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    LotD Guild Article and Resource Library

    LotD has a rich history over its 20 year gaming career, and this section was created to share knowledge.

    The LotD guild article and resource library is a compilation of our articles, interviews, and other things that we've done over the years. Its intended to help new guildmasters, be used as primers for our junior leadership in new gaming efforts, and outline some of the things we've done over the years.

    Guild Primers (Click Here)

    Articles in the Guild Primer Series:
    --How To Build And Maintain A Successful Guild
    --Why Guilds Fall Apart
    --Making Guild Friendly Games Part 1
    --Making Guild Friendly Games Part 2
    --Hades Total War - PVP Primers

    Hades - Total War PVP Guild Organization & Tactics (Click Here)

    The purpose of this series is to provide the general public with the concepts and principles of something called "Total War". Total War is the ability to wage multidimensional war on your opponents that goes far beyond the simple mechanics of what happens on the battlefield


    Hades PVP Guild Podcast
    LotD On Uberguilds Radio

    General Fansite Archived Work

    LotD On WoW Insider
    Hades Hall of Warfare (UO Era - 99)
    Hades Leadership Primer (Asheron's Call Allegiances)
    Stratics Developer Debates (2001)
    Hades Warcry Total War (SB Era - 2002)

    Guild Interviews / National Coverage

    Crowfall - Crowns and Crows Podcast
    GW2 LotD Podcast on GW2 Junkies Network
    2009 Austin Game Dev Conference-Guildmaster Panel
    MMO Gamer Magazine
    Beckett's Massive Online Gamer
    LotD On Guildcafe.com

    Age of Conan Vault Interview
    LotD on WoW Insider
    LotD in Working as Designed 2006
    LotD in 1996

    @ArcheAge Chapter
    @Wildstar Chapter
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