LotD April 2012 Google Analytics Snapshot

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    Unique Visitor Projections FY 2012: 33,204
    Site Visit Projections FY 2012: 161,988
    Pageviews Projections FY 2012: 1,684,236
    Average Visit Time Snapshot: 10 MINS
    This peformance is relatively common with our historical site stats (See 2007 Results)

    Visits and hits are counted differently now, but our page views and time spent on the site are way up. We've also gained about 5,000 or so additional unique visits per year over the years.

    One main change in LotD today vs LotD of previous years is that we write less gaming articles for front page news, and we use our MMORPG Gaming Discussion forum for that stuff.

    The other thing we're doing to drive traffic is creating more tutorial videos that we embed and link from our site. In SWTOR we have several Hardmode Flashpoint Tutorials out there for people to reference, and perhaps Obitrice can finish them all out one day!! We need to do this for more games.

    Anyway based on the snapshot we're in good shape for the year, and as always our site traffic is driven by the games we play, the activity of the guild, and the resources we create for people to use here.

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    April 1, 2012 through July 19, 2012


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