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  1. Chaotix Warlord

    Lords of the Dead was in force for E3 JGE with three attendees! Over the next few days they will be posting on this thread their thoughts and impressions about what we saw, heard, and experienced.


    So let’s get to it! Here’s my write up.

    First off I want to thank Daeke and Rockjaw for allowing us to go to E3 and experience JGE. We were divided into groups as we entered. Group one heard the presentation while group two had hands on time with JGE. Once both had completed each portion we were gathered into one room for the q & a.

    Our group began with the hands on experience. The first thing that struck me was how crisp and detailed the art was. I was blown away by the graphics it was stunning. Movement was smooth and the game felt responsive.

    Regarding combat:

    By holding down your mouse button you can auto fire with your lasers. You will also have missles you can fire although I didn't get a chance to test those. Combat explosions were excellent. I was impressed by the time they have put into updating the game. I am not going to over specific controls as that has been reviewed quite well by many other attendees. When you pvp there will be no instances instead it will be 100% world pvp. (To clarify.., I am not saying the game is 100% pvp. There will be pve in JGE! I am editing this in because some definitely misunderstood.) It also goes without saying that any pve you do will be instance free. There will be epic battles and I asked how they will handle lag should it arise. I was told they have multiple systems in place. This will alow for a very smooth gameplay. Of course you are going to have lag in any game. They understand though how important it will be to optimize the game. They want us to have the best gameplay experience possible.


    Ok here’s what I recall from the q & a:
    • There won't be an option for two players to fly in one ship
    • There are safe zones but they are really more areas where you can focus on learning the history, culture, and background of the game
    • At level 10 you can go pvp
    • There will be crafting
    • They are not flagging for pvp. If you see an opposing faction and it’s not in a safe zone you can kill them
    • Gameplay has been tested with 700 ai & can handle hundreds of players for pvp
    • Mining and hauling will not be a major focus
    • There will be definitive rewards for pvp
    • They will definitely be supporting Joystick and IRtrack
    • Repeated deaths will accrue a repair bill
    • There will be bonuses based on squad level pvp
    • No comment for the business model
    • You cannot talk to the opposing faction
    • They will have public quests. It was asked what if a player goes afk? Rewards will be based on participation so if you try to leech you won't get much.
    • There will be multiple servers
    • Yes to radar
    • No friendly fire
    • No cargo loss on death
    • No comment regarding guild stations, guild rewards, and guild station asset destruction

    Overall impressions:

    They answered nearly every question that was asked. I felt they were honest and forthright. They conveyed their passion for the game and making it the best experience possible. I can tell you without a doubt no media outlet got as many detailed answers as we did. When it was time for our q & a to end Scott, Daeke and Rockjaw went above and beyond. They asked were there any questions you felt you didn't get to ask? We were then allowed to go into an additional q & a. In addition there was swag including a shirt, mouse pad and poster!

    Most importantly we got hands on time with the JGE. The game draws you in. You feel immersed within the sheer beauty of it. Every single detail from ship movement, to firing, to explosions was well thought out. Controls were precise and responsive. Passing thru the jumpgate was fluid and realistic. JGE is going to be an amazing game that is definitely worth the wait. We were also told there will be a major update for us come Pax!
  2. Great read! I hope this game works out. Did you guys take any pics of yourselves all together? I know im gonna get some pics at PAX with whoever I met there from LotD :)
  3. Chaotix Warlord

    I don't think we have any pics with all three of us. But.., I will tell you what I do have...some very NICE booth babe pics from all of E3 :) I will get them up later this week.
  4. StaticBlack Member

    WHat was the dog fighting like? Also, how much depth was there to the combat other than lasers and missiles?
  5. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Wall of text? Where's the pics?
  6. Cedwyn Banned

    Sounds very exciting - Now where is my beta key???

    I am so looking forward to seeing the drunk pics of Chaotix, Peril, and Ozz...
  7. Chaotix Warlord

    We didn't get a chance to pvp but we heard that it will be amazing! Oh for weapon types actually that was something that noone asked in the q & a so not sure yet.
  8. Chaotix Warlord

    yea lol I suppose it is a wall of text lol. I went back and made some edits to break up the wall :)
  9. Chaotix Warlord

    No drunk pics have to work today so had to get back right after it ended.
  10. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Cool. This is moved to the front page news section so do us a favor and fix up your grammar a little bit.
  11. Good read, hope the game turns out well.
  12. Ozzone Lord

    My thoughts on E3:

    The dev team was doing their best to be upfront and open about JGE and I believe most of us felt comfortable knowing they intend to be more open and upfront now. However, I guess the most important question asked, "when is it going beta" was only answered with "we have a definitive date". In a sense, that's a good thing although we don't know what it is and they wouldn't tell us. At least they have a specific target now or at least they tell us they do.

    Because I don't have the background with JGC that many others there did, my focus wasn't on what is different about the games but I focused on what the game will offer me as an Intel officer. I figured it was time to put in my wish list and being able to tell the developers directly face to face was a golden opportunity to instantly determine receptiveness.

    So I did. I was talking to two devs and explained to them that my primary goal is going to be gathering intel for our guild and what, in game, can be done to enhance that. They both looked at me somewhat puzzled. So I explained to them my goal is to scout ahead and determine enemy concentrations and strengths and the fact that I'm going to be alone and by myself, what capabilities will I have to survive?

    So we discussed briefly stealth abilities. Since an earlier question was brought up about radar abilities, I made it clear to them that a scout should be able to avoid radar some. Not necessarily be completely invisible all the time, but be able to navigate around in enemy areas without popping up on radar the moment I'm in range. Both devs liked that idea and I could tell it was something that interested them to definitely look into. Maybe they really didn't think much about intel or are so busy it is a very low priority, but I wanted to make it clear to them that it's a very important aspect of the game (at least to me) when you are talking about having a universe of open PvP and potentially hundreds of players. As is true in any combat, the more you know about your enemy, given somewhat equal resources, the better your chance of beating them and them not beating you.

    So, they both told me they will definitely look into it. No promises, but I suspect I did plant that seed.

    Also I told them that what would be nice, since I'm in the request mode now and they were listening, is the ability to flag the area you are in via a hotkey and have the ability to make a note that can be self only, guild only or faction only. In other words, I'm out scouting, I see something going on with another faction. I want to alert my guild or the entire faction. I can hit a key, a popup comes up, I select what it is on a list and then have like a freeform small text box to type in notes. So, I see an enemy attack formation, I press a button, a popup comes up and I select:

    All Faction
    Time (in this case how long I want the flag to stay active)
    Enemy attack formation spotted
    Then I type in "large 50+ formation spotted" in the text box

    There doesn't need to be a long list of options. After it's entered, that location will be displayed on the radar depending on what level I select (self, guild or all). Except for static information that won't be subject to change for a long time, the time will generally be short and that item will disappear when the time runs out.

    While I didn't really get into it with them on the logistics of adding that feature, I'm sure they will think about it now and hopefully come up with something. They definitely appeared to like that idea also. To me that was something I went to E3 for, to meet the developers and present my request. I didn't do it selfishly because I believe what I asked for would enhance the game dramatically for everyone. I wanted more than just mindless shooting at enemies. Strategy is an important facet of massive combat and intel is crucial to strategy.
  13. PaleOne Crowfall Leadership

    anything on ship building/modification/ship types/equipment etc?
  14. Chaotix Warlord

    There was actually a decent amount of information prior to the revamp. However with everything now changed none of that info is valid so...long story short we now need to wait for them to release new info on what those systems now look like. The next major update will occur at Pax so keep an eye out for that.
  15. Chaotix Warlord

  16. This sounds like a game I could actually get into. Especially if its something like X3 or the other big universe space sims.
  17. Any word on system specs?

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