LotD Archeage Update - June 2015

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    The LotD Archeage Chapter has enjoyed a high level of success since retail launch, and the guild has adapted as the gaming landscape has shifted beneath us every few months. LotD entered Archeage with the intention to kill anyone and everyone, except those we consider allies, through land and naval PVP operations. November of 2014 provided an opportunity for LotD to own one of four castles on the server, we rose to that challenge, and we retained ownership of our castle until we willingly sold it off this week.

    While we enjoyed the notoriety that came with castle ownership, Archeage developers (Trion and XLGames) failed to make castles mean anything in the game world. I evaluated the amount of time and energy we were investing in maintaining our castle, and I ultimately determined that it was a drain on the entire guild. Trion has a lot of work to do to make castles worthwhile, and until they do LotD will spend its remaining time in Archeage fighting other players on land and on sea.

    Hijacked Knights Templar Galleon and killed their own ships with it

    LotD will be out every night pirating, and we will coordinate with a few friends in order to create multiple kill opportunities each night. We will remain open to "merc for hire" situations if any of the castle owning guilds need some hired help, but otherwise we plan to keep formal ties to a minimum so that we have a rich target environment.

    LotD is still recruiting, and we plan to remain active in Archeage for a long time to come.
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