Lightdark hoarders edition

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  1. Burn it all in glorious Flame

  2. Lightdark it.

  3. Call Opera and see if she can make it disappear

  1. This is were I been hiding

    The funny thing about this that picture of the ocean is mine(only thing that gives me peace) and my computer is buried in crap. So the level of shit I have to see on a day to day is massive. Here the Kicker it's all my Dads/ Dead Aunt woot. year worth of crap just been sitting here.
  2. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    Craigslist buddy.

    The best thing to feel better is to have a clean organized space.
  3. I wish it was that simple he wants to keep alot of it then free up space

    it's all junk maybe a book shelf or two but ultimately it's my dad call he thinking about waiting in till June to sort all of it, also got the money to take care of it just being stubborn cause he doesn't want to do it nor let me take care of it
  4. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    I want to change my answer to light it on fire then. :D
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  5. Good thing it's a One sided poll
  6. I should stream it might get donations
  7. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    You're not actually going to burn your house down right?
  8. nah I might do a dumpster dash in the middle of the night or use the bonfire out back
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  9. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    Ok, then definitely, light it on fire.... if you can't sell it on craigslist
  10. Cedwyn Banned

    Who is Opera?
  11. Philoctetes Crowfall Leadership

    Opera the web browser duh.
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  12. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    There are a variety of racially insensitive jokes to be made here... maybe when I see LD in TS.
  13. Thank you for holding the door for me kind sir

    Am still trying to patent LD as my new Rapper name these things take time Valor. All I got for the Cover song "Valor be Sniping my Girl Twitch" ft. Archeage
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  15. Cedwyn Banned

  16. Note to self use this for a Montage Video for pvp blooper wheel.

    Or when I give someone the "Lightdark Special" or myself gets Lightdark'ed to end of the universe and back.

    Thanks @Calebreth

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