League of Legends: LotD is Legendary!

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    With the rampant increase in eSport coverage and Season 3 right around the corner, LotD has decided that it is the perfect time to dive full force into an official League of Legends chapter!

    League of Legends is a Massive Online Battle Arena type game which lends to a much different style of chapter than LotD is accustomed to. Riot Games has developed a game that is friendly to gamers of every persuasion. It is due to this that LotD has decided an official chapter would greatly appeal to many of its members and also provide an outlet for those that have been looking for a well supported arena game in a well established guild.

    This chapter will focus on accommodating all styles of players, whether they be casual or hardcore. With nightly play, LotD will be able to cater to everyone equally, giving all of our players the ability to play together as one guild. For season three, LotD will also field two competitive teams that will be entering various online tournaments and climbing the ranked ladder throughout the year.

    We have high goals for this season and LotD: League of Legends is off to a great start. We hope to see you in-game!

    LoL Chapter Announcement

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