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Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by Hades, Sep 2, 2013.

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  1. Hades Lord of the Dead

    LotD will be present on a panel this year at the Austin Game Developer's Conference (AGDC) in Austin Texas. As mentioned in our Dev Relations section, we've gotten to know quite a few people over the years. Deyth from the Combine guild should be given the credit for organizing this, and our friends in the industry certainly thought it worthwhile to bring five of the longest lasting and most successful MMO guilds to talk to game developers.

    I plan to attend this, have some fun, and mingle more with the industry folks while I'm there. Below is more information about the panel that we will participate in during the September conference.


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  2. Hades Lord of the Dead

    My plane tickets and hotel reservations are OTW courtesy of Trion.

    If anyone lives nearby or if any Elders want to fly out there to, give me a yell.
  3. Glisseal Lord

    Grats man! From my point of view you have assembled a gr8 leadership team which you guys have made this guild what it is today.I'm glad I decided to stick around.
  4. Take some pics of the powerhouse guild leaders and post em up when you get back!
  5. Verm Lord

    I'll be there, mainly for industry stuff and visiting friends.
  6. Tolan New Member

    I know I have been out of the loop for a while since starting medical school, but if you need any restaurant recommendations or anything let me know. I lived there for 4 years in undergrad (left about a yr ago).
  7. Kajo Lord

    Have fun, Hades!
  8. Pookee Lord

    The after parties are the greatest!
  9. Welly Inactive Elder

    Give 'em hell Hades. Remember the plan to get the other GLs drunk and pk them. But screenshot it, or it didn't happen!
  10. Hades Lord of the Dead

  11. dacliff New Member

    I am interested, pending work schedule and family schedule. I'm only about an hour to hour and a half from Austin.
  12. El Topo Lord

    If devs and publishers would only listen to Hades maybe they could make an MMO thats worth a shit. Good luck at the event Hades, and make sure to get as many contacts as possible. These events don't really happen that often if at all.
  13. Debris New Member

    Goddamn, I wish I could go but I already went to San Francisco's GDC in March.

    I live in Plano now so I'll probably hit up Austin's GDC next year or the year after, really wish I had time/money to go again! :(
  14. Palebrew Inactive Elder

    you going to share a room and have Trion get me a plane ticket? I mean I was your assistant guildmaster forever...
  15. Pookee Lord

    Fuck yeah. You better stab someone while you're there. And none of that pussy ass "I throw a bean-bag at you and call it a lightning bolt" bullshit. We need pics of blood goddamit.
  16. Thorne Lord

    Austin is only 3 hours away maybe I'll come check it out.
  17. Tabaal Lord

    It always scares me when the overpriced people who create stuff like this cant spell :/

    "depth perspective of how are games are viewed" "our, not are"
    "The Games have they played" - "The games they have played"

    Also the guy has no clue when to capitalize words.

    But sounds fun though
  18. Smoot New Member

    Lets take up a collection to get Pookee to this conference too. I can't see how him killing off a few brain-dead devs would be a bad thing.
  19. Nurg New Member

  20. Phreajoy Member

    Hellz yeah Hadez!!! PM me if you need a PSD, better safe than sorry!!!
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