LotD Fantasy Football League! (Yahoo)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Wanderer, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. Wanderer Lord

    This is a free Yahoo Fantasy Football League. All you need is a Yahoo ID which only takes a minute to sign up for if you don't already have one.

    I just created a head-to-head Yahoo league using the default settings, but we can tweak them however we want before the draft.

    Link to join: http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/register/joinprivateleague_league_select?.scrumb=

    League ID# 587578
    Password: lotd

    League URL: http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/league/lordsofthedead

    Team managers:
    The Wanderers = Wanderer
    FonkeyMuckers = Borric
    Pittsburg Steelers = Calebreth
    Midwest Rockstars = Valor
    East Side Midgets = ho-pimper
    DropTheZero = Dropthezero
    OCM"s Bitches = Old Corrupt Man
    Soulwrenching Saints = Shibbolethh
    Ditch the Cripple = Ozzonelayyer
    Mordaloch Beatdown = Mordaloch
    Droppin' Deuces = Guansaku
    Pink Panthers = Jennifer
    Furyos Slayers = Furyos
    The Coats = Browncoat
  2. Borric Der Kriegsminister

    I'm in with the FonkeyMuckers. May want to do an automated draft, as folks may have stuff to do at the time you set for the live draft.
  3. Dropthezero Member

    In like Flynn.
  4. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    "Midwest Rockstars" are ready to show up and throw down.
  5. Wanderer Lord

    That's what great about it, for those who can't make it they just preset their picks, just like for an auto-draft, and they don't notice a difference.
  6. Dropthezero Member

    Who named their team "Pittsburg Steelers"? Can we please get something better than that..
  7. We have got to have more people interested in this than what we have so far...
  8. ho-pimper New Member

    ill join team name East Side Midgets
  9. OCM"s Bitches are in.
  10. Need more people in this shit, Come on !!!
  11. Soulwrenching Saints are in. Ill figure out how to auto draft later. :)

  12. Ozzone Lord

    Actually the League URL is http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/587578

    My team is Ditch the Cripple.
  13. Mordaloch New Member

    was thinking about joining but won't make the draft time i'll be at work
  14. The draft will be set on auto draft Mord Just sign up and set your picks up.
  15. When setting up my picks assuming I am doing it right how many of each position should i put in there to be safe or will it fill in needed picks if all mine are taken with the next highest player from the main list? :)

  16. Ya shib, if u only pick 10 RB's or 10 Qb's the and they are all taken, the rest of the list will be picked from the default list.
  17. Gaunsaku Chill Dude

    I'm in as Droppin' Deuces. Will be out of town at draft, so here's to hoping the team doesn't blow.
  18. What are the rules for in season acquisitions? Mainly thinking if somebody gets hurt.
  19. Just like any other fantasy league. This league you will have to claim someone off of waivers. The list of waiver order is dertermined by the person in last place will get first pick at waivers then 2nd to last 2nd and so on. Waivers is a two day period that you have to make transactions in picking up free agents.

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