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  1. Hades Lord of the Dead

    LotD Guild Lore - Written in 1995

    In the ancient days of Athas before the yellow sun was turned to crimson by Rajaat's evil magic a group of powerful entities in search of new worlds to conquer sought to cross the barriers that separate Athas from the rest of the multiverse. As they passed through the many layers of dimensions powerful magical pulses resounding through the cosmos caused them to turn their attention towards the section of the cosmos where the world of Athas rested. Before they could fully enter the world of Athas they had to cross a barrier plane called the Gray, otherwise known as the Athasian Plane of the Dead, that surrounded the world. Being powerful entities they boldly entered the Gray without regard to the consequences it might bring to them, and that decision would alter their fate forevermore. The entities underestimated the powers of the Gray and found themselves trapped within its dread boundaries. The Gray slowly stole their memories and ate at their immortal minds to an extent that they forgot that they ever existed outside the pocket sphere of the cosmos in which Athas existed. Ages passed as they waited for a change in the Gray that would allow them to escape the plane that had become their prison. After eons of imprisonment they noticed a change in the Gray which could only be caused by the release of tremendous amounts of magical power. They turned their attentions towards the magical emanations of power, and followed them to their source.

    The entities watched the Athas sun suddenly change to a crimson color, and strong magic began to pulsate through the Gray as it was unleashed upon the world. The entities watched as the green planet began to change to a dull muddy appearance, and took note that the oceans dried up as well. Rifts in the Gray opened up while the world was still green. The entities took notice of the small rifts but were unable to fathom their cause since the rifts were many in number and small in size. As the world began to lose its lush green appearance, the rifts condensed in number to form one large rift in the plane of the Gray. The entities discovered that the rift was caused by large numbers of dead souls from the world of Athas. The entities knew that only mass destruction on a planetary scale could cause such a tunnel to exist. The entities saw their chance to escape this cursed plane in which they had become trapped, and they moved through the tunnel to enter the world of Athas.

    The hot sun of Athas beat down on them as they took their first steps onto a magic blasted world. Lord Hades, Murder, Carnage, Umbrage, Mobus, Demon Eyes, Abhor, Gaunsaku, and Thorizdin all stopped to take in their new surroundings. They noticed that the Gray had altered them, weakened their power, and stolen some of their memories. Their spiritual forms were transformed to human forms, and they took note that even though their bodies would not die from aging that they could still be killed. Over time as contemplated their new forms they discovered that their bodies had superior strength, endurance, resistance to harm, and immense innate magical control over the magic of death. Thus they named themselves the Lords of the Dead, and went out to learn the ways of this new world that would one day be belong to them.

    The Cleansing Wars continued to rage on Athas in full fury, and the Lords in their weakened state had no desire to become involved in world affairs at that time. They made their way to the Thunder Mountains outside the city of Saragar, which was also known as the city by the last sea. There they encountered some of the Masters of the Way, who utilized powerful mind magic, and they planned to learn what they could from the mortals. Deciding that subtlety was a better course than displays of power, the Lords masqueraded as wandering students in search of guidance in the art of the Way. They made no use of any type of magic while in they city because the rulers had received a vision of the future and did not permit any sort of magic to be used. They spent many years mastering the Way, and eventually each Lord became as powerful as the collective "Mind Lords" who ruled the region. After they were unable to learn more the Lords left the city of Saragar and returned to the Thunder Mountains to begin their study of how Magic worked on this world.

    Their study of magic progressed at an inhuman pace since they already knew the fundamentals magic use, and their own abilities allowed them virtually complete mastery of death magic and its many aspects. They also discovered that the time they had spent trapped in the Gray altered the nature of their essence to where they could tap into the power of that plane to fuel their magic. However the strain caused by casting powerful spells would bring them immense pain, and sometimes they could not maintain their concentration and they would lose control of the magic. Although their bodies were more sturdy than that of the mortal races even they had their limits, but they eventually discovered that obsidian stones could be easily used for magical purposes. With this knowledge the Lords devised Death Stones, which were capable of allowing them to channel and control virtually limitless amounts of magic, and the Death Stones could use the life force of a living being or tap directly into the Gray to power spells. Once the proper rituals were completed they used their magic to implant the Death Stones into their hearts to prevent the stones from becoming lost destroyed.

    Even without the Death Stones the Lords were a match for any mortal mage, but they needed the Death Stones to give them the additional power to combat Rajaat and his lackeys at some point in the future. They drained the minds of some humans people called preservers or defilers to learn exactly how magic was powered and manipulated on Athas. Once they discovered that plant life was the most common power source for magic spells they no longer wondered why the green world was slowly fading into a barren magic blasted world. Once the Lords were satisfied that this method of powering magic would be a sufficient magical alternative in case their own magics some how failed they were ready to enter the world.

    The Cleansing Wars had been raging over a thousand years by the time the Lords emerged from their seclusion. The Lords had spent a their time perfecting their arts and even though they were but a shadow of their former selves before they became trapped in the Gray, they were still some of the most powerful beings to ever grace the face of this world. The Lords probed the land with their minds, and saw the vast destruction being waged by the armies of this being called Rajaat. The Lords also longed to rule Athas, but a faint memory from past experiences told them that there was no benefit to lording over a destroyed world. Thus the Lords decided to pay a visit to this Rajaat character and force him to stop his destruction of the world.

    The Lords arrived at the Pristine Tower by means of simply folding the space continuum and compressing the distance, and they walked from their meeting hall to the edges of the grounds surrounding the Pristine Tower. Lord Hades, the leader of the Lords, called out to Rajaat with a booming voice magically augmented enough to be heard for several miles. Within moments Rajaat and several of his Champions magically appeared before the Lords.

    Rajaat stood silent for several minutes while he studied the strange beings before him.

    "In you and your companions I sense great power. How do you stand before me with a power that rivals my own, but I have never felt your presence before?" he asked.

    Lord Hades simply smiled at him.

    "We are from beyond the petty confines of this world that you are slowly destroying. We, like yourself, are conquerors, but our victories span the universe. During our travels across the multiverse we became trapped in the Gray until we were able to escape to this world. We do not come here to make war with you, but instead we come to tell you to listen to reason and the experience we can offer. Lording over a destroyed world is the path your wars have set, and soon you will have what you wish for if you do not cease this insanity. What purpose is there to ruling over a destroyed world when you will be the only one left in the end? So I ask that you stop your war, or we will be forced to stop you."

    Rajaat simply stared at Lord Hades. A look of pure shock was openly displayed on his face, and his champions who flanked him looked uncertain as to what they were supposed to do. Rajaat turned his back to Lord Hades and spoke.

    "So be it oh mighty Hades" he said as he readied a magical attack.

    A searing bolt of energy that seemed to come from nowhere blasted Lord Hades from his feet, and Rajaat's champions rushed towards him.

    "Now fools, I will have no rivals to power here. Your visit only served to announce your presence to me, and for that you will all be destroyed" said Rajaat as he began to cast another spell.

    The battle began in earnest as Rajaat and his champions fought Hades and the other Lords outside of the Pristine Tower. They sky went dark, winds picked up, and a hellish storm of pure power was unleashed by both sides. The earth trembled as the other Lords battled the champions of Rajaat while Lord Hades battled Rajaat himself. The battle lasted seven days but would never be written in the history of the world because all those near enough to witness it were slain by the powers that were unleashed.

    Hamanu, Nibenay, Dregoth, Borys, Myron, and Kalak battled the other Lords with a savagery that they, even in their long buried memories, had seldom encountered. They had not been expecting an attack since they had come to merely parley with Rajaat, and thus their defensive magics had not been placed very strongly. Lord Murder battled valiantly but was unable to recover from the initial attack. Myron cut down Lord Murder with the sword called Scorcher, and Lord Murders death cry could be heard above the sounds of battle as he was destroyed by the champions of Rajaat on the second day of battle. Chillion, a lesser lord, fell and was destroyed by the fell magics of Hamanu and Nibenay on the third day of battle. With the injured Lords Murder and Chillion sacrificing themselves,the other Lords were given the time they needed to recover in order to draw enough power to themselves and erect a proper defense.

    After the initial attack Lord Hades caused a tremor that knocked Rajaat from his feet and disrupted his spell casting. Hades quickly drew the power for a stealth spell from the Gray, and launched it at Rajaat while he was disoriented. Rajaat, blind with fury, never saw the invisible spell plant itself onto his body, and began to launch furious magical attacks back at Lord Hades. Over the following six days of the battle Rajaat was unable to grasp how he was slowly getting weaker while Lord Hades seemed to grow stronger with each passing day. He looked around him and saw that his champions also were slowly being beaten back by the power of these so called Lords. Heedless of the insight he gained from his scan of the area, he continued to battle this strange powerful human called Hades and thought that eventually he would prevail over this fool upstart.

    On the seventh day of battle Rajaat could no longer stand, and fell to the ground in exhaustion. The other Lords were just blasting the last of his champions into unconsciousness when Rajaat fell, and Rajaat knew he had been beaten. The world around him was spinning, and he was swimming in the madness of his weakened state when he noticed Lord Hades standing over him. Hades laughed at Rajaat and then reached down to close his hands across Rajaat's throat. Rajaat felt the inhumanly strong grip of Hades hands on his throat, and began to know dispair. Hades pulled Rajaat from the ground by the throat until they were looking eye to eye with each other.

    "It appears you lost" he said to Rajaat.

    Hades sensed a disturbance off in the horizon and turned to view its source. In the distance for as far as the eye could see, columns of dust were rising from the earth. Hades knew that Rajaat had somehow summoned his remaining champions and their armies to the Pristine Tower to aid in the battle against the Lords. He turned back to Rajaat.

    "My fellow Lords were caught unprepared for your suprise attack, and we are too weakened from this battle to fight the rest of your lackeys. I could stand against your armies alone and prevail, but I cannot take the chance you would escape to replenish yourself while my attentions were diverted. Even I cannot stand against you, your champions, and your armies all at once.......not yet anyway." he said while gripping Rajaats throat tighter.

    He turned to the other Lords "you were unprepared for this battle, and have taken wounds that would have slain even some of the powerful beings we encountered in the planes. We are not as we once were, or we could have taken this planet with ease. However until we can find a path to leave this world, we must survive in these weakened forms. Depart to the place of power where you will sleep in dreamless sleep until I come to awaken you. It will be many millennia before I come for you, but when I do the world will be ours."

    The other Lords nodded silently and disappeared through a gate way summoned by Lord Carnage. Hades turned his attentions back to Rajaat who was squirming feebly, and trying to dislodge Hades hands from his throat.

    "I will ensure that your mad schemes fail foolish little mage. If I was not still adjusting myself to this world, and limited by this petty human form I would have crushed you in an instant. Now, I will plant the seeds of madness in your mind. You sill slowly go insane over the next five hundred years, and eventually your champions will rebel against you. All that you have worked for will be destroyed at that time, and you will taste eternal defeat. You nor your champions here will remember this battle after I depart. In the millennia that follow, I shall remain dormant and unknown until I revive my followers and conquer this world. I will succeed where you failed, and the world will bend its knee to me while you become a laughing mockery throughout the ages. Enjoy the time you have left on this world petty mage" said Hades to Rajaat.

    Lord Hades pressed his left palm over Rajaats forehead and muttered a strange word of magic. Rajaat cried out in terror, his body jerked once, and then he lay unconscious on the ground. Hades poured through Rajaats mind and discovered the full extent of his schemes. Hades walked over to the comatose form of Borys, pressed his palm against Borys's forehead, and implanted the knowledge for Rajaats defeat in his mind to be used at the appointed time. Satisfied that Rajaat’s doom was assured, Hades conjured a portal and disappeared before Rajaat's reinforcements arrived.

    Five hundred years later, Borys led the rebellion against Rajaat. Borys and the champions had become convinced that Rajaat had become entirely insane and would destroy them as he had tried to destroy the world. Rajaat was defeated and banished from the sight of mortal man. The Age of the Sorcerer-Kings then began.

    Over the millennia, Hades traveled the world while the Lords slept in stasis. He introduced necromancy as a discipline of magic, and thus many of the undead of Athas are a result of the death magic that those necromancers unleashed upon the land. From time to time another Lord would escape the prison known as the Gray, and Hades would place that Lord in stasis with the others until the time came for them to awaken.

    Eventually they city of Tyr rebelled against its ruler Kalak, and he was destroyed by his own greed. The city was governed by a council of Kalak's Templars for a time, until Tithian foolishly reawakened Rajaat from his exile. The Sorcerer-Kings once again banded together to stop Rajaat and imprison him once more, but several of them perished in the battle that followed Rajaats release.

    Hades decided the appointed time had come, and thus he journeyed to the Lords stasis vault deep in the Thunder Mountains. One by one he revived them, and within a fortnight all had been awakened. The Lords set themselves against the world, and the mighty Sorcerer-Kings were swept aside. A new age began as the old order was swept away, the Athas trembled under the iron rule of the mighty Lords of the Dead.
  2. Hades Lord of the Dead

    The world of Athas was dying. The dying dark sun beat down on the blasted rocks of Athas devouring the life from its inhabitants. Great quakes and other natural disasters had all but destroyed the once great cities of this world and scattering those beings who survived scurrying to find a safe haven in a world doomed to die. The intense heat and violence of a world tearing itself apart had forced the weaker races into the arms of death and only the strongest remained alive to witness the world's fiery end.

    During the death throes of Athas, one city remained untouched by the disasters going on around it. It was the city of Tyr, and the seat of power for those who ruled this dying world. In a black obsidian pyramid on a crimson red marble throne, Lord Hades sat and pondered the dying world of Athas. Before him were his most loyal subjects, who also ruled this world with him, who were standing in his throne room awaiting his words. He had summoned them here to discuss their futures....or lack thereof. Hades met their gaze, taking in each face and determining their moods. Hades continued to study each of those assembled before him for several minutes, and then at last he rose from his throne and began to speak.

    "Our world is dying and our reign here shall come to an end. Our powers are great, but since the crossing through the gray we are not the near omnipotent beings we once were, and we cannot halt the destruction of this world."

    Heads nodded in solemn agreement.

    "This world has no gods, its twisted magic has been isolated from the rest of the multiverse for untold ages and leaving this doomed realm has been a task I have relentlessly pursued since our arrival. Long have we ruled Athas. It has been a full ten millennia since we first breathed the searing hot air of this mortal realm, but we will not die with this accursed rock."

    Hades turned and motioned with his hand to a mirror standing a short distance from the throne.

    "This mirror is from an age that dates back to the infancy of Athas before magic went wild and it became the world we see today. At that time Athas was properly aligned with the multiverse, and the mages who created it tuned its magical properties to the balance Athas once had with the rest of the multiverse. After the events that twisted this world Athas was sent hurling outside the time and space harmony with the multiverse, and this mirror was rendered useless."

    Demoneyes, one of the more powerful of the Lords spoke then.
    "What was the purpose of the mirror before it lost its magic?" he asked.

    Lord Hades regarded Demoneyes and grinned as he answered. "It was a mirror of worlds old friend. Those mages of that age were able to leave this world and travel the planes, much as we did in ages past before we became trapped in the gray." he answered.

    Looks of astonishment crossed the faces of the other Lords assembled in the hall. They had always assumed that they were trapped on Athas since all their attempts to leave had failed. The dimensional gateways to travel between the planes simply didn't exist on Athas, and they had learned to their sorrow that they could not leave without access to a gateway. Now this mirror renewed their hopes, and they gazed upon it as if it was a long returned lover.

    Hades continued to speak. "Over the last few centuries since I acquired the mirror I have discovered its original magical architecture. With the aid of Mordru and Mobus, I have infused the mirror with enough power and managed to temporarily realign its balance with the multiverse enough to attempt a crossing. The three of us will cross into the mirror tomorrow eve and search for a new world for us to inhabit. Once we find a new world, we will open a portal here and you all may attempt to cross. If we fail in this experiment or perish before we grow into power on a new world, then we are all doomed. As we all know....even immortals can die."

    With that, the Lords silently left the chamber....their thoughts and spirits full of renewed hope.

    That night Hades sat alone in his inner sanctum pondering the past. He and his fellows had ruled Athas for several millennia with no resistance. Hades himself had introduced necromancy to this world, and it turned out to be a very potent school of magic for the mortals to learn. When he had awakened the other Lords from their stasis they set out to conquer the world. Within 50 mortal years they had destroyed every group or individual powerful enough to annoy them. From that time to the present he had searched for a way to deliver them from this accursed world because he knew the dark sun would eventually explode soon take them all with it. The mirror was a Mirror of Worlds, and Hades had kept it in his possession for many years before noticing the faintest traces of magic surrounding it. How he reveled when he discovered its properties! Now at last he had restored it to partial functioning and he had a chance to save himself as well as his comrades. After he willed himself to sleep, his dreams were filled with images of a new world....ripe for plunder.

    The following evening Hades, Mordru, and Mobus crossed through the Mirror of Worlds. The world around them spun, became blurry and warped, and assaulted all their senses. A mortal would not have survived this journey, and at times the three travelers became unsure that even they would survive. They saw many worlds along the way, but all were dying or worse than Athas. After what seemed an eternity of searching they at last came to a healthy looking world that appeared to be suitable for their needs. The three focused their wills on the planet and struggled through the unstable gateway to manifest themselves on their chosen world.

    Hades, Mobus, and Modru were assaulted with the smell of animal droppings and the noise of a heavy populated area as they opened their eyes. As expected, they had assumed the common form of life on this planet which was that of a human. Mordru breathed a sigh of relief as he saw that they remained human in appearance rather than some other bizarre species. Mobus was scanning the area while his two companions were still adjusting to their new forms. They had materialized outside of what appeared to be an inn. Upon looking at a sign he noted that the in was called the North Side Inn located in a city called Britain. Mobus called to Hades and Mordru to get their attention, and the trio made their way from the busy intersection.

    After killing a thief Mordru had discovered that their mode of learning on this world would be much accelerated compared to how they developed on Athas. After slaying the thief, Mordru related to his companions that he had absorbed the thief's knowledge and abilities. Mobus and Hades had wicked gleams in their eyes as they listened to the tale. After slaying and absorbing the skills, strength, and knowledge of a few warriors, Hades and Mobus were stronger and more dangerous than many a seasoned veteran warrior. They also used their newly acquired skills to waylay weak mages and steal their power and knowledge of magic. The sorcerer's guild noted the absence of its pupils and sent out search parties, but only found a few of the pupil's grisly remains. The word of murder's spread throughout Britain, but the trio was long gone by that time.

    After a few encounters on the road to Vesper, the trio had acquired the skill and knowledge of several higher ranking mages. A few days later they had absorbed enough power to begin the transformation from mortal to immortal forms. On a night when the moon was full, the three Lords once more viewed the world through powerful immortal eyes that could penetrate the deepest darkness with ease. They remained in the world for several more moons while constantly gaining knowledge of this new land that they would one day rule. After several months they had learned all that they needed to know, and they retreated to the forests of Moonglow to prepare a world gate that would bring forth their fellow Lords. While they were preparing the gate to bring in their fellow Lords, Hades had heard rumors of a great magical battle brewing between the world’s two most powerful warrior mages. Hades dismissed the the news, and decided that he had more important issues to contend with than getting involved with the petty squabbles of mortals. Hades, Mordru, and Mobus continued working on the world gate and it was completed on the night that would forever change the face of Britannia.

    The three Lords had just opened the world gate when the world around them began to tremble. An endless sea of Daemons sprang from the very air all over the face of the world and began to attack all living beings. The Lords extended their minds across the land to discover the source of the problem while holding back a score of Daemons. They discovered that Lord British and BlackThorne had waged a magical battle that had disrupted the magic of this world. With the added stress of the power that the Lords drew from the land to create the world gate, it had lowered a dimensional barrier that allowed Daemons to freely cross to the mortal plane. Hades cursed the two mortals as fools, but kept his will focused on maintaining the gate as Mordru and Mobus held the Daemons at bay. Slowly the shapes of Lords manifesting themselves on this plane became visible.

    After an hour of maintaining the world gate, Hades was becoming exhausted. Since magic was disrupted on this new world due to the fool mortals British and BlackThorne, it was more difficult for the Lords to break through the planar barriers to manifest on this world. Only half had been able to complete the journey over the span of an hour, and Hades knew that some Lords would be trapped on the dying world of Athas. Mordru and Mobus were beginning to tire from fighting a constant horde of Daemons in an attempt to prevent them from disrupting the world gate. As time continued to wear on they could bear the strain no longer, and were buried under a stampede of Daemons.

    Hades sensed the instant Mordru and Mobus fell beneath the Daemons. He had to keep them from killing the newly manifested Lords who had come through the gate because they were as ordinary as mortals until they gathered enough power to begin their transformations. With deep regret Hades released his hold on the world gate, and it immediately vanished leaving some Lords trapped on Athas forever. Hades erected a shield around the mortal Lords and transported them to a safe stasis area beneath the mountains north of Britain before the Daemons could them.

    Knowing that the newly crossed over Lords were safe Hades transported the forms of Mordru and Mobus to his side, and erected a hasty force barrier to hold the Daemons at bay a few moments. Hades put one hand on each of their foreheads, and infused them with enough of his power to revive and refresh them for more fighting. As the barrier fell the three Lords stood back to back with each other, and faced the endless hordes of Daemons that came after them. That entire day the Lords let loose so much magic that the skies were lit throughout the evening, and it appeared it were high noon across much of Britain.

    During the battle Hades continued to think of how to rid the world of these horrible armies of Daemons. He had learned that this world existed on several alternate realities, but that would require another world gate which he did not have the time to prepare. He was brought out of his musing when a large Daemon corpse fell at his feet that Mordru had just killed. Knowing what he must do, he turned to his companions.

    "I can drive these Daemons away, but I will need your power as well or we will all perish here instead of Athas." he told them.

    Mobus and Mordru, still battling, gave Hades their consent. Hades sent his mind to the mountains and contacted Demoneyes who was resting in a magically induced sleep.

    "I need your power as well my brother, give your consent and I can tap into it even though you walk as a mortal at this time" said Hades.

    "You are our leader and always have been. I grant you permission to use my power if it can help to save us all." said Demoneyes.

    In the forests of Moonglow, the Daemons shrieked in horror as they were destroyed by the force of Hades power as it was combined with the other 3 most powerful Lords. The island of Moonglow shook, and half of it sunk into the seas. Citizens around the world fell to their knees screaming, eyes and ears dripping blood from the shock waves. It was as if the world was tearing itself apart. Mothers prayed with their children as they prepared for death thinking that the world was ending.

    In the center of it all stood Lord Hades covered in sweat and his own immortal blood. He had encased the entire world in a protective sphere of magical energy, and was manually removing the Daemons. On Athas a task like this would have been child's play for him with just his own power, but on Athas he had millennia to grow accustomed to the world and his immortal powers had evolved to their fullest. Here he did not have that advantage, and in the end the strain proved to be too much. He fell to his knees clutching his head with both hands and screamed, and then the power went wild as he lost control for the first time in his immortal life. Even at the end he struggled to regain control over nearly godlike powers going wild. He realized that he had destroyed this world in this reality by trying to save it. He knew that he had doomed those Lords who had trusted in him for their safety, and felt remorse that he couldn't even save himself. And then he felt anger.......and that anger gave him strength.

    Hades forced himself to concentrate and regain mastery over the wild power ravaging the planet. This world would be destroyed he knew, but if he could regain mastery for an instant then all was not lost. A Daemon he had missed somehow blasted him with fiery breath which further angered him. With a casual flick of his wrist he manipulated gravity and crushed the life from the impudent Daemon. With much effort, he exerted his will and regained control over the power ravaging the world. He knew he couldn't contain the destructive energies at this stage, but instead he sought to alter their course and channel them to create instead of destroy. After the slight alteration to the wild magic, Hades could take no more and the world passed to darkness.

    He awoke some unknown amount of time later to the warm sun shining on his face. Mordru and Mobus were stirring nearby and Hades knew they too would soon wake. Hades took in his surroundings and noticed that this land now look untouched and peaceful as if nothing had ever happened. Expanding his awareness, Hades could feel the presence of this same area of land at slightly different locations in time and space. He probed deeper and discovered that he had succeeded to an extent by altering the deadly magic. He then knew that he had caused ten separate worlds to come into existence, each only slightly out of synch with the other but enough for them all to coexist in the same plane of reality. Even he was amazed at his handiwork, and satisfied that he had done what he could to preserve his fellow Lords. He had exhausted much of his power, and he knew it would take him centuries to build his strength back. He had taken from his very life-force to fuel the magics to save this world since he had not had time to develop fully since manifested here in Britannia. He gathered Modru and Mobus after they awoke, and the trio vanished to the mountains to help their brethren in a strange new world.

    In time the name of the Lords of the Dead would become feared and reviled upon those who inhabited the Baja shard. The Lords became the largest, most organized, and most dangerous force for evil on that shard. Already except for the few groups of rogue Dread's, the Lords of the Dead exert a large influence over the other powers of evil on that shard. The Lords cast a shadow over that world that has a long reach indeed, and when they have replenished their power after exhausting it to save the world from the Daemons, then Lord British's head will hang from a pike behind Lord Hades throne.
  3. Hades Lord of the Dead

    In the Halls of Death Lord Hades toyed with the bleach white skull of Lord British and contemplated the future. Centuries ago Sosoria had fallen to the Lords of the Dead in an epic battle that claimed the lives of Lord British, Lord Blackthorne, and several of the Lords themselves. After the battle Hades and the other Lords transformed Sosoria into a gigantic necropolis, and reshaped every aspect of the world to their will from the lowest insect to the most powerful Daemon race. Since that time the Lords were content to rule over their world, but boredom was starting to gnaw their souls. In the vast continuum of eternity, boredom was the bane of any race that laid claim to true immortality.

    Hades summoned his elders and they discussed their options. Mobus, Gaunsaku, Thorizdin, Mephiston, Deo, Abhor, Gaunsaku, and the others all agreed that they must search out a new world to grind to dust. The elders searched for the next century to find a suitable world that would provide them with such a challenge. Such a world would occupy several millennia in order to achieve the final goal of bringing it under their rule. A world that was too easily conquered was oftentimes overlooked, and the denizens of those worlds were never aware of the potential doom that could have befallen them. Eventually the elders noticed energy distortions that had begun to emerge on the fringes of the Sosorian universe, and they used their powers to probe further.

    Hades was in his private chambers torturing the captured soul of Lord British when Mobus entered.

    "I believe we have discovered a new world that will provide us with the challenges we seek. There is a vast world on the other side of a new portal. There is one race that controls vast magical might that nearly rivals our own, and there are creatures there that are strong enough to give even us pause. The fool sorcerers have misused a fundamental but powerful magical formula that has opened portals between worlds. Due to their error you and the elders should be able to cross the barrier between worlds with very little loss of power. The lesser lords though will have to be prepared to cross the worlds as we have had to do in the past, or their power will be significantly reduced." said Mobus.

    Hades turned his attention from Lord British, "Good. Take the elders and enter this world. Cause whatever disruptions you deem necessary to unbalance the cycle of this world so that it will be to our advantage when I bring everyone across the barrier. I will remain here and begin making the magical preparations to transport the lesser lords across. Contact me when it is time and we shall swarm this new world."

    Mobus nodded his agreement and left Hades to continue his torture of Lord British.

    Mobus, Lord of Sorcery, summoned the elders to the Hall of Death and began to plan his campaign. The elders he chose to take across to Dereth were Abhor the Lord of Darkness, Gaunsaku the Lord of Battle, Mephiston the Lord of Demons, Thorizdin the Lord of Time, Deo the Lord of Decay, Sir Steel the Lord of Swords, Sauron the Lord of Evil, and Friar the Lord of Corruption. They spent a fortnight discussing their strategies, and then entered the portal to Dereth.

    Upon entering the world of Dereth, the Lords noticed a lush world full of fertility and life. The tingle of sorcery and the elemental magic of this world also flooded their senses. The Lords shared an mental thought amongst each other, and then moved off into the horizon to begin their foul work. Deep in the heart of Empyrea Asheron and his colleagues felt a terrible disturbance in the world, but they decided that it was just another after effect of their misguided spell.

    Each of the Lords had a specific task to complete in order to prepare this world for the coming of their master. The Lords split up shortly after arriving and moved to their planned destinations. They would meet back near the center of Empyrea when their tasks were complete and prepare a special welcome to this world’s masters.

    Lord Deo traveled to the highest mountain in the area that would eventually become known as the Direlands. At that time the direlands was a place of life and vitality, but that would soon change. Atop the mountain Deo spent six months preparing his world altering magic. After much time had passed, he completed his spell and bound it to the land. The lands of Empyrea would become barren and barely able to support life. It would become a harsh place where even the most powerful empyreans would have to struggle to survive. Satisfied, he left the mountain and went to rejoin his fellows.

    Sir Steel wandered around the world using his powers to twist the minds of the planet’s life forms. He altered their nature and made them more aggressive. Even the mildest of creatures would now endlessly pester, maim, or kill those who left the confines of the cities. By infecting them with such madness, several species of creatures became much more powerful and deadly.

    Thorizdin searched for the center of Dereth’s world magic. Once he found it he tapped its power and caused the time passage of Dereth to slow a thousand fold. This would give the other Lords more freedom to complete their plans without much risk of discovery. He also increased time passage to affect Deo’s decaying spells to wither the lands and speed up the creation of the Direlands.

    Lord Sauron, Lord Friar, and Lord Abhor traveled the lands and began transforming mortals into undead vassals. The rise of liches, skeletons, undead sorcerers, undead creatures, zombies, and undead warriors was a result of their efforts. They created several underground dungeons to serve as storage areas for these creatures until the day came when the Lords would need undead armies to maintain order in the world. To ensure that the undead creations were never completely destroyed, they cast spells that would always reanimate them in these dungeons within a certain span of time in the event that would be heroes meddled with their plans.

    Lord Mephiston and Lord Mobus decided to make better use of the Empyrean’s miscast spell. Lord Mephiston cast a domination spell that caused the Empyrean spell to open portals to countless worlds filled with demons, monsters, and other creatures of nightmares to be able to enter the world of Dereth. Amongst these worlds there lived a race of intelligent and powerful beings called Olthoi.

    The Olthoi were powerful creatures and even the lesser Lords would be hard pressed to defeat a score of them. In addition to being powerful creatures, the Othoi were able to breed and produce large numbers of their species very quickly. Lord Mobus decided to alter the Olthoi and make them more resistant to magic, stronger, and more intelligent. He also instilled in them the will to exterminate the Empyrean nation, follow the elder Lords of the Dead, and subjugate other races to their rule.

    Lord Gaunsaku and Lord Steel quickly gathered their Olthoi armies and began attacking the Empyrean nation. The empyreans fought back fiercely against these new foes with everything at their disposal, but the Olthoi armies continued to slowly advance their way to the heart of their empire. Finally Asheron had no choice but to send his people to safety on another world. Lord Gaunsaku and Lord Steel reveled in their victory, and their Olthoi armies put the remains of the Empyrean empire to the torch. Afterwards they campaigned throughout the world of Dereth capturing and enslaving new races as they were encountered.

    Lord Mobus sought out a place of power and summoned his master. The image of Hades filled the room as the spell of communication completed.

    "What news do you bring to me my friend" said the image of Hades.

    Lord Mobus bowed in greeting, "Good news, we have disrupted the balance of this world and driven most of the Empyrean race from this world. However many of their powerful mages remain behind to fight us, but they do not openly confront us. We are now engaged in a war of pawns because a direct confrontation would surely destroy the world we fight over." he said.

    Hades laughed. The laugh of the Lord of the Dead was filled with such evil that it caused creatures to pause in their tracks for several miles around. "A war of pawns is acceptable. Eventually the pawns will lead us back to their masters and we can destroy them one by one. This is a game that could go on for countless millennia and will be a worthy struggle indeed. We shall cross over in a fortnight and establish our stronghold."

    The image of Hades faded and Lord Mobus sent out a call for his peers to gather and await the arrival of all their brethren.

    During this time Lord Asheron had not been idle. He and his acotolytes realized that their foolishness had allowed another race of magic users to enter their world and bring it to its knees. The new mages were at least their equals if not their superiors in the mastery of magic. After ensuring that the common Empyreans were safely deposited on a new world, Asheron and his brothers in sorcery returned to Dereth. They resolved themselves to indirectly fight against these newcomers, and attempt to recover the world that was now lost to them.

    Asheron knew that these mages along with their Olthoi armies had enslaved the known world after the fall of the Empyreans. He and his fellows believed that the races of humans that had been transported to Dereth would be the world’s salvation. But the humans were currently enslaved, and under the watchful eyes of these new mages and their Olthoi servants. His fellow mages managed to capture a lone olthoi and they brought it to Asheron’s tower for analysis. It took several years of study to determine the natural characteristics and the magically enhanced characteristics in order for them to find a weakness.

    Asheron’s luck changed for the better when he became aware of a female human wandering near the hidden location of his tower. He teleported her to his tower and listened as she plead for help against the olthoi. Asheron gave her an elixir and told her that she must find the olthoi queen in order to defeat the olthoi.

    The rest of the Lords entered Dereth just as the olthoi queen was destroyed, and the humans were winning their freedom. They withdrew to a stronghold deep in the northern forests and began to devise a new strategy. They realized that the empyrean mages were their real foes, and that the humans were merely pawns in a much larger war.

    Lord Hades and the elders remained in their stronghold and created plagues, malevolent weapons, and new breeds of monsters that they let loose upon the world. They eventually acquired a young olthoi that became the new olthoi queen, and they engulfed the world of Dereth in an orgy of blood once again. This final offensive wiped out all resistance, and a new world was subjugated to the rule of the Lords of the Dead.

    With each new world conquered the Lords of the Dead gained increased power, and over time they became living demi-gods on the mortal plane of existence. While beings that walk the mortal planes and command semi divine powers are terrible to behold they still must contend with mighty magical races, gods of each new word, and struggle to master the unforeseen variables encountered on each new planet they wish to conquer.

    These were the tales of the first three worlds that fell to the Lords of the Dead, and many more have fallen since those early days. While the names of heroes or villains may change the result has always been the same, and the Lords of the Dead have never failed to conquer any world that became the object of their attention.

    With vast new magics, control of millions of mortal souls, and an entire mortal plane of existence to plunder the Dread Lord Hades, Lord of the Dead, will eventually challenge the great gods of the multiverse. There are many possible outcomes to the prophecies of the future of the multiverse. Unfortunately for mortals most of them tell of dark days ahead where Hades and his minions rule over vast portions of the multiverse, and gods themselves are chained as slaves at the foot of his throne of death.

    Those who read this history should take heed that when the Lords of the Dead come to your world you can choose to serve or die, and history accurately reflects that those who chose not to serve have been utterly destroyed.

    The saga of the Lords of the Dead continues, and let this history be a warning to you all.

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