Lords of the Dead Makes History in ArcheAge!

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    On November 4th the pinnacle of success in ArcheAge dropped with the launch of Auroria. Every Guild on the server was challenged to forge alliances, break bonds of friendship and fight their way to claim one of four castles per server.

    Lords of the Dead answered that call.

    With the entire server currently hating us for freeing so many trees, liberating so many packs and making so many friends at the numerous fishing locations how were we to succeed? Indeed, knocking on a few doors and asking for a 24hour truce, we were told to get lost and go fly a kite. We were told our 'zerg' Guild would be dismissed as the annoying but unimportant trash that we were.

    Longtime LotD allies Fist of the Empire answered the call and the planning begun. Hours upon hours of tactical planning, material harvesting and membership training began. The day was fast approaching, but were we ready? Then, not 24hours before the drop KGB and MMAC offered their swords in service. Did they want gold? NO! All they asked for was hard, cruel, and legitimate PvP, which they knew followed both LotD and FoE around in their wake. A final meeting was called the night prior and the plan revealed to the members. They were asked to temper their expectations as the odds were so seriously stacked against us, but promised that we would as always do our best to accomplish this amazing feat. Our raid logged out at FoE Mansion in preparation for the day ahead.

    The day of, members took time off work, said goodbye to cherished loved ones and sat in Teamspeak all enjoying the feeling of camaraderie and the nervous anticipation of the trial ahead. There was no hax ball to be had this day, there was much sad.

    We get the word that the server is online, everyone frantically looking at the greyed out Offline button in dismay. When, when?! A cheer lifted over voice comms as Play buttons began to light up and the clicking spam could be heard from many different homes around the world. Officers barking commands, raids forming and people all converging awaiting the portal to take us to the promise land. A small load screen occurs and success!!! Auroria does exist! We form up and take off, ignoring the brave solo Addiction red sitting at the portal tome. Glider wings in epic display as the 2 mighty Guilds spiraled down and down towards the mines.

    We land at the cavern mouth, FoE taking off towards the North East while we push into the halls and greedily begin tapping the nodes. We're the first one's here?! YES! PvP Leaders send out scouts and hastily try to pass out last minute potions/food in preparation for the onslaught of reds sure to be on their way. We hear enemy contact reports from FoE as the mighty red zerg descends on their location. Our own scouts report initial contact with red forces and the server lag becomes real.

    Rage, Freshly Squeezed and RDD forces are spotted and engage us. Our army moves in to protect the miners as we chip, chip, chip away at pebbles. The screen becomes a slideshow as more and more people pour into the area. Our allies KGB and MMAC roll into the mines and setup to the North Centre as we move further West in search of Anya. FoE moves into the area and all are busy fighting for their lives as QC Republic enters the area.

    We get the call of green forces moving in from the East to North Centre. More allies? NO! WaL appears and starts flagging on our miners, the army is split and re tasked to defend on both sides now. MMAC and KGB takeout flaggers and in turn flag on WaL and push them to the choke. Out of nowhere the giant horde of MMO Legion is everywhere. We attempt a pebble count; well over halfway there. We discuss with FoE, 1 pack or 2? 2 it is!

    Before long we've got the required amount and start porting to FoE Mansion as our smelters head to Two Crowns. The army arrives at the harbour and an awesome naval display is in full effect. Sails and standards from 4 Guilds popping up and flapping in the wind. The question is asked, do we run 1 or both packs? The decision is made, we go big or go home. Our pack is on a merchant as the clipper fleet surrounds it, poised to strike at any threat. The scouting reports from Auroria start coming in, where do we land? FoE makes the call to try for Nuimari first, we follow. Not far from the shore the scouting reports horrific numbers of Addition and RDD in zone, so we change gears and head for Heedmar where we plan to claim our castle.

    Arriving on the shores of Heedmar, the call is made to immediately move inland as we have been scouted by Deja Vu. This call would be our undoing. As we march forward pushing a scouting group of reds off the bluffs our scouts report a much larger red force ahead. Deja Vu is seen scouting our flank, but are they friend or foe? Despite surrounding our pack, Deja Vu forces slip between our ranks and flag immediately on our carrier before the word to take them out is given. Ryan from Deja Vu is seen looting the pack and then...nothing..gone. Where is the pack? Where is the pack? The call was repeated and repeated over comms for what seemed like an eternity.

    Meanwhile the red forces have engaged FoE and they make the call to take Heedmar, rather then risk losing both packs. We move to the loadstone, all the while keeping our eyes peeled for the thief but he is not to be seen until much later. Success!!!! Congratulations to FoE on server first castle, even though we were so close ourselves. Our Teamspeak briefly lights up with joy, but the loss of our pack is killing morale and tempers begin to flare. Officers bark commands, members compose themselves and we push on. FoE stifles their own celebration and we're given encouragement that we will reclaim a pack and have a castle yet.

    As we mobilize and decide where to head next, 2 quick castle claims in succession. TT6 and Freshly Squeezed claim Calmlands and Marcala respectively. Thankfully they have made our job easier as it means only Nuimari is open for claim. Our forces push East towards the available 3 locations, scouts rushing ahead to relay the situation.

    The situation is red, red everywhere. The Eastern zerg is alive and well and swarming all over the zone. As we engage and push through the enemy ranks, reports of the Eastern loadstone being claimed is heard. We rush towards it, RDD!!! Powell is seen at 50% channel and as we move to rob them of their moment and claim a pack he dissapears. NOT AGAIN! Robbed of a second pack we push into the red zerg. At this very moment we hear reports of our pack. Ryan is back, and he's on a ship moving out of Heedmar. We spend some time laying waste to the red armies and before long there is a new report.

    Ryan lands in Nuimari to the south. FoE scouts have him moving inland and our entire alliance moves to intercept. The thief is spotted, we focus him down. The pack?! Where is the pack?! Lexer from FoE announces that he has it and he moves towards the centre loadstone. Our army moves with him, fending off wave after wave of reds as the entire server descends on what will be the final moment of the night.

    Lexer is in sight of the loadstone, Thork announces his Guild removal and we spam invite him. The server delay is agonizing, then..success! He's a member! Lexer begins to channel but is interrupted, once, then twice. We heal and heal, drop numerous Imprisons until finally....VICTORY! Lords of the Dead has claimed a Territory in Nuimari.



    Last night happened the way it had to. It was heart wrenching to be so close to the server first. In the end we accomplished something no other Guild did in all of NA, we lost and then reclaimed our own pack and claimed the final castle of the day. We beat the odds thanks to amazing allies, steadfast leadership and the dedication of our members. This moment will remain with all of us forever.


    Thanks to FoE, KGB, MMAC, SC. We couldn't have done it with out you. Thanks to the Eastern Faction for bringing the fight, as laggy and messy as it was the PvP that day was epic. Finally thanks to DJV for giving us the opportunity to again make our mark in MMO history.

    Remember remember the 4th of November

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    Awesome writeup. Unfortunately this is all I remember of the 4th of November:

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