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    Lords of the Dead Announces Official Darkfall Effort for North American Servers.



    After spending many months with only a handful of core LotD members in Darkfall's European server, we are proud to announce that we will be moving officially into the North American server. Continuing our 14 years of PvP excellence, we will be establishing our guild with dozens of core LotD members and many excellent additions since the launch of EU-1.

    Darkall has proven itself thus far and with the announcement of a massive "expansion" along with the launch of a server based out of California, we are confident that now is the time to enter a game void of the bugs that plagued the European server and allowed guilds to take an unfair advantage through exploits.

    About the Game:

    Darkfall boasts a full loot, FFA atmosphere where risk=reward and the harsh world of Agon can gobble up entire thousand man alliances overnight. The dynamic world environment including Day and Night cycles along with a vast server map creates a unique experience that provides the ability to hide, ambush, take cover and use tactical movements to outwit your opponents.

    Darkfall also provides a very complex crafting system which provides countless hours of fun for those who look to engage themselves in crafting and the player driven economy.

    The game is open ended and provides content for every kind of gamer who is driven to excell.

    Where to sign up:

    First thing any Darkfall hopeful should do is to visit our recruitment forum and post your application. Over the next few days we will work to expedite our application review process to bring in new members quickly so we can begin introducing you to the basics of the game.

    Click this Link to visit our Recruitment Thread

    When and where do I buy the game:

    First I want to highlight that everyone will need to buy a US copy of Darkfall so DO NOT PURCHASE AN EU ACCOUNT!.

    When stores open, the following link will allow you to register an account now and allow you to purchase the US copy of the game.

    Click Here to register your Darkfall Account

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