Killin' with Style in Archeage: Pre Launch Update #1

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    LotD has been hitting ArcheAge hard since Alpha opened up and have since been recruiting players for our upcoming Chapter on both Alpha and Beta servers.

    We have established ourselves on Omega and Aranzeb and have been enjoying working with allies like Fist of the Empire to continuously kill players on both factions and take what they worked so hard to make. Piracy on the open seas has been one of our objectives and we are making quite a name for ourselves (and quite a few enemies) with great results. In the future we plan to participate in a castle siege and lay waste to what some hated enemies (We Are Legend) have built. As we recently finished our first Merchant Ship on Aranzeb our future plans include pursuing a Guild Plaza during the next Closed Beta Event.

    As we get closer to launch we will be updating our membership with precise plans for positioning our Guild for success in ArcheAge. Stay tuned into the forums for updates and information.

    Be sure to view this thread for the latest in LotD style public relations.

    Interested in ArcheAge but not sure what the game is about?

    • Open World PvP including Piracy
    • PvP with restricted looting (crafted items) even on same faction players!
    • Castle Siege warfare
    • An extremely intricate and in depth farming/crafting system
    • Unique mount system
    Buy a founders pack here and jump into Closed Beta/Alpha with LotD!

    We're always looking for talented players to join our ranks, signup here if you want to enjoy this upcoming game with a Guild that's about to celebrate it's 20th year of "Killing With Style".

    See this video for some PvP footage from our Alpha presence.

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  2. Sanjo Mr. No Fucks Given

    We're really looking forward to the next few Beta tests!
  3. Sanjo Mr. No Fucks Given

    Beta Event #4 starts this Thursday! 8/21

    See you guys there!
  4. DeinosATL Member

    The email to me says: 10am PDT on Friday, 8/22 for the next Beta event.

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