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  1. Mange Lord


    Greetings Lords of the Dead,

    Time flies huh? We're literally at over 8 months played for our Black Desert chapter, which started as unofficial, and has blossomed into a massively successful Official chapter thanks to our sponsor (@Soth), myself, and the solid Leadership teams of past and present. In this period we've gone from Bambi-legged players slowly learning how the world of Black Desert works to the most consistent top 3 guild in Orwens history and the absolute top guild for a long stretch after dissolving the massive zerg alliance formed by Team Legacy. Let's take a brief journey through our time line. If you've been here from the beginning your first experience in siege warfare was on June 19th against our buddies in FoE. We held a solid castle base built by @Iseng and defended against 2 guilds at once for as long we could and we were ultimately felled by solid outpost placement inside of our castle base but we'd gained valuable experience that would lead us to MANY future victories, a lot of which being server firsts. We were the first owners of Heidel in North America (our fight was the quickest) and the first guild to have owned every territory on Orwen at some point, among many other Castle War related firsts.

    Node Wars weren't always here for us though, at the start it was pure unadulterated world PVP. Throughout the entire chapter one of the things I'm most proud of is we've stayed humble, we avoided overpowering our opponents in an effort to keep fair and fun fights but as a result we ourselves have had to fight a lot of uphill battles and we've won more than I could've ever hoped for. We commanded respect on Orwen because of it, no one ever talks about how much LotD out gears or out numbers them. They just know that we are a force to be reckoned with and leave it at that.
    This goes all the way back to the day we decided to crash a 3 guild skirmish and took the gates of Calpheon city for the first time. That was our first PVP all call and as stated in the post it was a smashing success, big thanks to everyone that was there and has been here this whole time. All I can do to show you how much you're appreciated is keep paying out the cash you've earned when we claim territories but it's still an under statement for what y'all have done for this chapter. Shoutouts to @Guilford @Ricecooker @Zaltex @bizzaro @Leshil and all of our other past officers that have put us in the position we're in today, all of you are STILL valuable assets of our chapter.

    Obviously not everything has gone smooth in the chapter, similar to life itself, but our community has always managed to make the best of every situation no matter how bad it may be. Our core has stayed solid and intact for the most part and our biggest test as a guild was the Calpheon sewers glitch. Mistakes were made, however harmless that the glitch may have been in the grand scheme, but we payed for it. The most impressive part was how every single one of our members returned with their heads held high and undeterred by the situation after punishment was handed out. That takes some balls ladies and gents and we have plenty of them, the females in our guilds having more than most of the males at times! Afterwards our three biggest whistle blowers were either banned(Tez or something??), forced to quit the game (Agentile), or demoted to a shit guild on farm status until this very day (Cookies/PainTrains/StopResisting LOL). If you ask me we got the last laugh out of the situation. There are also issues with how Daum itself has handled the westernizing, or lack there of, for BDO. We've hardly gotten any break from the RNG, the grinding was initially slower than it is in KR and is never ending, the balance has been alright but was shattered due to the staggered release of awakenings which sucked the fun out for a lot of people and scared them away.
    In a little over a month all of the awakenings should be released so if anyone ever does decide to return that would be a good time.

    That's enough of the down memory lane though, listing our accomplishments would literally take hours so let's move on to the main reason for this post - to discuss the future. The mob density increase for Valencia is around the corner and will make for quicker leveling to 60 which is the ideal level we need to aim for to use our awakening efficiently. It's highly recommended that you begin leveling Gahaz Bandits and Bashims nodes ASAP. We won't be raising the guild requirement to 60 anytime soon but at this point you need to be at least 58, start pushing for it if you aren't there already and then aim for 59. I highly recommend setting a low quota for yourself (mines is 2% a day, takes about 45 minutes of grinding) and sticking to it. Do not burn yourself out and do things at your own pace but try to continue to progress daily.

    The Margoria Expansion is RIGHT around the corner, that will be the next major update for black desert online and will include personal battleships and guild galleons. This update will include a massive amount of ocean based content and was actually relatively big in comparison to the map we have already, so more emphasis on MASSIVE is needed. We are already prepared for the Ocean update, thanks to the hard work select guild members have put forth in finishing our g. missions we have enough skill points for all of the new guild skills required to make an LotD Battleship!

    The BIGGEST change coming in the near future is server merges just announced this morning, we'll be seeing an increase in channels from 12 to 36 and EVERY North American server will be on these channels. With that change we'll be returning to the Home Channel system we used prior to the World Bosses being added. That means you're expected to be on that channel when you want help with PVP over a grind spot and if you want a spot to keep to yourself you'll have to take the risk of doing it on an off channel where your guildies may not be able to help you out on a convenient level. A lot of us are full boss gear so world boss attendance has been reduced and will continue to decline, if you find you just want to hunt world bosses feel free to request protection from myself or officers and we'll get it done as long as there are slots available.

    Before the announcement we were discussing downsizing the guild to 40-50 DAILY active players rather than 93 players that only log on once a day out of the week. That change is out the window with server merges but because of merges we have multiple offers from decent sized guilds that would like to join us. We are easily beyond member cap space at this point. If you find you can barely be active on BDO and you aren't in an important role at the moment I would appreciate it if you could post in the inactive thread so we can free up spots for the new active members wanting to join. Everyone has played a part in our success even if you've only been in the guild for weeks and I thank you all for your help but moving forward we need the players that have high interest in BDO filling our ranks so we're nice and strong come the merge on Nov. 30th. Looking on to the FAR future, I can name at least 30 players right off the bat that LotD needs to retain as Lord's to join us in future. Please keep the thought in mind and the critera to apply for Lord is simple!

    The Lord rank is determined on a promotion or application and recommendation basis. Applications require the support of one RCoD member in order to be considered and will be judged on an objective basis based on the recommendation of that RCoD member and the following criteria:

    1: At least 6 months in good standing in at least one chapter in the guild
    2: Documented contributions in some form of positive way to the guild.
    3: Demonstrate an understanding of the guild and chapter structures as well as an effort to learn more about all of the chapters past and present.

    All Lord promotions done on an application/recommendation basis will be by majority of active RCoD members.

    Forum Link: http://www.lotd.org/forum/lord-petitions.206/

    Thanks for taking the time to read this post and here's some throw back pics of our chapter - enjoy and see you in-game! Remember our top priority in this chapter, FUN.

    3v3 Tourney

    First Guild House



    Guild Cemetery (Too many to post)


    @BDO Chapter
    @BDO Leadership
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  2. Lake Warlord

    For all those looking to apply for Lord after this chapter, please seek out the various Warlords or Elders you have gamed with in this chapter to ask for sponsorship. Here is a list of Warlords/Elders you may have had some interaction with: @Soth @Lake @Iseng @Leshil @Valus. BDO was very succesfull and as a guild we have gotten the chance to meet many new members we would love to continue to game with. If you are not quite at those requirements that is fine. Continue to keep playing and soon enough you will have everything you need.

    @BDO Chapter
    @BDO Leadership
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  3. Leshil Warlord

    Good job to everyone past and present involved in the BDO chapter. The brightest lights like TL never shine the longest like LotD. Always remember that in the games your involvd in down the road.

    I enjoyed gaming with everyone. Truly a memorable game for me because of the people in the chapter.

    Enjoy the server merge, it should bring some memorable sieges.
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