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    I'll include some links I usually check out.




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    As far as streams go,
    Dignitas Scarra is one of the best ap mid players to watch
    TSM EVO Wings of Death is one of the best top laners to watch

    Both of these players talk through their thinking process as they play and mention why they do what they do. Both are considered Monsters in the pro scene at their respective positions.
  4. Daemon Lord

    For the lazy: http://www.twitch.tv/wingsofdeath
  5. Scarra is my favorite to watch for exactly what Jbigg said. He talks the whole time, he lets you know when he makes a mistake. He loves to take chances and he plays very aggressive. Also I like watching Team Curse on youtube. Anothergamingchannel is what they are on most of the time. SaintVicious is a decent player to watch and you pick stuff up from him. TheOddOne is the best jungler in the game IMO so I always watch his stuff and follow his guides.
  6. Daemon Lord

    And he doesn't just spout "noob" everytime someone does something dumb. He just says what they should have done.
  7. perilX Administrator

    SaintVicious is probably my favorite player to watch atm. I'll land on HotshotGGs channel from time to time, too. SV is a fucking amazing jungler.

  8. updated to add www.Lolking.net to the links. Check it out it's pretty legit.
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  10. Lake Warlord

    Wings is good to watch
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    League Of Legends Champions Guide : Elohell
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