LotD Game of Thrones Guild Hierarchy Chart

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hades, Oct 10, 2016.

  1. Gaunsaku Chill Dude

    So what I've learned here is that Mad has been gone so long he doesn't know who is/is not still around in LotD :p
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  2. Sanjo Mr. No Fucks Given

    I dunno, I think he's got it pretty close :)
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  3. Valor Buffalo Rancher

    Considering some of John's blunders, I'd swap me to John and Ren to Danerys. I think it fits him better because of his nice tits.
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  4. Lake Warlord

    You don't know nothing Valor Snow. Mehr doesn't fit
  5. Mad Lord

    I've been around playing unofficial shit with various members. Still check the forums everyday. I'm just a much better ninja than you and you have a hard time detecting my presence. I passed on Archeage and BDO. I'll be playing CU or Crowfall for sure.
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  6. Gaunsaku Chill Dude

    Gauntlet thrown. It's game on, bish :p
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  7. Gaunsaku Chill Dude

    Also, in case anyone is curious, this is trinity that is me-

    Part Syrio Forel because, you know, badass swordsman-


    Part faceless man because, you know, ninja-


    Part Oberyn Martel because, you know, spear and arrogance and sex magnet-

  8. qberto Crowfall Leadership

    Does this mean Lobo is drogon?


    Lobo carrying Ren in WOW confirmed.
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  9. Soth Administrator

    Lol ouch! wow, fuck you too Mad.
  10. Ren Elder

  11. Leshil Warlord

    The true GoT will be in the future when Lobo removes Ren from the RcoD and takes his place.
  12. Hades Lord of the Dead

    Lord Hades

    The Ruling Council of LotD

    The Lords of the Dead

    LotD Provisional Members

    Gaunsaku getting what he deserves
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. Ren Elder

    So this thread started out pretty good for my ego - everyone loves Jon Snow. Heck, my wife binged watched 5 seasons after a lady friend recommended it and I'm convinced it is due to that character. And o boy, the hissy fit when he "died" last season...

    But I should have stopped reading before I'm growing boobies, riding a dragon who does all the heavy lifting, and eventually becoming a target for a hostile take-over involving patricide (or would it be matricide?).
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  15. qberto Crowfall Leadership


    Ya but you're awesome and fire resistant, Ren.
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  16. Iseng Warlord

    Ren's tits doe. I don't know how I feel about my life right now this is confusing. x.X
  17. qberto Crowfall Leadership

    That's cuz you are Daario, queenguard and captain of the second sons.



    Nice butt lover boy. You been doing squats?
  18. Leshil Warlord

    Wow this thread went in an interesting direction.
  19. Sanjo Mr. No Fucks Given

    QUIT GAYING UP THE THREAD @qberto !!!!
  20. qberto Crowfall Leadership

    These posts write themselves when Iseng is questioning Ren. I wasn't the one who suggested Ren was Danerys. Besides it was blizzaro who started it with lake/sansa. Can't watch GoT the same way anymore.

    Leshil - blackfish. Old, loyal, stubborn.
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