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    Welcome back to the world that existed when LotD was spawned into life by the venerable Lord Hades, nearly 20 years ago. ArcheAge takes elements of Ultima Online and combines them with current advancements in gaming to create a PvP world that is tailored to those who seek the adrenaline rush of open world combat.

    We've Got Something For Everyone


    In LotD every member contributes, from the newest Provisional to the Guild Master. ArcheAge offers a vast opportunity to help put your Guild on the map through what you actually enjoy doing.

    Hardcore or Casual PvP/Piracy

    We've been setting the bar in PvP for almost 20 years. We're organized, driven to succeed and we don't back down from a fight. If you're looking for a home to PK people and relieve them of their packs, this is the place to be.

    Crafting Gathering and Farming


    Our housing/farming strategy is second to none. We will be an economic power house on our server and we will do everything from control the market, craft end game gear and buy/sell land to further our goals. If you`re the kind of player who enjoys watching things grow or slaughtering chickens, we've got you covered.
    Territory Domination


    Claiming territory and castle siege/defense is a big part of ArcheAge. While not our primary focus, we will be lending our services out to both attacking and defending Guilds.



    We may be driven to win, but we like to have a good time, laugh at ourselves and we aren't above sharing our bloopers with the world.

    The Bottom Line


    The fact is no matter how you enjoy to play MMOs, our ArcheAge Chapter has a place for you. We firmly believe that you get out what you put into this Guild. If you`re the community driven minded player that understands 'GUILD FIRST', we would love to hear from you.

    Not sure what we're about? Checkout our storied history and bylaws.

    We offer everyone a non elitist home that takes pride in our PvP excellence and the promise that we will continue to dominant the PvP MMO scene for many more years to come.

    Did we spark your interest? Please head here, checkout some basic Chapter info and fill out an application!

    Highlights of the Game:

    ArcheAge boasts a sandpark experience (themepark elements, in a sandbox world) approach to leveling that provides multiple ways to advance your character by either PvP, exploration, crafting, farming or questing. The game world is epically large and there is a lot to absorb playing while ArcheAge for the first time. You can easily get side tracked and end up spending a ton of time doing the trade skills and farming simply because it’s fun, engaging and more importantly, fantastic xp! Most players should expect to hit the level cap in about 2 weeks of normal play, many have been able to reach cap in 1 week of hard play, it’s not hard considering everything you do in ArcheAge gives you a ton of xp! It’s great to be able to get xp from all the things you love to do and not be forced into a certain type of game play.

    The game is broken down into 3 factions, each on their own Island. East, West, Pirate. Unlike many games however, there is no set battleground as zones on each island rotate from peace to war individually. There is however a fourth Island to the north that sustains FFA PvP. On this island is where the true battles will take place.

    End Game content is centered around PvP, land ownership, and controlling the seas. Guilds and Alliances are able to claim land on the FFA Northern PvP island as well as a handful of key plots for Castles. Castles are able to be sieged once a week through an auction type system. The value in owning a Castle you might ask? Taxing the land around it of course. In Alpha alone, castles are taxing thousands of gold each week, making them key to any guild who wants to hold a seat at the table of server politics.

    Crafting will be the backbone of ArcheAges` robust player driven economy. While not essential that every individual dedicate hours into crafting, the ownership of land and maintaining that will provide you and the guild access to those valuable resources needed to make the top tier of equipment and vehicles.


    Vehicles you say? There are a variety of boats used for combat or as trade vessels. Dominating the seas will be as important as owning land if you hope to build a Legacy in ArcheAge. The greatest rewards come from crossing the seas into enemy territory, and many guilds are dedicating themselves to pure piracy and plundering the treasures of the ill-defended trade vessels. The mount system is the most unique, robust and fun that we’ve ever seen! I mean there are dozens of unique gliders/horses/wolves/sabers/elk/yata/etc... with their own unique skills, hands down one of our favorite features of the game! There is also a race car (what?!) and a tractor for helping with the guilds trade runs (honk honk) Here is a not so epic video of some Beverly Hillbillies, LotD style.


    ArcheAge can seem overwhelming due to the vast amount of the features and systems it provides, but what it allows is for players to do is have access to just about anything you’d want do in an MMO. You don’t have to do everything, but find what you enjoy the most and use it to advance the guild. This is the beauty of ArcheAge and why it has potential to be one of the best games launched in years. Remember UO? The versatility and fun your character had? The depth of the crafting and specializations? THE RUNE BOOKS?! Well it’s back in ArcheAge my friends! The sheer size of the game is amazing and what’s impressed us the most is how well it’s all been done by Trion and XL games.

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