LotD AION: Open Beta

Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by Hades, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. Hades Lord of the Dead


    This week the AION open beta begins, and the LotD AION chapter members are preparing for the new Faction War where we plan to unleash hell on whatever hapless victims we can find.

    As mentioned in previous announcements, LotD will be teaming up with the Vendetta guild once again. LotD and Vendetta ran two waves of Destruction players off of the Azazel server in the Warhammer days, and both of our guilds work extremely well together. AION seems to understand that population is required for a Realm vs Realm (RVR) game, and so their retail launch servers will initially be between 10-15 US servers.

    LotD is not caught up in the "Unofficial PVP Server" designation game because ever since WoW-Archimonde in 2004 those things never truly pan out. LotD and Vendetta will pick a server at release, and we'll face anyone brave or stupid enough to roll there against us.

    The open beta is the last hurrah before release, so we're just going to have fun while its up. Our recruitment forum is open, and we'll continue to review applications through release. We're only recruiting what we need, so anyone who applies to the guild should pay particular attention to the information we put in the recruitment forum!!

    We'll see you all on the 22nd!!
  2. Arcadiea New Member

    I can say for Vendetta we are ready for this release. We are organized, and very experienced with Aion already. We have multipule lvl 40+ toons in chinese aion and are looking forward to this release. The fact that LotD wants to be paired with Vendetta again after our successfullness in WAR is an honor and a privlidge, and we look forward to this very much. Thank you LotD and we look forward to seeing u on the battlefields in Aion. :)

    GL of Vendetta

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