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    March 2, 2009:

    The long awaited MMO from Aventurine Studios "Darkfall Online" has finally arrived. Lords of the Dead has decided to take a core group of members into this new game to fully explore what it has to offer. We will be directed towards PK domination while building our newly claimed city and assaulting those who cross our path. While globally written off as Vaporware and often predicted to fail, Darkfall Online seems to be pointed in the right direction.

    State of the Game:

    Announced to launch servers on February 25, not a single player ever logged into the game until February 26. The first day launched fairly smoothly as only a few select players were able to log into the game but as the day wore on an obvious problem was arising. Aventurine eventually took the server down to correct the issue and brought it back online the following day. Since then, all orders of the game have been placed on hold until Aventurine can hash out it's account ordering process. Only about 40% of our guild has been able to get an account thus far.

    Our current players however have reported that nearly every bug and stability issue has been 100% resolved.

    Who we are in Darkfall:
    Due to the uncertainty of the success of Darkfall Online, LotD has decided to launch a smurf guild tag in game called "Coalition of Character Killers". Since becoming one of the first 30 guilds in game and claiming one of the first 10 cities, we have established ourselves as a regional force. Over the initial few weeks we will be holding practices 3 times weekly and making regular excursions into enemy territory to PK. For anyone who has thought about purchasing a copy of Darkfall, stay tuned as most likely by the end of March this game will be sailing towards a successful future.


    LotD Standards:

    While this game has only barely crawled its way into existence, the chapter itself has dedicated itself to reigniting the PK excellence that this guild was founded on. Our recruitment is a three step process starting with a forum application followed by an in game trial, finished with a 30 day probationary period where each member is evaluated. To begin the gauntlet follow this link. Darkfall Recruitment

    We have made tons of friends so far... just take this as an example:

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