LotD Destro Tops 50 Million Renown

Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by Hades, Mar 31, 2009.

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    Our LotD Destro unit topped 50 million renown yesterday, and we achieved Guild Rank 23 earlier this week as well. Since we have played Warhammer straight since release and gone straight from an Order guild to a Destro guild, we have amassed a total of 165 million total renown for our combined Warhammer efforts. Even though our Order guild has been idle for nearly two months, it still ranks in the top 50 world wide for renown earned, and we have high hopes for our Destro chapter for the next year.

    Mythic recently announced some changes to the ORVR system by adding keep upgrades. Those are similar to how they currently work in DAOC, and should help level up our guild in the coming months. We anxiously await the release of Patch 1.3, and hope that it will make the PVE and PVP end game much more entertaining.

    All in all we're having a blast on Dark Crag, and invite all our old friends to come game with us there if they are looking for some action.

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    very impressive

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