds or Dayz SA, but the main reason I would really enjoy to join the LotD guild after follow Valor & Lakez podcast some years ago, and after a conversation with the Paleone on the CF forum I decided to have a brief application here and looking forward to get to know u all better in Crowfall, and have fun together trying
    to achieve a common goal and do our best in a Dregs campaign world in Crowfall.
    I also have a political reason, but I don`t see it necessary to post in a long detailed political thread about my background related to other old UO and shadowbane guilds, because I know you`re an experienced focused PvP guild from games like Darkfall and Shadowbane in 2003/2010 which was both an open world sandbox PvP strategic game like Crowfall. My first guild was actually in Shadowbane in 2003 with SD & Beliar an old EU guild, and I`m currently an inactive member of the old shadowbane KGB guild, but I enjoy to be part of an active guild like LotD related to Crowfall since I only will be playing this mmo when Crowfall launch full Dregs campaign worlds maybe end of this year 2017 with a soft launch.

    I`m also a live twitch streamer, but I don`t have any plans to live stream Crowfall based on hardware limitations at the moment until I upgrade later this summer since I enjoy a quality stream, but I had early closed alpha access on twitch to popular games like Player Unknown`s Battlegrounds in March in 2017.
    Anyway it might be difficult to live stream Crowfall without revealing too much information on twitch related to stream snipers and others who are in the same campaign world, but it`s a good method to promote the guild and the community as whole.
    Hopefully, I will see u all in EK in some weeks after Gordon Walton have emailed me about new client game ports for Crowfall which doesn`t block my ISP. :)
    I had a brief conversation with the Paleone on the CF forum before I decided to write an application to join LotD.


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  4. qberto Crowfall Leadership

    Hey Mythx,

    We are not officially recruiting for Crowfall just yet as our community is focused on our two active chapters in black desert online and final fantasy 14. We do have a small number of testers who regularly meet Tuesdays at 9 pm. EST and sporadically on the weekends. Once you are able to play, we would be happy for you to join us!
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  5. PaleOne Crowfall Leadership


    Take some time to browse around the site.. Pay special attention to the hall of shame. some of your least favorite guilds are listed :)
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  6. Mythx New Member

    Yeah 9 pm EST is 3 pm at night for me - thanks for the information. I can set my alarm clock and stand up 5 or 6 pm in the morning to join some of the last hours of the scrim/training! :)
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