Ling rush

Discussion in 'Zerg Discussion' started by Minimorals, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. Minimorals Inactive Chapter Member

    Its basic and annoying but it does the job against most enemies.

    best method to do a ling rush
    get 10 drones .
    save up minerals until your at 200 minerals.
    put a spawning pool behind minerals so harder to get at.
    as soon as you start making the spawning pool make 1 more drone.
    when at 100 minerals make an overlord.
    wait till spawning pool is done and make 6 lings.
    make queen right after you start the first lings.
    make more lings as you get more larvae.
    after the enemies get a def up make 10-20 lings to protect your base from ground until you can tech up
  2. zeta Lord

    I especially like having one of my teammates do this in team games, allowing me to build an appropriate army without being rushed myself...

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