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  1. Borric Der Kriegsminister

    I got booted by LotD, and now no one takes me seriously!
    -Kitty Vader-

    The Hall of Shame is a special place in guild lore. It is reserved for the worst of the worst of lamers, gaming retards we meet in a game or its community, disgraced and booted former members, and any other blooper that is worthy of remembering when we all want to laugh at someone. The Hall of Shame will be accessible from the LotD Main navigation, and will be updated from time to time.

    Hall of Shame Inductees

    If an inductee is a former LotD member, the date reflects the date they were booted.

    Former LotD Members:

    Troll (Former LotD AGM - UO: 1999)

    This clown tried to organize the ouster of Lord Hades from LotD in 1998. He, along with Aphrodite, did succeed in convincing the elders to boot Hades over a dual guilding technicality. Hades had a miner/crafter character stashed in a non PVP guild for the purpose of obtaining weapon crafting materials at a reduced rate for the guild, and it violated the guild's dual tag policy at the time. Within 3 months Troll and Aphrodite were overthrown by counter insurgents, and Hades was restored to the GM throne.

    Aphrodite (Former LotD Elder - UO: 1999)

    This person was a very good organizer of guild resources during the UO era, and began to take her job a little too seriously. She tried to exercise her power over inventory control a little too much, and attempted to boot people that didn't jump at her command. She threw her lot in with Troll in a failed revolt against Hades in 1998, and was overthrown when Hades came back to power.

    Chillion (Former LotD Elder - DAOC: 2002)

    This elder went off the deep end in DAOC due to disagreements with leadership at the time, and actively attempted to undermine the guild's leaders. He ranted, raved, and threatened to split the guild if we didn't buy into his vision. In the end he marched one direction thinking his posse was behind him, and when he turned to see who followed......no one was there! He got his ass nuked and dropped shortly afterwards.

    Nefarious (Former LotD Officer - Shadowbane: 2003)

    Nefarious was a fairly decent guild member until power went to his head in Shadowbane. He began writing checks his ass couldn't cash, like unauthorized alliances and allocation of guild resources, and looking foolish when the guild leadership didn't agree to some of his insane plans. At that point he began doing even more stupid shit like booting loyal guild members, and trying to undermine LotD's efforts in the game. We booted his ass and he went to the Sinister guild where he continued to make a fool of himself.

    Kromix & Krolex (LotD Chapter Members - WoW: 2006)

    These two members were initially useful to the guild. However they didn't buy into LotD's long term vision for WoW which was to wait for the WoW expansion that promised organized PVP and rankings. Instead they attempted to undermine the guild from within, steal our members in a split off effort that was doomed to fail, and made several derogatory posts in public areas. They were booted for their actions, and we'll enjoy pwn'ing them in a future game.

    Chupin (Guild Elder) and Maeglin (LotD Lord) - WoW 2007

    Both of these members were valuable to the guild in previous years, but apparently too much e-drama in WoW caused them to lose their minds. LotD is not a democracy and the WoW chapter underwent a leadership change shortly after the BC expansion. These two, and others, didn't agree about how things went down and attempted to retire. For whatever reason those who disagreed with the WoW chapter leadership became a splinter group, with Chupin and Maeglin pretty much coordinating on behalf of the group. Instead of seeing issues reconciled, this splinter group went on to establish another guild tag in WoW and were ultimately booted for it.

    The specific reason these two are in the hall of shame though is because they took advantage of personal relationships, and gained access to other LotD member's WoW accounts. They deleted all the characters, created new ones, logged in to spew racial slurs to get the accounts banned, and then posted about it and linked images to it on the Blizzard WoW forums. Due to that, no one from LotD will ever associate with these two individuals again.

    MMORPG Guilds

    Lords of Death (LoD)

    LoD and LotD were previous allied guilds and kicked a lot of ass together. At various points each guild hit a low point, and helped each other along. However while waiting for Shadowbane some fansite poll came out listing LotD as one of the top feared guilds going into the game, and apparently that recognition bruised some egos over at LoD. A massive flame war ensued, and the two guilds have hated one another since. LotD went on to play on the Scorn server which was the most hard core server of the day, and birthed the nation that took down the most infamous nation in Shadowbane history (Rolling 30's). LoD went to the Death server and beat up n00b guilds, and no one gave a shit who was the last guild standing before that server went offline.​
    murd.jpg More dead LoD at dm.jpg
    Example Ownage of LOD

    Sinister (SiN)

    Sinister was another former ally guild, and LotD gamed with them extensively in Shadowbane beta. However Bonedancer's E-peen got too huge in Shadowbane release, and he started issuing orders to other Guildmaster's as if they were serving wenches. LotD split off from Bonedancer's nation (R30's), and about two months later the Sinister and DDH leadership were exposed by Ubisoft for duping billions of gold. Trying to save face Bonedancer (Sinister) and Darph (DDH) issued proclamations of victory, and left their underlings to sink with the ship. LotD had been organizing LAPD strike forces against the R30's nation, and we ultimately crushed it. Further info can be found in LotD-Shadowbane history. The Sinister guild has since been forever associated with duping, hacking, exploiting, and the massive screwing over its its allies for its actions in Shadowbane.
    Sinister loses their city, but runs out the clock

    The Mercs (TM)

    The Mercs were a force to be reckoned with in the 1995 gaming era, but since then are more famously known for having well designed websites than anything else. They attempted to return to DSO in 1996 and tried to use LotD as cover while they rebuilt their strength, but they tried to stab us in the back too quickly. After being tipped off that they planned to frame us for hacking and duping, we ended up getting access to their secret archives of hacking and duping guides. We provided these to the DSO developers, and TM ended up being driven from the game forever. Since 1995 TM can often be found riding the coat tails of guilds like Sinister, and just being another face in a mongrel horde of skill-less PVP guilds.​
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