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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lightdark, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. Anything Interesting going on these days?
    What should I be looking forward to gaming wise?

    Once I get settle in the next one or two months at my new job in Staten Island NY for my career related field. I hopefully should be back full swing before Christmas. If my master plan goes as according to plan.

    Really do miss playing with the community as a whole grinding Real life starting to get boring too much DLC content and excessive content updates. Meh aleast it's being handled.
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  2. Philoctetes Crowfall Leadership

    No no I'm pretty sure you're dead.

    No exciting games I'm afraid. All the fancy console games like Halo 5, Assassins Creed, etc, are coming out now.
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  3. Yeah your Right "You can't see me"
  4. Philoctetes Crowfall Leadership

    I just want to let you know that your like gave me the "seriously likeable" trophy on the boards. Because of people like you I am famous.
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  5. Your Welcome. Now where my Getting Phil Famous royalty check?
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  6. Philoctetes Crowfall Leadership

    Rich people don't remain rich by just giving away their money (or likes).
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  7. Who Said I wanted Money Or Likes ;)
  8. I also been Training to one up my Archeage hi-jinxs cause I felt like I was too much of a Casual near the end.
  9. Dochan Sanjos' Bitch

    When I read this my first thought was
    filthy casuals
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  10. That was mine at first but I figured you would of gotten that for me thanks for assistance as usual Dochan <3
  11. Dochan Sanjos' Bitch

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  12. I also been chest Deep involved in the yugioh community So yeah if you heard the horror stories about that Yeah it happens.
  13. Well after Placing 179th out of 5 25th place At this Yugioh Tournament In Philly it's Good Feeling That I got my Revised No Chill Pvp Mentality Back.

    I was able to get back to my Roots After 14 Straight hours of Playing with A Deck. I had Very little time to Test but everyone I played, against Win or Lose Was Sweating Bricks,
    Even the Judges were like Dam he Can't Do that then come back abd Be like Nevermind "You were Right and I was Wrong" am not even a registered Judge Yet.

    Long Story Lightdark got his Flow Back. Am now one with the Savage Force! Oh boy how I missed her So much <3

    My Friend who I Mentored for the last month or so to help get me back into that mindset And show him what it was like to be in that high level of play Got 98th, and he was really really Bad at the game.
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  14. Pookee Lord

    you stay on the east coast?

    I"m a have to come buy you a beer one day or something if you're nearby
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  15. Yeah I plan to for awhile longer I am trying to get everything together. Before the 9th of November. Could always figure something out. Also a friend posted a picture of me at the event on instagram I guess am. "All Knowing Now"
    This guy that Beat me was like" I need to tell my Dad Straight up Beat a Badass over here"
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  16. Leshil Warlord

    You off the crack now?
  17. You stop selling to me :(
  18. Also Found out what's wrong it was pretty much overheating issues Just need to get a new fan reapply thermal Paste and am good
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  19. Pookee Lord

    Dude,, your punctuation game is way off. I don't even type like that when I'm drunk (like right now). @Leshil, quit selling this man crack so he can communicate in a coherent manner, please.
  20. This is what happens, when I reply with little to no sleep. Typing in a Coherent Manner was never my Strong Points, Speaking coherently now that's a different story.
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