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  1. zeta Lord

    Master List of LoL names

    ZetaZ - Zeta
    elstain - Jbigg
    tabaal - Tabal
    Baddington Bear - Zilch
    sleek33 - Sleek
    queef - Del
    snowrabbit - Del
    ChernobleLotD - Chernoble
    Hectic Doom - Hectic
    Isssy - Isy
    Anthrostallion - Isy
    ConfederatePyrit - Dogmatic
    Dozel - Geibber
    Darious20 - Darious
    Niir - Niir
    Nietsnie - GC
    Syldrak - Gc's friend
    PerilX - Peril
    Calebreth - Calebreth
    LegendaryProfecy - Calebreth
    irDaemon - Daemon
    Madakai - Mad
    Salvatore55 - Salvatore
    Pikeasey - Pikeasey
    Burntpeanut - Burnt
    Lord Mockery - Dark Apostle
    Valorx - Valor
    Khanobi - Obitrice
    oOTragedyOo - Tragedy
    Impsy - Impsy
    Perseuslotd - Perseus
    Viphre - Viphre
    Xenthular - Hades
    NovakGod - Darkgod
    Strest - Strest
    Wodin - Creampiekush
    Thorne - Azimus
    Lake - I lake I
    Punigod- Nighteye
    prothecus - Ranthecus
    Cainex- Pookee

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  2. Jbigg Jay Biguos

  3. Tabaal Lord


  4. zilch Member

    Baddington Bear
  5. sleek Member

  6. Del Inactive Chapter Member

    Queef <-- secondary account, also level 30.
  7. Dozel Member

  8. Dogmatic Banned

    ConfederatePyrit is my user, iirc...
  9. Darious Member

  10. Calebreth

    So Del got me playing LoL the other night, not a bad game, I like Hon more but I will be playing here and there, Add me Calebreth
  11. Hectic Lord

    Hectic Doom
  12. ChernobleLotD

    I am horrible but I'm having fun!
  13. Lord Mockery - Looking at that long list of names who still plays?
  14. Niir Elder

    Hmm, about 1/2 of them I see on some regular basis.
  15. Currently we get about 6-7 people per night playing at one time. With D3 cureently pulling 5 of those people we still get enough for a good game on a nightly basis. I'm in game every night for about 2-4 hours.
  16. Had a blast playing last night. Had a full team for about 4 matches. We won every single one of them. We were playing against some noobs but it was a great time. Maybe we can get some more of you D3 ppl back and start playing more frequenlty again.
  17. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    Was on prior to you and won a match with Mad and a few others. Valorx
  18. Logic Member

    <-- LoLogic
  19. Hades Lord of the Dead

  20. DarkGod Lord

    NovakGod here

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