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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Wanderer, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. Ozzone Lord

    Anyone got a decent WR or RB they want to trade for David Garrard? He's 90.06 going into week 6. He does have a bye week 7.

    I'm going to stick with Rivers and need to beef up my WR/RB line.
  2. Browncoat Inactive Chapter Member

    Wow with my other league and work i completely forgot about this one...well I'm in first over there that counts for something right?
  3. Ozzone Lord

    You get one free post in this thread.
  4. Wanderer Lord

    halfway point

    We're halfway through our season now... Congrats to Pink Panthers and East Side Midgets, both have a perfect 7-0 record so far!

    OCM's Bitches finished week 7 with a huge win, smashing Pittsburg Steelers by 88 points with a total of 147.04 points! He has the second most points for the season with 917.11 points, right behind Pink Panthers with 966.58 points.

    Good luck in the second half, let the race for the playoffs begin!
  5. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    Pink Panthers are a bunch of lucky pieces of shit. I had 11 points on them going into Mondays game and jackson goes on a god damn scoring spree.

    heh, gg.
  6. Ozzone Lord

    I had 9 pts going into Monday's game against East Side Midgets and McNabb decides that Celek isn't worthy of passes and I end up losing the match by about 3-1/2 pts.

  7. Mordaloch New Member

    Re: halfway point

    Grats I hope you make a nice fancy post at the end of all this when the Mordaloch Beatdown prevails.
  8. Ozzone Lord

    Re: halfway point

    You're going to have to do better than what you did week 10.
  9. Mordaloch New Member

    Re: halfway point

    yes bad week
  10. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    Re: halfway point

    When i outscore you... that is more than "bad". GJ thus far though.
  11. Mordaloch New Member

    Re: halfway point

    yes it was bad a lot of good players had bad games, a few got injured and knocked out early from the games (hence no scoring) and another one didn't start for some jaw infection or some shit lol anyways we going to rally to try to win this week. And thanks I try my best.
  12. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    What is with the entire pool not being able to get picked up last minute if someone gets hurt late in the week?

    I can't pick up a single DB cause they are all on waivers till th 25'th... yes, I don't know this stuff about fantasy football.
  13. Mordaloch New Member

    The thursday games threw a kink into it i think Wanderer should review the waiver options.
  14. Mordaloch New Member

    Oh shiiit Wanderer has to work hard this week to pull off a miracle lest he get the beatdown!
  15. Wanderer Lord

    Lol, you're the underdog ya know! ;)
  16. Wanderer Lord

    I changed it so you can pickup players off free agency at any time now.
  17. Mordaloch New Member

    good start picking them up Wanderer you going to need all the help you can get just not sure there is any talent left that can help you :)
  18. Wanderer Lord

    I'm gonna beat you with the scrubs I got now lol! :cool:

    I have no idea how you got this far with your lineup however...
  19. Mordaloch New Member

    I'm very very sneaky.
  20. Mordaloch New Member

    grats to all playoff teams the fun starts now!

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